Day 216/365: Baby Room Easy Set-up Checklist

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August 4, 2011

Here’s a simple guide for Easy Nursery Room Set-up most for Parents who have limited room space.

1. Baby Space or Room – check how big is your room, could be a separate room or a small space on our master bedroom. Before buying your crib. Check the first the areas where there is enough light from the window, nearby an air conditioning unit, good source of ceiling lighting and space to place your baby essential needs (diapers, clothes, toys, etc).

2. Baby Crib – Choose your best color, depending on your room theme. There’s only white, variances of wood colors for Wood Cribs which is the classic cribs. All other’s are made of plastic and rubbers with lots of designs, and color patterns. Check the size and dimension of your room space before buying your crib. Ensure that you have a plenty of room to move around and airflow is very good and area is easy to clean and maintain.

3. Baby Clothes Space and Cabinets – There are a few cribs I have seen with a built in cabinet which is nice, but it requires some space and not applicable to most since its already built in and if you decide to move around the Crib on your room, then you cant just block the cabinet area. There are separate cabinet which may require space and it depends on how much clothes you would like to place. But take note that babies grows so fast in months! don’t buy those huge cabinet, they are just cute little babies right? What I have are those hang-in crib cabinets to place all my baby stuff and it’s easy to use and maintain. It is just for a start up anyway and you can just fold and keep it after a year or so.

4. Wall Designs – There are a lot of cute stuff prints and drawings which you can stick on the walls, ceilings, curtains and in areas where there is a good lighting. Babies love to look around and it is good for them to see letters, colors, numbers, animal drawings, cartoon character which should be cute and not scary okay? Place it around the areas where your baby can see it. This drawings starts the babies vision and creativity. Balance the walls and ceilings by playing with your baby wall decor colors. This makes parents feels like a child too when they wake up every morning seeing all those cute drawings!

5. TV/Viewing/Music Area – Make sure you have a gadget for music and viewing. This will make your baby sleeps quick and develops their listening skills. It is also recommended to have

Good luck to your baby room space and Congratulations!!

Day 216/365 Nursery Room Space

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