Day 272/365: The Elevator Etiquette

Day 272/365: The Elevator Etiquette

September 30, 2011

Oversized Packages:

In any case where you are carrying or pushing a large package, you should wait for an empty elevator. If you are invited to board a loaded car, be sure all riders agree to the invitation and that it is not mere polity. If you are unsure, insist that you are willing to wait for the next empty car.

Exit: While waiting to board, stand AWAY from the door opening. DO NOT board the car unless you are sure no one is getting off on your floor. If there is someone exiting, allow them to clear the door before attempting to board.

Day 271/365: The Elevator Etiquette

Checking Direction: To save yourself from embarrassment, always check the direction of the car before boarding. If you cannot see an indicator lamp, politely ask the riders of the car which direction the car is traveling. DO NOT stop the doors from closing to do this.

Crowded Elevator: To determine whether you should board the car, determine if there is enough room for you and your buffer space. As a rule of thumb, there should be room for two people for every one that is attempting to board. During high traffic times, you may find it necessary to board a car that is crowded. If there is not a verbal invitation to board, the passengers may welcome you by making room for you, consider that an invitation to board. If you are with someone else, do not assume that the invitation stands for all of you. It may be necessary to split up and agree to meet at your destination floor.

Who’s on First? In general those standing nearest the door should be allowed to board first. Gentlemen should allow ladies to board first to the extent that this is practical.

Holding the Door: Holding the door for someone that is running toward the car is only appropriate when the car is empty or there is consensus among the passengers that it is ok to wait.

Closing the Door: Closing the door using the door close button should be done only when it is clear that no one is trying to board the elevator or when there are other cars available to go in the same direction. It is improper to close the door on someone that is moving toward the elevator. It is also acceptable to close the door when you are in a full elevator that stops at a floor for a passenger who indicates they would like to wait for the next car. Give them a chance to make their decision to board or not to board before closing the door.

Boarding Blocking the Door: It is inappropriate to block an elevator door from the outside for any reason. Do not abuse the safety devices built in to the elevator door. Refrain from sticking feet, hands, umbrellas, briefcases or other items in front of a closing elevator door.

The Elevator Etiquette

Where to Stand? You should stand as close to a wall as possible. Consider your destination floor and stand near the back if you are going to a high floor. If you know you are getting off shortly, stand toward the front. If you choose to stand near the buttons, understand that you may have increased responsibility. Always allow as much space as possible between you and the passengers. Always stand facing the door.

Once the Door Closed:

Talking and Singing: Conversations in the elevator are generally discouraged, however, it is acceptable to continue a conversation that was started before boarding as long as it is not clearly irritating others in the car. Avoid lewd jokes and topics that could offend others. If you feel the other passengers are not enjoying your discussion STOP talking and continue when you have arrived at your destination floor. When talking on an elevator be considerate, talk softly and do not assume that everyone in the car cares about what you are saying.
If your personality dictates that you must start a conversation with complete strangers, start with light discussion about weather or current events. Avoid topics that may get cut off when one of you reaches their destination floor. Gentlemen should use extra caution when starting conversations with women they do not know – especially if the elevator is in a parking garage or empty building. If passengers board while conversing, DO NOT think this is an invitation to join their conversation. Do not cut in unless you are invited to join the discussion.
Do not make fun of people when they get off the elevator. You never know if other passengers in the car know the person. Singing, humming and whistling are generally discouraged. If you are wearing headphones, they should be turned down to a level that cannot be heard by other passengers.

Touching and Closeness: In general, it is inappropriate to touch other passengers on purpose. If you should accidentally bump into someone with you baggage or parts of your person, immediately apologize for invading their personal space.Always respect the personal space of the other passengers. Imagine an invisible buffer zone that extends about a foot from the person in all directions and keep out of that area. See where to stand. If you board an elevator with your significant other, keep touching limited to hand-holding. Do not engage in a public display of affection while there are other passengers present. Intimate recreation in an empty elevator is discouraged, and should be conducted at your own risk. Other people do not want to see you in a compromising position when the doors open. Never use the emergency stop button for the purpose of having a private moment – there are plenty of places where you can get privacy without inconveniencing others.

Elevator Etiquette

Health Issues: If you are using an elevator while sick, consider waiting for the elevator to arrive empty. The close proximity of an elevator makes it a good place for germs to be transferred. If you have a cold, keep your mouth covered and avoid touching the buttons without a tissue. Always cover your mouth when sneezing in an elevator. As a courtesy, you might consider warning new arrivals to the elevator that you are sick before allowing them to board. This gives them a choice rather than creating a situation where they unknowingly expose themselves to your condition. Never, under any circumstances urinate or defecate in en elevator. It is not, and never will be considered funny by anyone. It presents a serious health risk to elevator riders as well as maintenance personnel. Riding an elevator while intoxicated should be avoided. Your impairment could present a danger to yourself and other riders. Take the stairs and use the hand rails. Do not smoke in any elevator.

Pressing the Floor Buttons: 

The Elevator Etiquette

-No re-pressing
Pay attention to which buttons have been pressed when you enter the elevator. Once a button has been pressed, nothing more can be done. Re-pressing the floor button will not make the elevator get you to your floor any faster. Re-pressing is disrespectful to the person that has already pressed the button and is generally irritating.

-Press for others
If you find yourself close to the button panel in an elevator, you have the additional responsibility of button management. It is your job to make sure the other riders have had the button for their floor pressed. This keeps people from reaching through a crowd to the button panel and eliminates the stress for those that cannot reach the buttons.Regardless of your position, if you are asked to press a button, it is proper to press the button as requested or pass the request on to the closest person to the button panel.

– Make a mistake?
Take steps to ensure that the only buttons being pressed are the ones for which floor a passenger must exit. However, in the event that you mistakenly press a button for the wrong floor, wait until the doors open on that floor and apologize to those who remain in the elevator. You may press the door closed buttons to cut down on wasted time.

Baggage and Elevators:

When you find it necessary to take baggage onto an elevator, wait for an empty car when possible. If you must board an occupied elevator with baggage, be sure there is enough room for you and your baggage without violating the personal space of others.

Try to stay near the doors with baggage in order to displace the fewest number of passengers upon your exit.

Stopping the Elevator:

The emergency stop button is for emergencies only. Do not use this button for personal reasons.

Using a passenger elevator for the transport of cargo is not recommended. However, if it must occur, avoid stopping the elevator for long periods of time.


Gentlemen should allow ladies to exit the elevator first unless you are blocking the doors.

The Elevator Etiquette

The “My Floor” Rule

In a crowded elevator, when there are others between you and the door, announce that the elevator has arrived at your floor and excuse yourself while making your way through the crowd. Pushing is discouraged.

Get Out of the Way

When standing between someone trying to exit and the door, do your best to move out of the way for them. If necessary, exit the elevator, allow them to leave and re-board.


Day 271/365: God’s Creative Power

Day 271/365: God's Creative Power

September 29, 2011

Gods Creative Power, Gift Edition
By: Charles Capps

Gods Creative Power Will Work for You has been a much loved scriptural resource for many years. With more than 3 million sold, Gods Creative Power for Healing and Gods Creative Power for Finances were released. This amazing series has now sold more than 5 millions copies! The Gods Creative Power Gift Collection combines all three of these powerful teaching books into one volume.

Your words can change your finances

Words are the most powerful things in the universe today. They can defeat you or they can bring life. They can make the difference in your finances and your well-being. God created the universe by speaking it into existence and He has given you the same ability.

Learn to turn your financial situation around by following the powerful principles of faith contained in this book. Don’t live another day in lack – start releasing the ability of God through faith filled words!

Day 270/365: God's Creative Power

Day 270/365: Banaple Treat

Day 270/365: Banaple Treat

September 29, 2011

Menu & Desserts: Banoffee Pie, Apple Caramel Crumble Pie, Blueberry Cheesecake, White Chocolate Truffle Berry Cheesecake, Warm Shoofly Pecan Pie, Super Caramel Fudge Cake, Myster-Reese’s Wicked Pie, Dark Chocolate Tiramisu Cheesecake + Good Coffee + Pasta + Entrees.

About: Established in 2007, Banapple is a friendly bakery cafe that serves freshly-baked pies, cheesecakes and desserts, as well as good food and coffee. Banapple got its name from their two best sellers Banoffee Pie, and Apple Caramel Crumble. Since the restaurant is small, you get this warm and close feel. It’s like you’re in a party; you see everyone get together and share great food.

Day 269/365: Banaple Treat
Once seated, you have to order your food in the counter ala fast food and minutes later your food will be served

Banapple is located at 225 & 206 Katipunan Ave, Blue Ridge, QC.

Banapple is also located at:

Northeast Square
47 Connecticut St
Northeast Greenhills, SJ

Ayala Triangle Gardens
Ayala Ave, Ayala Triangle

2/L Il Terrazzo
35 Tomas Morato

Banapple is open everyday as early as 7:30AM to 11:30PM

You can contact them at

(02) 439-2675 [Katipunan 1]
(02) 413-2675 [Tomas Morato]
(02) 438-2675 [Katipunan Too]
(02) 756-2675 [Ayala Triangle]


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Day 269/365: Market Market!

Day 269/365: Market Market!

September 27, 2011

Market! Market! is located within the newest central business district Bonifacio Global City, Market! Market! has the variety and freshness of a Sunday street market within the distinctive surroundings and the essential comforts of an Ayala Mall. Its themed retail zones, fruit and flowers market, and a regional food and hawker’s area recreate the souk while still providing the basic needs one expects. The plethora of discoveries and deals in an organized, clean, and accessible environment allows the value-conscious shoppers to buy in bulk to their heart’s delight.

Tel. No.: +632-886-7519
Mobile Concierge: Text AYALAMALLS to 2948

Mall Hours:
Monday to Sunday 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Day 268/365: Market Market!

Day 268/365: Medicard Lifestyle Center Opening and Blessing Event

Day 268/365: Medicard Lifestyle Center Opening and Blessing Event

September 26, 2011

MEDICard Philippines, Inc. (MPI), one of the country’s leading health maintenance organizations, just recently have a soft opening-blessing of their MEDICard Lifestyle Center located at No. 51 Paseo de Roxas corner Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue in Makati City.

A first-of-its-kind, the MEDICard Lifestyle Center is designed to offer effective solutions for wellness and lifestyle diseases. Housed in a new and modern edifice, the MEDICard Lifestyle Center will be home to, among others, a state-of-the-art dermatological center, a fitness facility, an eye and colorectal center, dental clinics and a yoga center. The MEDICard Lifestyle Center will also have a coffee shop and food store that will serve organic food to help clients stay on track of their health and fitness goals.

“The MEDICard Lifestyle Center will leverage on MPI’s concept of service-oriented total health care to deliver unparalleled lifestyle and wellness services to our growing clientele,” says MPI president Dr. Nicky Montoya. He adds that health is affected by one’s lifestyle and through the MEDICard Lifestyle Center, Dr. Montoya and his team at MPI hope to achieve positive and lasting changes in each person’s health and wellness.

Complementing the MEDICard Lifestyle Center’s offerings are MPI’s considerable number of accredited health practitioners, highly competent physicians, other health professionals and staff who will ensure that clients receive the service and care that they deserve. “Apart from providing our clients with modern facilities for their well-being, we also take great care to be as informative to them as possible. At the MEDICard Lifestyle Center, one of our many goals is to provide total customer experience.”

Conveniently located at the heart of the Makati business center the MEDICard Lifestyle Center also provides residents of nearby communities convenient access to the Center’s wide array of quality wellness and lifestyle procedures, which are administered by highly-experienced medical professionals

Dr Montoya looks forward to making MPI the company that people always rely on for their health and wellness needs. For more details about the MEDICard Lifestyle Center, call 894-5720, 884-9999 or email .

MLC Blessing

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Comedy Cartel @ Medicard Lifestyle Center

About Comedy Cartel: It is The First Point of View Stand-Up Comedy Group in the Philippines

The Comedy Cartel is a group full of supercool swabe boys that like telling funny jokes. No cross-dressing (unless we’re alone). No theatrics. Just a guy on stage, a point-of-view and pure awesomeness.

For bookings or inquiries: Contact eCircle Entertainment & Management Corporation.
Address: Suite 201 Sierra Centre, 8 Domingo Guevarra (formerly Libertad St.) cor. Sierra Madre St. Mandaluyong City.
Telephone: 533.9316, Fax: 531.4136, Mobile: 0922.8596144
Comedian:Tim Tayag, Alex Calleja, Marlon Olivan, Derf Hebrado, Victor Anastacio, Noel Gascon, Richie Fernandez, Ryan Puno, Red Ollero, Uli Oposa, Ryan Sarita, Chino Liao, Eri Neeman, GB Labrador, Marcelle Fabie, Nace Cruz, Raffy Taruc, Trian Lauang

Day 267/365: Comedy Cartel at Medicard Lifestyle Center

Day 267/365: Little Store on the Hill @ San Juan City

Day 267/365: Little Store on the Hill @ San Juan City

September 25, 2011

Little Store on the Hill is a small Chinese grocery store and restaurant that serves authentic home-cooked Chinese food. Aside from selling fresh vegetables and a variety of Chinese delicacies, the restaurant serves the best Chinese lumpia in the city. Little Store is known for its medicinal Black Chicken Soup that is a Chinese delicacy made from a black-skinned Chinese chicken. They also serve Balut Misua that is a mix of the Philippine balut and the Chinese misua. Little Store on the Hill is located at 2 Jose Abad Santos Street, Little Baguio, San Juan City, Philippines

Contact Details: 721-9174
Business Hours: 8:00 AM-8:00 PM

This hole in the wall restaurant offers filling and satisfying budget friendly meals. This tiny store sells almost everything. One part of the store is a mini grocery where fresh fruits and vegetables, canned goods, candies, seasonings, Chinese delicacies, Ice Creams, Desserts, Meat and Fish Products and even spices are displayed and for sale. Their food display and counter is located at the center; a wide variety of viands can be seen here plus lots of take-home products. The rightmost part is the dining area with 8 tables. It has a warm and cozy-home ambiance. It is a budget friendly food store.

Day 266/365: Little Store on the Hill @ San Juan City

Little Store

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Day 266/365: Organic Eggs @ Sugarleaf

Day 266/365: Organic Eggs @ Sugarleaf

September 24, 2011

Regardless of which came first — the chicken or the egg — you can bet the first one was organic, raised outdoors without added drugs or chemicals. And as more people discover the health and environmental benefits of organic food, industrial poultry and egg production have fallen out of favor due to their heavy use of chemicals, drugs and factory-like settings.

Organic eggs as well as conventional eggs are described by weight per USDA standards. The six weight classes are Jumbo, Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small, and Peewee.

In addition to weight, the USDA also sets quality grade standards for eggs. The standards measure the appearance and quality of the eggshell as well as the quality of the yolk and the egg white, or albumen. Eggs are rated AA, A or B based on the factor with the lowest rating. Therefore, even an egg with an AA yolk and albumen will be rated B if its eggshell is a B.

USDA Standards for Organic Eggs

To qualify as organic, eggs must come from chickens that are fed only organic feed, i.e., feed that is free of animal by-products, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or other chemical additives. No genetically modified foods can be used. Additionally, organic eggs must come from chickens that are given antibiotics only in the event of an infection — commercial chickens, on the other hand, are given antibiotics on a routine basis. No hormones or other drugs can be used in organic egg production.

Molting — when birds shed their older feathers to make room for new ones — is sometimes induced in commercial egg and chicken production by withholding food, water or by other means. Molting extends the productive life of laying chickens, but it cannot be induced in chickens laying organic eggs; only natural molting is allowed to occur.

Organic eggs must come from chickens that live in cage-free environments and have access to the outdoors, even if their outdoor area is just a small pen or enclosed yard area. Pens are used to protect the chickens and their eggs from predators like hawks, foxes, raccoons, coyotes and other animals.

Day 265/365: Organic Egg @ Sugarleaf

Organic Eggs vs. Free-Range Eggs

Are organic eggs affordable? They’re not cheep — er, cheap. Organic eggs can cost up to $4/dozen, roughly double the cost of commercial eggs. This is largely due to the extra expenses involved in meeting organic certification requirements.

Finally, be aware that free-range eggs aren’t necessarily the same as organic — the USDA requires that free-range eggs come from chickens that have some access to a small, fenced patch of cement (which they may or may not use). Additionally, free-range chickens might eat non-organic feed and are sometimes given antibiotics or other drugs.


Day 264 & 265/365 : The Piano and My Soul Sister

Day 264 & 265/365 : The Piano and My Soul Sister

September 22, 2011: Day 264- The Piano

When people talk about piano history, they usually say that the piano originated around the year 1700 in Florence, Italy. Florence is the capital city of Tuscany, a central region of Italy, and the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance.

In 1709, the “pianoforte” was first revealed as the invention of an Italian harpsichord maker named Bartolomeo Cristofori. Cristofori based his new design on the wooden frame of a harpsichord and implemented a unique keyboarding mechanism that was similar to that of a clavichord. Since its inception, the instrument we know today as the piano has had many innovators over the past 300 years who have shaped its functionality, appearance and sound.

Piano history was also shaped by the world’s first stringed instrument, the harp. Encouraged by the harmonic plucking sound of a hunter’s bow and arrow, the harp was born way before the days of early antiquity. In fact, its been around so long that it has even been mentioned in the Book of Genesis in the Bible

The Piano Key Layout

The modern piano keyboard was first established during the 13th century of Medieval Europe. It is made up of twelve basic notes that repeat in a black and white pattern across a layout of 88 wooden keys. Although this enduring image has become synonymous with the word “piano”, it was actually the preceding ancestors of the pianoforte that were first to bear this basic design.

However, there was a time when the piano note chart was still in its infancy and quite unrecognizable by today’s standards. A distant era during the history of the piano where the black notes had not yet been implemented, and the piano key layout consisted of only seven basic notes. During the first half of the middle ages, early keyboard players were still trying to figure out how many musical notes there were to play. Ultimately, it took more than 2000 years of piano history before the “pianoforte” finally became what it is today.

Day 263/365: The Piano

September 23, 2011: Day 265 – Soul Sister

Day 264/365: Soul Sister

Cheers to decades of Friendship! This song is for you Cyn!

When you’re down and troubled
and you need a helping hand,
and nothing, whoa nothing is going right.
Close your eyes and think of me
and soon I will be there
to brighten up even your darkest nights.

You just call out my name,
and you know wherever I am
I’ll come running, oh yeah baby
to see you again.
Winter, spring, summer, or fall,
all you got to do is call
and I’ll be there, yeah, yeah, yeah.
You’ve got a friend.

If the sky above you
should turn dark and full of clouds
and that old north wind should begin to blow
Keep your head together and call my name out loud now
and soon I’ll be knocking upon your door.
You just call out my name and you know where ever I am
I’ll come running to see you again.
Winter, spring, summer or fall
all you got to do is call
and I’ll be there, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Hey, ain’t it good to know that you’ve got a friend?
People can be so cold.
They’ll hurt you and desert you.
Well they’ll take your soul if you let them.
Oh yeah, but don’t you let them.

You just call out my name and you know wherever I am
I’ll come running to see you again.
Oh babe, don’t you know that,
Winter spring summer or fall,
Hey now, all you’ve got to do is call.
Lord, I’ll be there, yes I will.
You’ve got a friend.
You’ve got a friend.
Ain’t it good to know you’ve got a friend.
Ain’t it good to know you’ve got a friend.
You’ve got a friend.

Day 263/365: Kentucky Fried Chicken Dora The Explorer Kiddie Party

Day 263/365: Kentucky Fried Chicken Dora The Explorer Kiddie Party

September 21, 2011

Worry Free The Explorer Party at KFC!

REGULAR PARTY FEE (Php 3,000.00)
30 Paper Lootbags
30 Sticker Sheets
30 Image Search Game Boards
30 Notepads
30 Bag Tag w/ ball chain
Game Prizes: 5 pcs per item

Safari Game Board
Pin Badge
Other Amenities

KFC Kiddie Party

Party Hats
Invitation Cards
Activity Traymats
Guest Sign-in Sheet
Gift for the Celebrant

Party Package Fee inclusive of Cake and Mascot: P3,900

KFC Kiddie Party Package


G/F Waltermart Center National Road Gapan, Nueva Ecija SPP Telephone no: 044-486 6400 Operating Hours: 10am – 8pm

P. Burgos St Cut-Cut 1poblacion 2 Municipality Of Tarlac, Tarlac SPP Telephone no: 02-246 6901/ 045-982 6764 Operating Hours: 9am – 9pm

G/F Sm Rosales Brgy. Carmen St, Pangasinan SPP Telephone no: 075-653 0243 / 075-564 3933 Operating Hours: 10am – 9pm

National Highway Cor. Calle Arellano Poblacion, Urdaneta, Pangasinan SPP Telephone no: 075-568 2001/ 075-568 2000 Operating Hours: 9am – 10pm

KFC Kiddie Party Package

126 Gamboa Bldg Session Rd, Baguio City SPP Telephone no: 02-250 6015 / 074-442 0051 Operating Hours: 8am – 9pm

Cor Quezon Ave & Gen Luna Sts San Fernando City, La Union SPP Telephone no: 02-246 3010 / 072-700 2438 Operating Hours: 9am – 10pm

Ground Floor,Dbp Building,Lower Session Road, Baguio City SPP Telephone no: 074-424 7238 / 074-424 7237 Operating Hours: 9am – 9pm

Sto Rosario St. Corner Henson St. SPP Telephone no: 045 887 2323 Operating Hours: 7am – 9pm

KFC Kiddie Party Package

Camacho St Brgy Poblacion Balanga, Bataan SPP Telephone no: 047-237 6524 Operating Hours: 9am – 10pm

Olongapo-Gapan Rd San Fernando, Pampanga SPP Telephone no: 045-963 7819 / 045-961 1988 Operating Hours: 24 hrs.

Chevron Service Station, Dau Mabalacat Pampanga SPP Telephone no: 045-892 7791 Operating Hours: 24 hrs.

1759 (Ulo Ng Apo) Rizal Ave. West Bajac-Bajac, Olongapo City 2200 SPP Telephone no: 047-223 7255 Operating Hours: 8am – 11pm

149 M. H. Del Pilar St. Cor 11th Ave Grace Park, Caloocan City SPP Telephone no: 02-366 2935 Operating Hours: 9am – 10pm

Lrt Monumento Rizal Ave., Caloocan City SPP Telephone no: 02-363 7557 Operating Hours: 7am – 10pm

Ns Amoranto St. Cor Mayon, Brgy Salvacion, Q.c. SPP Telephone no: 02-414 1762 Operating Hours: 24 hrs.

290 E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave Kalusugan, Q.c. SPP Telephone no: 02-413 1647 / 02-722 7259 Operating Hours: 24 hrs.

Banaue Cor. Ma. Clara St., Q. C. SPP Telephone no: 02-732 8131 Operating Hours: 24 hrs.

301don Mariano Marcos Ave Cor Tandang Sora, Q.c. SPP Telephone no: 02-932 6171 Operating Hours: 9am – 10pm

Village Mall Fairview Commonwealth Ave Fairview Park, Q.c. SPP Telephone no: 02-930 2133 Operating Hours: 10am – 10pm

22 East Ave Pinyahan, Q.c. SPP Telephone no: 02-426 6614 / 02-426 6762 Operating Hours: 8am – 9pm

Congressional Ave. Cor Mindanao Ave., Brgy Bahay Toro 1106, Quezon City SPP Telephone no: 02-455 7780 Operating Hours: 24 hrs.

Matalino St Cor Matatag St Brgy Central Diliman, Qc SPP Telephone no: 02-928 3694 Operating Hours: 7am – 11pm

P. Tuazon Blvd Murphy District Socorro, Q.c. SPP Telephone no: 02-913 3122 Operating Hours: 9am – 10pm

C-5 Acropolis, Libis, Quezon City SPP Telephone no: 02-634 8183 Operating Hours: 10am – 10pm

Eastwood Avenue, Citywalk, Eastwood City, E. Rodriguez Jr., Avenue, Bagumbayan, Quezon City SPP Telephone no: 02-709 0321 Operating Hours: 24 hrs.

Kaimo Condominium Bldg., 101quezon Ave. Q.c. SPP Telephone no: 02-712 2305 Operating Hours: 9am – 10pm

Circumferential Rd Cor M.l. Quezon St San Jose Antipolo, Rizal SPP Telephone no: 02-696 3391 Operating Hours: 9am – 10pm

8011bayan-Bayanan Ave Cor C. Bautista St Concepcion I, Marikina City SPP Telephone no: 02-941 7679 Operating Hours: 24 hrs.

Bluewave Mall Sumulong Hi-Way Brgy. Sto. Niño, Marikina SPP Telephone no: 02-470 2801 Operating Hours: 10am – 10pm

M.l Quezon St. San Roque, Antipolo City SPP Telephone no: 02-695 1621 Operating Hours: 9am – 9pm

Puregold Price Club Inc.21 General Luna St.banaba San Mateo Rizal SPP Telephone no: 02-997 8296 Operating Hours: 9am – 9pm

8004 Edsa Cor Connecticut St Edsa, Mandaluyong City SPP Telephone no: 02-724 9706 Operating Hours: 9am – 10pm

1 Nagtahan St San Miguel, Manila SPP Telephone no: 02-716 9218 Operating Hours: 24 hrs.

Shaw Blvd Cor Marie Lane St Bo. Kapitolyo, Pasig City SPP Telephone no: 02-633 2845 Operating Hours: 8am – 12mn

Victoria Theater Dr. Sixto Antonio Ave Kapasigan, Pasig City SPP Telephone no: 02-640 1713 Operating Hours: 24 hrs.

G/F Pavillon Mall, Edsa Central, Edsa Cor Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong City SPP Telephone no: 02-638 1280 Operating Hours: 24 hrs.

312 Shaw Blvd 1552 Mandaluyong City SPP Telephone no: 02-531 8501 Operating Hours: 9am – 10pm

2/F Bldg A Sm Megamall Doña Julia Vargas Ave. Mandaluyong City SPP Telephone no: 02-634 5808 Operating Hours: 10am – 9pm

Claro M. Recto Ave Quiapo, Manila SPP Telephone no: 02-734 8881 Operating Hours: 9am – 10pm

1340 Taft Ave Ermita, Manila SPP Telephone no: 02-524 1284 Operating Hours: 24 hrs.

G/F Sm City Manila Concepcion St Cor Arroceros & Marcelino Sts Manila SPP Telephone no: 02-536 0181 Operating Hours: 10am – 10pm

104 Jupiter St Bel-Air 2 Subd Bel-Air, Makati City SPP Telephone no: 02-899 4220 Operating Hours: 24 hrs.

Amorsolo St Legaspi Vill San Lorenzo, Makati City SPP Telephone no: 02-751 0367 Operating Hours: 24 hrs.

Pasong Tamo Cor Vito Cruz Extn, Makati City SPP Telephone no: 02-897 6881 Operating Hours: 24 hrs.

Mia Road Tambo, Parañaque SPP Telephone no: 02-851 0019 Operating Hours: 24 hrs.

Pres Diosdado Macapagal Blvd, Roxas Blvd, Pasay City SPP Telephone no: 02-833 6913 Operating Hours: 24 hrs.

Dr. A. Santos Ave. Sucat, Parañaque SPP Telephone no: 02-820 4895 Operating Hours: 9am – 10pm

President’s Ave Cor Gil Puyat St Bf Homes Parañaque SPP Telephone no: 02-809 4248 Operating Hours: 9am – 9pm

8001 Alabang-Zapote Rd Cor Aria St Talon Ii, Las Piñas City SPP Telephone no: 02-873 7116 Operating Hours: 24 hrs.

C.v Starr Ave.philam Life Village Pamplona Las Piñas SPP Telephone no: 02-874 6426 Operating Hours: 10am – 10pm

G/F Waltermart Center Aguinaldo H-Way Brgy Burol, Dasmariñas SPP Telephone no: 02-529 8141/ 046-852 2337 Operating Hours: 9am – 10pm

Newhall Complex Governor Drive Barangay Manggahan, General Trias, Cavite SPP Telephone no: 02-402 0990 / 02-402 0112 Operating Hours: 9am – 10pm

Sm Supercenter Molino Molino-Paliparan Road Brgy. Molino Iv Bacoor, Cavite SPP Telephone no: 02-474 3188 Operating Hours: 10am – 9pm

Dalahican Cor. Pagbilao National Road, Lucena City SPP Telephone no: 042-710 8937 Operating Hours: 10am – 9pm

National Rd Cor A. Mabini St Tanauan, Batangas SPP Telephone no: 02-520 6618 / 043-778 6132 Operating Hours: 8am – 9pm

Lacson St. Bacolod City SPP Telephone no: 034-435 6678/034-435 6858 Operating Hours: 24 hrs.

20-21parkmall Quano Ave. North Reclamation Area Mandaue City Cebu SPP Telephone no: 032-346 8067 Operating Hours: 9am – 10pm

G/F North Atrium As Fortuna Mandaue City. SPP Telephone no: 032-505-4784 Operating Hours: 9am – 12mn

17-C Barba Press Bldg. Jones Ave. Cebu City SPP Telephone no: 032-268 7888 Operating Hours: 9am – 10pm

Mcarthur H-Way Cor Maa Rd Matina, Davao City SPP Telephone no: 082-297 6046 Operating Hours: 10am – 8pm

G/F Gaisano Main J.p. Laurel Ave. Davao City SPP Telephone no: 082-224 0876 / 227 8744 Operating Hours: 9am – 9pm

G/F Sm Ilo-Ilo, Diversion Rd Ilo-Ilo City SPP Telephone no: 033-320 7984 Operating Hours: 10am – 9pm

Level 1(101-105) Robinson’s Place Ilo-Ilo Ledesma St. Ilo-Ilo City SPP Telephone no: 033-338 0213 / 336 8049 Operating Hours: 10am – 8pm

North Arcade, Ground Floor, Mandalagan, Bacolod City SPP Telephone no: 034-709 1109 / 709 1209 Operating Hours: 10am – 8pm

Ground Floor, Building A – Sm City Bacolod, Rizal Street, Bacolod City SPP Telephone no: 034-708 0172 Operating Hours: 10am – 9pm

Kfc Robinsons, Ground Floor Robinsons Place, Dumaguete Business Park, South Road Calindagan, Dumaguete City SPP Telephone no: 035-421 1648 Operating Hours: 10am – 8pm

Nuñez Extn Cor Gov Camins Ave Zamboanga City SPP Telephone no: 062-992 5859/ 992 5860 Operating Hours: 9am – 11pm

Day 262/365: KFC Kiddie Birthday Package