Day 193/365: Get Out of Debt

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July 12, 2011

So you’re drowning in the ocean of debt? Don’t be so worried, you’re not alone. People are living in debt – even successful businesses and corporations run with their financial liabilities. But it’s great to hear that you finally realize and consider settling out your financial obligations. This short article discusses the very first step to escaping from the prison of debt.

If you want to get rid of your debt, you should eliminate the main reason why many people are falling on the trap of debt. That main reason is this. Many people are actually befriending debt. They consider that owing money is a relief. They thought that the debt zone is a comfort zone that helps them fulfill their wants and desires, such as their craving for a new car, their thirst for the latest model of gadget, or their eagerness to taste a lavish life.

More people are treating debt as their ally, while only few people are treating it as their adversary. The people that enjoy debt are the ones that don’t get out of it, while the people that are determined to challenge and defeat debt are the ones who find their way to escape it. At this point, you must now have an idea what I’m talking about.

The first step to getting out of debt is to consider it as your foe. Don’t be happy that you have a lot of people or creditors to run when you need instant cash or money. Don’t enjoy with debt, rather, challenge it and do your best to overcome it. If you consider debt as your bread and butter, then how will you defeat it?

So now have some time to think and reflect on your past or on the days that have passed. Did you enjoy receiving cash from lenders? Did it become your habit to rely on debt? Did you have a good time making it as your companion in life? If your answer to those questions is a “Yes”, then it’s time to change your mind setting. It’s time to view debt as you opponent to defeat it. It’s time to treat the debt zone as a prison to get out of it.

The well being of you, and your family, has to be your priority during times of financial stress and upheaval. Did you notice how “well being of you” was first in the last sentence, and not “your family?” The reason for that is very simple, if you take care of you first, then you are taking care of your family at the same time. In financially stressful times, if you, as the Mom or Dad, can’t cope, how can you expect your children to cope now, or in the future?

So make the decision now to learn how to cope, to make the changes you can, to stay focused and goal-oriented, and to let anxiety and financial stress go out the door with the shoulda coulda woulda’s.

“… Dear God, please grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things that I can, and the wisdom to know the difference …”

Day 193/365: Go Get out of Debt

The First Step to Get out of Debt

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