Day 281/365: BPI Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Basic Information

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October 09, 2011

ATM is our best friend, Agree? It is our electronic wallet which gives us the cash we needed everyday. Hail to the inventor of this machine! But what are other information we should know using our personal electronic wallet? Take note that this is a bank product business and in case you are not aware of the debiting and crediting that is happening in your own money, then this is the time you have to be very careful in doing your ATM transactions.

One of the largest ATM network in the Philippines is BPI. They are the one of the best banks in the country and has excellent products and services for its customers. Same as others, they has limit in ATM withdrawal per transaction and per day. It also imposes a fee whenever you withdraw to different ATM other than BPI. All money withdrawals and transactions of BPI Express Teller ATM cards done at any BPI or BPI Family Savings Bank Express Teller ATMs are for FREE. And If you will withdraw money from non-BPI ATM, the transaction fee will be PhP10.00 and balance inquiry fee of P1.50. Moreover, transactions done through international Cirrus access have the following fees:

Withdrawal – US$3.50(USD 3.50 for withdrawals less than USD 175.00; 2% of the amount withdrawn for withdrawals of at  least USD175 )Balance Inquiry – US$1.00Denied Transaction/s – US$0.50 because of exceeds in withdrawal limit, insufficient funds, etc.

Because of security feature, cash withdrawal on  BPI Express Teller (BET) ATM card are covered by limits.

A. Daily withdrawal limit is as follows:

1. For Regular Peso Accounts – PhP20,000

2. Maxi One Accounts – PhP50,000

3. Dollar Account – US$500

B. Minimum withdrawal amount per transaction in Express Teller ATMs:

1. BPI and BPI Direct Accounts – PhP500

2. BPI Family Savings Bank Accounts – PhP200

C. Maximum number of ATM withdrawals per day: 6

So guys, hope this information helps you.

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