A Tribute to My Mother

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October 5, 2011

You are the Best, Nanay

Your Kare Kare is the best I ever had.
Your Pansit Malabon is the original and authentic, cook in love
Your Leche Plan is always my favorite
Your Lumpiang Sariwa I truly miss
Your Fried Rice and Chicken we always have at Christmas and New Years Eve

Your loving touch and simple glance to feel me comfortable
Your sweet voice that still whisper in my ears, Musta na anak?
Our fun celebration with your siblings and friends every New Years Day
How I wish you were able to see my daughter named after you.
How I wish to have a picture of you with my family.
But we know you are always in our heart and watching over us.

I love you Nay and I miss you so much!

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