Day 222 & 223 / 365: McDonalds Chocolate Sundae and Swirls Kefroz

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August 10, 2011

Day 221: What’s with McDonalds Sundae? Its a soft Vanilla Ice Cream Top with your choice of Flavors like Caramel, Chocolate, Strawberry and other Seasonal Fruit Toppings. And this is just a common night to stroll alone and hang out in a place called McDonald. Chilling to make my head and heart reunite together, think and decide the next big step on my life. Thanks to McDonald Chocolate Sundae! for being a cool company to ease out some stress. It really boost some brain cells due to its sweetness and relaxes my palette for its soft ice cream. I just dont need to be reminded with the calories but a guilty pleasure treat just for tonight.

Day 221/365: Mcdonalds Sundae








August 11, 2011
Day 222: Another date with a cool dessert! Swirls Kefroz of Frozen Kefir. It is a soft served ice cream with live organisms and billions of good bacteria! Now this is a real good treat for myself to cool down after a stressful week and getting closer to a bigger life changing decision. I never thought that my company will always be a soft served Ice cream (funny) but it works well as I finally committing myself to a truthful and worthy life path.

Thanks to Swirls, it is located in GF Mall of Asia in Pasay, nearby the Pet Store/Starbucks Shop. A small corner Shop before crossing to another Alley. It is a must to try!

Day 222/365: Swirls Kefroz

Day 222/365: Swirs Kefroz at MOA

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