Happy Healthy Birthday at Sugarleaf!

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July 24, 2011

Are you looking for a place to celebrate your birthday? something unique, healthy and good food? I just had mine at our very own Sugarleaf! Our goal for this year is to invite good friends and family to celebrate a Happy Healthy Birthday Treat from SugarLeaf, something new for them to try, something I can share to their health and load them with good enzyme and probiotic foods from Sugarleaf. It’s a healthy “food trip and treat” that all my guests were thankful for having them introduced to a healthy eating lifestyle with the use of diet and exercise and even a weight loss supplement for people who required this method.

Our menu- All you can eat Organic Veggies with Passion Fruit Vinaigrette, and Kefir Sauce. Assorted Sandwich Wraps- crabsticks, Chicken and Beef, Red Shrimp Pasta and Kefir Strawberry-Banana Smoothies. What’s for dessert? It’s ice cream! in different flavors- Malunggay (Moringa), Organic Pumpkin, Red Mongo and Ebon Puro (Salted Eggs)

It’s a light lunch- snack treat but heavy with nutrients and minerals, billions of good bacteria, plus our “homey” ambiance. This is my way of saying Thank You to my dearest friends and love ones for being part of my so called Happy Healthy Years

About Sugarleaf:

1. How would you classify Sugarleaf? Is it a pub, cafe, a bistro, a restaurant, etc? We classify ourselves as a healthy-eats resto-store
2. What do you specialize in? Healthy foods that nourish, slim down, detoxify and energise and taste great appealing to all ages
3. Why the name Sugarleaf? Sugarleaf pertains to stevia, a plant whose leaves possess an intense sweetening capability. Though somewhat controversial in its early years, stevia is safe and is highly regarded because of its anti-oxidant properties, has zero calories and doesn’t affect blood sugar levels.

Sugarleaf imbibes sweet happy thoughts and feelings linked with healthy living and an organic lifestyle.

Celebrate with us! Healthy is the NEW COOL!

Check out our our photos! and an awesome moments c/o Iflick Photo booth! Thanks much Gina!

Healthy Happy Birthday @ Sugarleaf

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