Day 195, 196 & 197 / 365: Clothes, Cookies, and The Women

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July 14, 2011 Day 195/365: Clothes
July 15, 2011 Day 196/365: Cookies
July 16, 2011 Day 197/365: The Women

The past 3 days is about Clothes, Cookies and The Women

Day 195 was taken at Eastwood Mall featuring the latest trends from Top Philippines Designer. I just stood there and line up like a mannequin. And looking at the current style? nothing is so unique and fancy, just the same 80’s look in bold color, in cotton for polo’s and shirts. I remember my high school days with the current fashion trends.

Day 195/365: Clothes and Fashion Trends

Day 196 was a Russian Cookie Treat from Russian Cookie House


Little Gina Dejoras was well on her way to becoming a rather smart cookie connoisseur when she tasted her first Russian Cookie at the age of 12, after the family had received a jar-load of the delicious sweet things from an aunt. Years later, after countless unsuccessful trips to bakeshops far and wide to relive that first “Russian” experience, she began to work her way through recipe after recipe to arrive at the Russian Cookie she now has become known for among aficionados.

In the early 90’ies, by then not so little Gina had started baking the golf-ball shaped butter cookies with nuts in the center to give as gifts to friends and family. What had started as a stately hobby rapidly grew by word-of-mouth into a seasonal baking binge that saw many other products added to her Russian best-seller.

In 2007, The Russian Cookie House was finally transformed into a full-time business. The already sizeable client base that had developed during the many years of “home baking” rapidly expanded through participation in bazaars and baker’s fairs, helped by a steadily growing product line.


The Russian Cookie House has a unique selection of cookies generally not found in the local market. The aim is to create product of clear distinction that is pleasing to the eye and the palate and very attractively packaged* to be suitable for any occasion, as well as for daily consumption.

We seek to create a haven for the sophisticated cookie and pastry lover by introducing classic tastes from all over the world to the Philippine market. In addition, we develop original creations where we blend the old with the new, ranging from variations of well known favorites to wholly unique product. More and more, the health- conscious are attracted to our HIGH QUALITY SUGAR-FREE items.


The Russian Cookie House attracts both corporate and private clientele from the A & B market segments, notably during the Christmas season but also throughout the year for any kind of gift-giving and occasions. Our experience has shown that we are a destination for those who want to try something new and appreciate the fact that we are constantly developing new merchandise.

Day 196/365: The Russian Cookie House

Day 197/365: The Women, Photography by Nigel Barker

The exhibit, titled “The Women,” at Greenbelt 5 Atrium.

The 13 women of Philippine Tatler (July 2011) are Celine Lopez, Georgina Wilson, Heart Evangelista, Bianca Araneta-Elizalde, Bianca Zobel, Audrey Puckett-Chiu, Stephanie Zubiri, Rocio Olbes, Rosanne Prieto, Valerie Weigmann, Carla Abellana, Pops Fernandez and Isabelle Daza

Kudos to you Mr Barker! Amazing Shot and Very Creative Concept!

Day 197/365: The Women by Nigel Barker

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