Day 255/365: PSI Starshooter Program Day 1

September 13, 2011

I accept the challenge! Day 1

Clarify your values, articulate your goals, define your strategies and plans, challenge yourself and follow your vision.

Commit to your growth, be the best that you can be and make a difference in other people’s lives

Equally important, the Starshooters Program is a powerful arena for making a positive difference in the lives of others.

About the Program:

The focus of the Starshooters Program is on contribution, on “giving” without the expectation of personal gain. It’s an environment in which the fundamental principles of PSI Seminars are translated into actions which directly benefit the community, your family, your friends, and your co-workers. In Starshooters Program, the apathy’ and cynicism that come from feeling powerless to change your world are transformed into caring and commitment.

Take a stand about the kind of world we want to live our daily lives. In the company of other committed men and women, we experience the powerful, energizing effect of living life dedicated to a higher purpose.

Structurally, you will enjoy the benefits of having a coach to coach you toward what you say matters to you, and more specifically, towards the goals you will set at the beginning of the Starshooters Program. You won’t act alone. You will be part of a team. The elite corps. Only the truly committed sign up for Starshooters Program. It will challenge you to live every day as you say you want to. Collectively, your team will “workout” with the major concepts of the PSI Leadership Success Seminar during weekly team meetings and on three specially designed Starshooters Program weekends. These weekends contain some of the greatest exercises ever devised in the personal growth industry. Only Starshooters Program offers the opportunity to participate in these activities. Lastly, you’ll commit yourself to sharing the experience of the PSI Leadership Success Seminar with others, and in so doing, clearly discover how you need to “be” with others such that they really “get it” that you care about them.

Your relatioships will beautifully transform as you discover how to be effective in caring about those you love.

The Starshooters Program is an environment for creating your life so that you live by design and choice, rather than at the mercy of circumstances. You’ll be challenged to keep your agreements, giving 100 percent to everything you undertake, and be fully accountable for the results. In the process, you’ll discover how resourceful you really are, and that have everything you need to succeed. The Starshooters Program is a unique journey shared with men and women who, like you, are engaged in an ongoing process of discovery and breakthrough. It’s the most demanding; and the most exciting 90 days you’ll ever spend.

Be coached in getting your dreams and making them a reality. It is your goals, and your life — but you have the support of your coach, your council, and your entire team. They will challenge you to live every day the greatness you desire, the greatness you are meant to be.

Day 255/365: PSI Starshooter Program Day 1

Do whatever it takes to get your goals…

Do whatever it takes to Achieve your dreams…

Do whatever it takes to Reach your star…

Do whatever it takes…
“it will challenge you to live everyday as you say you want to”

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