Day 267/365: Little Store on the Hill @ San Juan City

September 25, 2011

Little Store on the Hill is a small Chinese grocery store and restaurant that serves authentic home-cooked Chinese food. Aside from selling fresh vegetables and a variety of Chinese delicacies, the restaurant serves the best Chinese lumpia in the city. Little Store is known for its medicinal Black Chicken Soup that is a Chinese delicacy made from a black-skinned Chinese chicken. They also serve Balut Misua that is a mix of the Philippine balut and the Chinese misua. Little Store on the Hill is located at 2 Jose Abad Santos Street, Little Baguio, San Juan City, Philippines

Contact Details: 721-9174
Business Hours: 8:00 AM-8:00 PM

This hole in the wall restaurant offers filling and satisfying budget friendly meals. This tiny store sells almost everything. One part of the store is a mini grocery where fresh fruits and vegetables, canned goods, candies, seasonings, Chinese delicacies, Ice Creams, Desserts, Meat and Fish Products and even spices are displayed and for sale. Their food display and counter is located at the center; a wide variety of viands can be seen here plus lots of take-home products. The rightmost part is the dining area with 8 tables. It has a warm and cozy-home ambiance. It is a budget friendly food store.

Day 266/365: Little Store on the Hill @ San Juan City

Little Store

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