Day 277/365: KFC Drive Thru in Libis, QC

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October 5, 2011

When we are in the mood for instant dinner, KFC is usually our top most choice for take outs or delivery. And this Drive Thru KFC Location in Libis, QC is very interesting. Why? Here’s your challenge:

1. The Drive way is good only for small cars. SUV (Toyota Fortuner’s and the likes) will have a challenge on the curves. You can notice the walls scratches for those poor cars who was trap in this drive thru

2. Not enough lights in the drive thru. You will feel that you are in a horror train ride getting inside the drive-thru. And its just a one way ride guys. No turning back!

3. Since you are in a trap, you cannot complaint on the middle of the drive thru and would wanted to speak to someone or call for Help! and focus on how to see the “light” of the order window!

4. When in your Ordering Window, then you can see how the staff is almost at your face smiling!. Good Job Sir! you made it here! How’s your car scratches? Can I take your order now? (This is how I felt upon seeing the person in charge in the window). They dont need any mic or make their voice louder. The place is so tight that they can actually smell your cologne. Too much Customer Service Closeness in this Drive Thru. Face to Face ordering.

5. You can be an instant inspector since you can see almost everything inside the kitchen, how they run, what’s the order or even punch your own order too in the window. Too tight really.

So I highly advise. Just call for delivery! 887-8888. Unless you want to experience this Drive Thru Horror ride.

















I tried to get out my car and this is how close I am in the window. I am smiling! I made it to see the light! Upto you to take the challenge on this KFC Libis Drive Thru!

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