Day 285/365: Silya’t Sili, An Art Gallery, Home Furniture and a Dining Experience

October 13, 2011

Strolling the night to find a good place to eat and unwind, we found ourselves in this place called Silya’t Sili (Chairs and Chilli’s). Hmm nice branding, it rhymes well in Tagalog and English. At first, we thought of looking just the chairs for our restaurant and we were surprise  (and inspired) that they have a beautiful gallery of paintings and foods to offer in a complete dining experience. Of course, the other good marketing strategy is for the customers to experience the tables and chairs which they design surrounded by beautiful paintings. Truly a good combination of food-dining-relaxing experience. It is a “fulfilling” tummy and appreciation of arts experience. Awesomeness!

Silyat Sili

About Silya’t Sili:

Art is their passion. The family finds unity in the field of Art.  Their love for the visual arts–art of cooking, art of eating so they decided to bond together as a family and at the same time express individual love for the arts.

The father and son tandem love the art of designing beautiful houses. And the wife love the art of cooking while the other children is into perfecting the taste for pizzas,  and interior designing/designs chairs—thus came about —Silyat Sili.

They chose sili  (chili) in particular as their signature spice because of its inherent value in spiking up the flavor of their favorite food. They believe that sili has medicinal properties to keep you fit for life. It has been proven that the cayenne which is the primary ingredient of chilli perks up ones metabolism and helps prevent inpending heart attacks. Little did we know that the smallest of the spice is the most potent herbs in saving lives.

More so, their fondness for nature has also made the family appreciate all the more wooden furnitures. As an advocate of Green Architecture they realize the importance of ecological balance that’s why they only get the wooden furnitures from reliable sustainable forested areas like Indonesia.











Address: #52 Katipunan Whiteplains Quezon City
Tel: (02) 4399294
Cel: (63)9272211593, 09228509071

Note: They also have an event place good upto 50 to 100 pax. Good for Baptismal, Weddings and Special Events.

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