Day 287/365: Zcy’s First Birthday Party

October 15, 2011

Another first for Zcy! Her first Birthday Party to attend in SM City North EDSA. The event is a double birthday celebration of Denise and Dale with a theme of Angry Birds.

So true, Angry Bird is a phenomenal hit in the world of games, merchandise, clothes, and all other form of people lifestyle with a promotion of “Angry” very pessimistic point of view for a fun strategy game crashing other birds and walls (angry and violence). I feel good that my daughter is not a fan of this, though i have a guilt of playing and finishing this game too 😛

I admit, I like the colors, its basic and they are birds, loving and sweet birds who turns angry with Pigs? So what is the other connotation of Angry “Birds” fighting Pigs? and Monkeys? Perhaps, it is good to acknowledge the great concept and the marketing strategy, hoping there will be “Happy Birds” too in the future! That will be a good celebration in birthdays and any occasions shouting for Happy Birds! than Mommy Mommy! I want Angry Birds! (OMG)

My two cents. tweet tweet.


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