Day 236/365: A New Life with PSI

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August 25, 2011

This is the day that makes my life see its purpose and new beginnings. Thanks to PSI!

About PSI:

Man is the center of a circle without a circumference, except the one he creates for himself. –Mahatma Gandhi

In the PSI Leadership Success Seminar, we look at the circumference or limitations we’ve built around ourselves that is keeping us from the success we want in life. PSI Leadership Success Seminar is all about YOU and YOUR SUCCESS.

The seminar is based on the fundamental principle that each individual possesses unlimited untapped potential — and that discovering this allows a person to achieve greater results and abundance in life. In the seminar we examine self-limiting beliefs that act as barriers between us and our goals and which hinder us from achieving what we most want in life. The PSI Leadership Success Seminar provides the opportunity for us to be aware of these beliefs as well as experience new ways of overcoming them.

This four-day seminar is highly experiential and insightful. People who attend the seminar attest to an enlightening fresh perspective towards life and a greater belief that personal and professional success can be had — beginning NOW.


PSI is a company with a dream…a dream of a more cooperative and harmonious world where people are empowered to realize a life of liberty, purpose and passion.

In 1973, PSI was created to spread the personal success principles that had brought the founders Thomas Willhite, and Jane Willhite so much liberty in their lives.

In 1983, Thomas Willhite died in a plane crash when his bi-plane went down at the company headquarters. Since that time his wife, Jane C. Willhite, has run the company as CEO and is responsible for its current growth and success. Immensely effective since the 1970s, PSI continues more than three decades later to chart a course of expansion for this unique educational company.

Programs are held in many locations in the U.S., Canada, Japan, Philippines and Indonesia with 12 PSI offices in major cities throughout North America and many more to come.

What is The PSI Basic Course Topics?

– It is a lesson about life and provides a formula for achieving peace of mind.
– It simplifies complex ideas into basic guiding principles through experiential learning environment.
– It is based on universal Christian values and the Laws of Attraction and Fairness.

A Short but Abundant Learnings in Store for Everyone:

Financial success is available to each of us. Knowing how to obtain it is often a mystery. At the PSI Basic you’ll uncover this mystery by discovering your power to attract all the wealth you desire. You’ll gain simple and easy tools for developing thought processes that help you achieve your goals.

In this course personal relationships are a central focus. You challenge yourself to honestly and responsibly analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your relationships, allowing you to determine how you can improve them. You’ll learn the tools to create and nurture the best relationship possible with your spouse, children, loved ones – and your professional relationships too.

Balance is vital to a healthy successful life. You’ll make a clear assessment of where you are now and take a fresh look at where you want to be. Using the Basic techniques, you’ll be given the tools to maximize your effectiveness and create a more balanced, satisfying life, in four key areas: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.

The core of the PSI Basic is to empower you to find inner strength in yourself and others. Imagine having the ability to summon the greatness in people. By understanding the underlying causes of how people become effective and efficient, you are able to apply that knowledge directly into your life.

For many people, a lack of creativity can be directly traced to self-imposed limiting beliefs. Self doubt is the direct enemy of the creative process. At the PSI Basic, learn techniques designed to access your individual creativity and squash defeating internal dialogue.

Good memory is essential for both professional and personal success. You’ll learn powerful techniques for remembering names, dates, facts and figures, and much more.

Through many different exercises, you will learn the patterns of successful human inter-relations and communication. The course specifically examines the use of subconscious non-verbal communication and the varied techniques that can be used when communicating with different personalities.

With a clear understanding of human behavior and the reasons why you do what you do, you will be in a unique position to improve your own results in any area of your life – whether it’s at home, in your career, your health, or your finances.

Over 500,000 people have experienced the power of the PSI Basic and have credited this life-changing course for providing them with the tools to discover their potential and realize their dreams.

Thanks to my wife Jeren for sponsoring me and to the Faci’s Kokoy Reonisto and Greg Forbes for waking me up from my “Programs” and see my real true value in Life!

Day 235/365: A New Life with PSI

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