Day 278/365: Birthday Pop the Question!

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October 6, 2011

Surprise! Surprise! A birthday cake for Honey! at 12:am. My appreciation for all the love and patience she is giving in spite of my mood swings (sign of aging) and driving skills (minimizing road rage) and my humming ability while sleeping (snoring).

The birthday cake is common for any celebration but a must on every birthday to make it sweet? or probably became a tradition to put the candles and blow it? Anyway, this is an extraordinary cake from Formosa Bakeshop. It was beautifully baked with fresh fruit toppings and especially delivered (by me of course), to make the presentation and the essence of surprise meaningful. There will be more celebrations and cakes in the future, and I want each home birthdays be a truly memorable experience for my family. Probably, a birthday cake from Sugarleaf, all natural and organic and guilt free tasty yummy cake! similar to their organic carrot cake.

Formosa Bakeshop Birthday Cake

I remember, that my usual birthday cake present was either, a chocolate cake or a black forest (which is also chocolate) with a candle number on top of it, mostly from Red Ribbon or Goldilocks. And this Formosa Cake is uniquely a revelation of the variety of cakes available out there which is affordable and very presentable. The value is less than P500 which can serve up to 4 to 5 person in decent slices.

Other unique cakes is also available at Kink Cakes and I saw this Bakeshop in Rockwell that sells those cute  Hello Kitty and Superman Cup cakes (edible). I think its Bread Talk and they are already selling event cakes too.  Check them out if you need some unique and affordable sweet surprises.

About the birthday candles? I wonder which is really appropriate – the per piece or just the number itself? The number is surely practical and not cluttered, right? Or this is really depends on what is available? or should I say it depends on the cake style? I cant imagine lighting up 100 candles and make sure that its all standing before the celebrants blow it all!! but that is something very exciting and surely a wonderful scene to celebrate 100 years and making sure each fire went off. It is smoking hot! and that’s for sure 🙂

But honestly, I am curious to find out whoever invented the cake and candles, to tell us which is a good match, the per piece or the sculpted number. It can be a no brainer really, just a curiosity of asking which is appropriate for a very well planned birthday events.

Someone out there in the web space surely have an idea and expertise on this.


So what else for October 6? We had a dinner date at Lemuria in Horseshoe Drive, QC. The place is very very nice! I feel I am somewhere in Europe, and we are having an intimate-dinner date in a very cozy restaurant. I would say this is a very romantic place for people who are in love (with giggles) and would like to stare each other for long hours over dinner with candle lights. An eye to eye connection with a vows of mutual understanding and being served with our resto-owner/chef foods which is genuinely delicious. Yes, the food adds warm and happiness in my mood to pop the question right! plus the glass of red wine which makes my tongue to do its job and put me in a right sense after a sip.

Took me four attempts actually, with a hint on my moves and the way I hold my wine glass. She said its my first time and yes she was ruining my moment of surprise! She even told me, it feels good to know you are doing it the first time? Oh my! I think I should just jump off the window! Well, I still have to say the “Will you marry Me?” with a different tone of so now you know” Will you Marry Me?”. We are technically married anyway, without the “traditional vows” of I do’s and walking the isles. I just feel this is still a “Must Do” for any couple not to skip any important events of saying. So what happened in your engagement day? and How did I Pop the Question? I will answer, with a hint of Just say it! Haha. I did 🙂

Thanks to Lemuria, your ambiance and food makes our night truly memorable!


Website of Lemuria:

To make reservations for lunch and dinner, call Lemuria at (+632) 724-5211, or 722-2185.







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