Day 212/365: Beauty

Day 212/365: Beauty

July 31, 2011

The Hidden Power, by Thomas Troward [1921]

Do we sufficiently direct our thoughts to the subject of Beauty? I think not. We are too apt to regard Beauty as a merely superficial thing, and do not realise all that it implies. This was not the case with the great thinkers of the ancient world–see the place which no less a one than Plato gives to Beauty as the expression of all that is highest and greatest in the system of the universe. These great men of old were no superficial thinkers, and, therefore, would never have elevated to the supreme place that which is only superficial. Therefore, we shall do well to ask what it is that these great minds found in the idea of Beauty which made it thus appeal to them as the most perfect outward expression of all that lies deepest in the fundamental laws of Being. It is because, rightly apprehended, Beauty represents the supremest living quality of Thought. It is the glorious overflowing of fulness of Love which indicates the presence of infinite reserves of Power behind it. It is the joyous profusion that shows the possession of inexhaustible stores of wealth which can afford to be thus lavish and yet remain as exhaustless as before. Read aright, Beauty is the index to the whole nature of Being.

Beauty is the externalisation of Harmony, and Harmony is the co-ordinated working of all the powers of Being, both in the individual and in the relation of the individual to the Infinite from which it springs; and therefore this Harmony conducts us at once into the presence of the innermost undifferentiated Life. Thus Beauty is in most immediate touch with the very arcanum of Life; it is the brightness of glory spreading itself over the sanctuary of the Divine Spirit. For if, viewed from without, Beauty is the province of the artist and the poet, and lays hold of our emotions and appeals directly to the innermost feelings of our heart, calling up the response of that within us which recognises itself in the harmony perceived without, this is only because it speeds across the bridge of Reason with such quick feet that we pass from the outmost to the inmost and back again in the twinkling of an eye; but the bridge is still there and, retracing our steps more leisurely, we shall find that, viewed from within, Beauty is no less the province of the calm reasoner and analyst. What the poet and the artist seize upon intuitionally, he elaborates gradually, but the result is the same in both cases; for no intuition is true which does not admit of being expanded into a rational sequence of intelligible factors, and no argument is true which does not admit of being condensed into that rapid suggestion which is intuition.

Thus the impassioned artist and the calm thinker both find that the only true Beauty proceeds naturally from the actual construction of that which it expresses. It is not something added on as an afterthought, but something pre-existing in the original idea, something to which that idea naturally leads up, and which pre-supposes that idea as affording it any raison d’être. The test of Beauty is, What does it express? Is it merely a veneer, a coat of paint laid on from without? Then it is indeed nothing but a whited sepulchre, a covering to hide the vacuity or deformity which needs to be removed. But is it the true and natural outcome of what is beneath the surface? Then it is the index to super-abounding Life and Love and Intelligence, which is not content with mere utilitarianism hasting to escape at the earliest possible point from the labour of construction, as though from an enforced and unwelcome task, but rejoicing over its work and unwilling to quit it until it has expressed this rejoicing in every fittest touch of form and colour and exquisite proportion that the material will admit of, and this without departing by a hairbreadth from the original purpose of the design.

Wherever, therefore, we find Beauty, we may infer an enormous reserve of Power behind it; in fact, we may look upon it as the visible expression of the great truth that Life-Power is infinite. And when the inner meaning of Beauty is thus revealed to us, and we learn to know it as the very fulness and overflowing of Power, we shall find that we have gained a new standard for the guidance of our own lives. We must begin to use this wonderful process which we have learnt from Nature. Having learnt how Nature works–how God works–we must begin to work in like manner, and never consider any work complete until we have carried it to some final outcome of Beauty, whether material, intellectual, or spiritual. Is my intention good? That is the initial question, for the intention determines the nature of the essence in everything. What is the most beautiful form in which I can express the good I intend? That is the ultimate question; for the true Beauty which our work expresses is the measure of the Power, Intelligence, Love–in a word, of the quantity and quality of our own life which we have put into it. True Beauty, mind you–that which is beautiful because it most perfectly expresses the original idea, not a mere ornamentation occupying our thoughts as a thing apart from the use intended.

Nothing is of so small account but it has its fullest power of expression in some form of Beauty peculiarly its own. Beauty is the law of perfect Thought, be the subject of our Thought some scheme affecting the welfare of millions, or a word spoken to a little child. True Beauty and true Power are the correlatives one of the other. Kindly expression originates in kindly thought; and kindly expression is the essence of Beauty, which, seeking to express itself ever more and more perfectly, becomes that fine touch of sympathy which is artistic skill, whether applied in working upon material substances or upon the emotions of the heart. But, remember, first Use, then Beauty, and neither complete without the other. Use without Beauty is ungracious giving, and Beauty without Use is humbug; never forgetting, however, that there is a region of the mind where the use is found in the beauty, where Beauty itself serves the direct purpose of raising us to see a higher ideal which will thenceforward permeate our lives, giving a more living quality to all we think and say and do.

Seen thus the Beautiful is the true expression of the Good. From whichever end of the scale we look we shall find that they accurately measure each other. They are the same thing in the outermost and the innermost respectively. But in our search for a higher Beauty than we have yet found we must beware of missing the Beauty that already exists. Perfect harmony with its environment, and perfect expression of its own inward nature are what constitute Beauty; and our ignorance of the nature of the thing or its environment may shut our eyes to the Beauty it already has. It takes the genius of a Millet to paint, or a Whitman in words, to show us the beauty of those ordinary work-a-day figures with which our world is for the most part peopled, whose originals we pass by as having no form or comeliness. Assuredly the mission of every thinking man and woman is to help build up forms of greater beauty, spiritual, intellectual, material, everywhere; but if we would make something grander than Watteau gardens or Dresden china shepherdesses, we must enter the great realistic school of Nature and learn to recognise the beauty that already surrounds us, although it may have a little dirt on the surface. Then, when we have learnt the great principles of Beauty from the All-Spirit which is it, we shall know how to develop the Beauty on its own proper lines without perpetuating the dirt; and we shall know that all Beauty is the expression of Living Power, and that we can measure our power by the degree of beauty into which we can transform it, rendering our lives,

“By loveliness of perfect deeds,
More strong than all poetic thought.”

Day 212/365: Beauty

Day 211/365: Sugarleaf Friends and Photography Buddy

Day 211/365: Sugarleaf Friends and Photography Buddy

July 30, 2011

What’s New with Sugarleaf?

Sugarleaf recently teamed up with 20-year photography veteran Rikky Carballo for a photography workshop series dubbed Focus on Photography: A Workshop Series.

The first workshop Focus on Food was a resounding success with over 30 participants eagerly learning from Rikky’s many years of experience.

A small competition was organised which was won by young talented photographer Paelo Pedrajas.

Paelo Pedrajas is a young and dynamic photographer who is a graduate of Advertising Arts from the University of Santo Tomas. Although he is exposed to different disciplines in photography such as landscape, food, commercial and photojournalism, he has a strong passion for fashion photography; his style ranges from raw to high street to glamour.

He enjoys freelancing and collaborating with a pool of young professional stylists and designers. He believes that photography is a continuous process of learning and finding one’s niche in the industry.

Also, Thanks for the visit Mr. Kaloy Yap! He is a great photographer and good mentor on my photography journey. See you soon!

Day 211/365: Sugarleaf Friends

Day 209 & 210 / 365: Family First

Day 209 & 210 / 365: Family First

July 28, 2011 Day 209 : My Lovely Wife and Daughter

“The heart is to the body, as the family is to the soul.”

Family first by Cheyanne Whien

Friends may come and friends may go
Family is first and this I know
Putting friends first is a mistake
And not one that you should make

Family’s forever and this I know
Friends enter your life and then they go
Making friends is fun trust me with this
But not something you would miss

Love your family while they are here
Keep their love very near
Family can leave the world at any time
So don’t make yourself feel like slime

Family is here to comfort you
I know your friends do this too
Without your family you would be lost
Hold on to them no matter the cost

FAMILY FIRST by Ouida Nell Greene

One of the most heart felt feelings is
Putting your family first
It doesn’t require a scholar or math whiz
To recognize one suffering from thirst
Whether it be for liquid or love
My parents put family first with education
Taught about respect and God above
About land and its preservation
And about family and friends
Sharing the present and the past
Making family number one with love that never ends
And memories that last and last!

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Day 209/365: Family First

July 29, 2011 Day 210 : My Lovely Daughter: Zcy

Here’s another nice to read bedtime story.

Day 210/365: Another Bedtime Story- Thumbelina

THUMBELINA from the The Yellow Fairy Book
by Andrew Lang

There was once a woman who wanted to have quite a tiny, little child, but she did not know where to get one from. So one day she went to an old Witch and said to her: ‘I should so much like to have a tiny, little child; can you tell me where I can get one?’

‘Oh, we have just got one ready!’ said the Witch. ‘Here is a barley-corn for you, but it’s not the kind the farmer sows in his field, or feeds the cocks and hens with, I can tell you. Put it in a flower-pot, and then you will see something happen.’

‘Oh, thank you!’ said the woman, and gave the Witch a shilling, for that was what it cost. Then she went home and planted the barley-corn; immediately there grew out of it a large and beautiful flower, which looked like a tulip, but the petals were tightly closed as if it were still only a bud.

‘What a beautiful flower!’ exclaimed the woman, and she kissed the red and yellow petals; but as she kissed them the flower burst open. It was a real tulip, such as one can see any day; but in the middle of the blossom, on the green velvety petals, sat a little girl, quite tiny, trim, and pretty. She was scarcely half a thumb in height; so they called her Thumbelina. An elegant polished walnut-shell served Thumbelina as a cradle, the blue petals of a violet were her mattress, and a rose-leaf her coverlid. There she lay at night, but in the day-time she used to play about on the table; here the woman had put a bowl, surrounded by a ring of flowers, with their stalks in water, in the middle of which floated a great tulip pedal, and on this Thumbelina sat, and sailed from one side of the bowl to the other, rowing herself with two white horse-hairs for oars. It was such a pretty sight! She could sing, too, with a voice more soft and sweet than had ever been heard before.

One night, when she was lying in her pretty little bed, an old toad crept in through a broken pane in the window. She was very ugly, clumsy, and clammy; she hopped on to the table where Thumbelina lay asleep under the red rose-leaf.

‘This would make a beautiful wife for my son,’ said the toad, taking up the walnut-shell, with Thumbelina inside, and hopping with it through the window into the garden.

There flowed a great wide stream, with slippery and marshy banks; here the toad lived with her son. Ugh! how ugly and clammy he was, just like his mother! ‘Croak, croak, croak!’ was all he could say when he saw the pretty little girl in the walnut-shell.

‘Don’t talk so load, or you’ll wake her,’ said the old toad. ‘She might escape us even now; she is as light as a feather. We will put her at once on a broad water-lily leaf in the stream. That will be quite an island for her; she is so small and light. She can’t run away from us there, whilst we are preparing the guest-chamber under the marsh where she shall live.’

Outside in the brook grew many water-lilies, with broad green leaves, which looked as if they were swimming about on the water.

The leaf farthest away was the largest, and to this the old toad swam with Thumbelina in her walnut-shell.

The tiny Thumbelina woke up very early in the morning, and when she saw where she was she began to cry bitterly; for on every side of the great green leaf was water, and she could not get to the land.

The old toad was down under the marsh, decorating her room with rushes and yellow marigold leaves, to make it very grand for her new daughter-in-law; then she swam out with her ugly son to the leaf where Thumbelina lay. She wanted to fetch the pretty cradle to put it into her room before Thumbelina herself came there. The old toad bowed low in the water before her, and said: ‘Here is my son; you shall marry him, and live in great magnificence down under the marsh.’

‘Croak, croak, croak!’ was all that the son could say. Then they took the neat little cradle and swam away with it; but Thumbelina sat alone on the great green leaf and wept, for she did not want to live with the clammy toad, or marry her ugly son. The little fishes swimming about under the water had seen the toad quite plainly, and heard what she had said; so they put up their heads to see the little girl. When they saw her, they thought her so pretty that they were very sorry she should go down with the ugly toad to live. No; that must not happen. They assembled in the water round the green stalk which supported the leaf on which she was sitting, and nibbled the stem in two. Away floated the leaf down the stream, bearing Thumbelina far beyond the reach of the toad.

On she sailed past several towns, and the little birds sitting in the bushes saw her, and sang, ‘What a pretty little girl!’ The leaf floated farther and farther away; thus Thumbelina left her native land.

A beautiful little white butterfly fluttered above her, and at last settled on the leaf. Thumbelina pleased him, and she, too, was delighted, for now the toads could not reach her, and it was so beautiful where she was travelling; the sun shone on the water and made it sparkle like the brightest silver. She took off her sash, and tied one end round the butterfly; the other end she fastened to the leaf, so that now it glided along with her faster than ever.

A great cockchafer came flying past; he caught sight of Thumbelina, and in a moment had put his arms round her slender waist, and had flown off with her to a tree. The green leaf floated away down the stream, and the butterfly with it, for he was fastened to the leaf and could not get loose from it. Oh, dear! how terrified poor little Thumbelina was when the cockchafer flew off with her to the tree! But she was especially distressed on the beautiful white butterfly’s account, as she had tied him fast, so that if he could not get away he must starve to death. But the cockchafer did not trouble himself about that; he sat down with her on a large green leaf, gave her the honey out of the flowers to eat, and told her that she was very pretty, although she wasn’t in the least like a cockchafer. Later on, all the other cockchafers who lived in the same tree came to pay calls; they examined Thumbelina closely, and remarked, ‘Why, she has only two legs! How very miserable!’

‘She has no feelers!’ cried another.

‘How ugly she is!’ said all the lady chafers—and yet Thumbelina was really very pretty.

The cockchafer who had stolen her knew this very well; but when he heard all the ladies saying she was ugly, he began to think so too, and would not keep her; she might go wherever she liked. So he flew down from the tree with her and put her on a daisy. There she sat and wept, because she was so ugly that the cockchafer would have nothing to do with her; and yet she was the most beautiful creature imaginable, so soft and delicate, like the loveliest rose-leaf.

The whole summer poor little Thumbelina lived alone in the great wood. She plaited a bed for herself of blades of grass, and hung it up under a clover-leaf, so that she was protected from the rain; she gathered honey from the flowers for food, and drank the dew on the leaves every morning. Thus the summer and autumn passed, but then came winter—the long, cold winter. All the birds who had sung so sweetly about her had flown away; the trees shed their leaves, the flowers died; the great clover-leaf under which she had lived curled up, and nothing remained of it but the withered stalk. She was terribly cold, for her clothes were ragged, and she herself was so small and thin. Poor little Thumbelina! she would surely be frozen to death. It began to snow, and every snow-flake that fell on her was to her as a whole shovelful thrown on one of us, for we are so big, and she was only an inch high. She wrapt herself round in a dead leaf, but it was torn in the middle and gave her no warmth; she was trembling with cold.

Just outside the wood where she was now living lay a great corn-field. But the corn had been gone a long time; only the dry, bare stubble was left standing in the frozen ground. This made a forest for her to wander about in. All at once she came across the door of a field-mouse, who had a little hole under a corn-stalk. There the mouse lived warm and snug, with a store-room full of corn, a splendid kitchen and dining-room. Poor little Thumbelina went up to the door and begged for a little piece of barley, for she had not had anything to eat for the last two days.

‘Poor little creature!’ said the field-mouse, for she was a kind-hearted old thing at the bottom. ‘Come into my warm room and have some dinner with me.’

As Thumbelina pleased her, she said: ‘As far as I am concerned you may spend the winter with me; but you must keep my room clean and tidy, and tell me stories, for I like that very much.’

And Thumbelina did all that the kind old field-mouse asked, and did it remarkably well too.

‘Now I am expecting a visitor,’ said the field-mouse; ‘my neighbour comes to call on me once a week. He is in better circumstances than I am, has great, big rooms, and wears a fine black-velvet coat. If you could only marry him, you would be well provided for. But he is blind. You must tell him all the prettiest stories you know.’

But Thumbelina did not trouble her head about him, for he was only a mole. He came and paid them a visit in his black-velvet coat.

‘He is so rich and so accomplished,’ the field-mouse told her, ‘His house is twenty times larger than mine; he possesses great knowledge, but he cannot bear the sun and the beautiful flowers, and speaks slightingly of them, for he has never seen them.’

Thumbelina had to sing to him, so she sang ‘Lady-bird, lady-bird, fly away home!’ and other songs so prettily that the mole fell in love with her; but he did not say anything, he was a very cautious man. A short time before he had dug a long passage through the ground from his own house to that of his neighbour; in this he gave the field-mouse and Thumbelina permission to walk as often as they liked. But he begged them not to be afraid of the dead bird that lay in the passage: it was a real bird with beak and feathers, and must have died a little time ago, and now laid buried just where he had made his tunnel. The mole took a piece of rotten wood in his mouth, for that glows like fire in the dark, and went in front, lighting them through the long dark passage. When they came to the place where the dead bird lay, the mole put his broad nose against the ceiling and pushed a hole through, so that the daylight could shine down. In the middle of the path lay a dead swallow, his pretty wings pressed close to his sides, his claws and head drawn under his feathers; the poor bird had evidently died of cold. Thumbelina was very sorry, for she was very fond of all little birds; they had sung and twittered so beautifully to her all through the summer. But the mole kicked him with his bandy legs and said:

‘Now he can’t sing any more! It must be very miserable to be a little bird! I’m thankful that none of my little children are; birds always starve in winter.’

‘Yes, you speak like a sensible man,’ said the field-mouse. ‘What has a bird, in spite of all his singing, in the winter-time? He must starve and freeze, and that must be very pleasant for him, I must say!’

Thumbelina did not say anything; but when the other two had passed on she bent down to the bird, brushed aside the feathers from his head, and kissed his closed eyes gently. ‘Perhaps it was he that sang to me so prettily in the summer,’ she thought. ‘How much pleasure he did give me, dear little bird!’

The mole closed up the hole again which let in the light, and then escorted the ladies home. But Thumbelina could not sleep that night; so she got out of bed, and plaited a great big blanket of straw, and carried it off, and spread it over the dead bird, and piled upon it thistle-down as soft as cotton-wool, which she had found in the field-mouse’s room, so that the poor little thing should lie warmly buried.

‘Farewell, pretty little bird!’ she said. ‘Farewell, and thank you for your beautiful songs in the summer, when the trees were green, and the sun shone down warmly on us!’ Then she laid her head against the bird’s heart. But the bird was not dead: he had been frozen, but now that she had warmed him, he was coming to life again.

In autumn the swallows fly away to foreign lands; but there are some who are late in starting, and then they get so cold that they drop down as if dead, and the snow comes and covers them over.

Thumbelina trembled, she was so frightened; for the bird was very large in comparison with herself—only an inch high. But she took courage, piled up the down more closely over the poor swallow, fetched her own coverlid and laid it over his head.

Next night she crept out again to him. There he was alive, but very weak; he could only open his eyes for a moment and look at Thumbelina, who was standing in front of him with a piece of rotten wood in her hand, for she had no other lantern.

‘Thank you, pretty little child!’ said the swallow to her. ‘I am so beautifully warm! Soon I shall regain my strength, and then I shall be able to fly out again into the warm sunshine.’

‘Oh!’ she said, ‘it is very cold outside; it is snowing and freezing! stay in your warm bed; I will take care of you!’

Then she brought him water in a petal, which he drank, after which he related to her how he had torn one of his wings on a bramble, so that he could not fly as fast as the other swallows, who had flown far away to warmer lands. So at last he had dropped down exhausted, and then he could remember no more. The whole winter he remained down there, and Thumbelina looked after him and nursed him tenderly. Neither the mole nor the field-mouse learnt anything of this, for they could not bear the poor swallow.

When the spring came, and the sun warmed the earth again, the swallow said farewell to Thumbelina, who opened the hole in the roof for him which the mole had made. The sun shone brightly down upon her, and the swallow asked her if she would go with him; she could sit upon his back. Thumbelina wanted very much to fly far away into the green wood, but she knew that the old field-mouse would be sad if she ran away. ‘No, I mustn’t come!’ she said.

‘Farewell, dear good little girl!’ said the swallow, and flew off into the sunshine. Thumbelina gazed after him with the tears standing in her eyes, for she was very fond of the swallow.

‘Tweet, tweet!’ sang the bird, and flew into the green wood. Thumbelina was very unhappy. She was not allowed to go out into the warm sunshine. The corn which had been sowed in the field over the field-mouse’s home grew up high into the air, and made a thick forest for the poor little girl, who was only an inch high.

‘Now you are to be a bride, Thumbelina!’ said the field-mouse, ‘for our neighbour has proposed for you! What a piece of fortune for a poor child like you! Now you must set to work at your linen for your dowry, for nothing must be lacking if you are to become the wife of our neighbour, the mole!’

Thumbelina had to spin all day long, and every evening the mole visited her, and told her that when the summer was over the sun would not shine so hot; now it was burning the earth as hard as a stone. Yes, when the summer had passed, they would keep the wedding.

But she was not at all pleased about it, for she did not like the stupid mole. Every morning when the sun was rising, and every evening when it was setting, she would steal out of the house-door, and when the breeze parted the ears of corn so that she could see the blue sky through them, she thought how bright and beautiful it must be outside, and longed to see her dear swallow again. But he never came; no doubt he had flown away far into the great green wood.

By the autumn Thumbelina had finished the dowry.

‘In four weeks you will be married!’ said the field-mouse; ‘don’t be obstinate, or I shall bite you with my sharp white teeth! You will get a fine husband! The King himself has not such a velvet coat. His store-room and cellar are full, and you should be thankful for that.’

Well, the wedding-day arrived. The mole had come to fetch Thumbelina to live with him deep down under the ground, never to come out into the warm sun again, for that was what he didn’t like. The poor little girl was very sad; for now she must say good-bye to the beautiful sun.

‘Farewell, bright sun!’ she cried, stretching out her arms towards it, and taking another step outside the house; for now the corn had been reaped, and only the dry stubble was left standing. ‘Farewell, farewell!’ she said, and put her arms round a little red flower that grew there. ‘Give my love to the dear swallow when you see him!’

‘Tweet, tweet!’ sounded in her ear all at once. She looked up. There was the swallow flying past! As soon as he saw Thumbelina, he was very glad. She told him how unwilling she was to marry
the ugly mole, as then she had to live underground where the sun never shone, and she could not help bursting into tears.

‘The cold winter is coming now,’ said the swallow. ‘I must fly away to warmer lands: will you come with me? You can sit on my back, and we will fly far away from the ugly mole and his dark house, over the mountains, to the warm countries where the sun shines more brightly than here, where it is always summer, and there are always beautiful flowers. Do come with me, dear little Thumbelina, who saved my life when I lay frozen in the dark tunnel!’

‘Yes, I will go with you,’ said Thumbelina, and got on the swallow’s back, with her feet on one of his outstretched wings. Up he flew into the air, over woods and seas, over the great mountains where the snow is always lying. And if she was cold she crept under his warm feathers, only keeping her little head out to admire all the beautiful things in the world beneath. At last they came to warm lands; there the sun was brighter, the sky seemed twice as high, and in the hedges hung the finest green and purple grapes; in the woods grew oranges and lemons: the air was scented with myrtle and mint, and on the roads were pretty little children running about and playing with great gorgeous butterflies. But the swallow flew on farther, and it became more and more beautiful. Under the most splendid green trees besides a blue lake stood a glittering white-marble castle. Vines hung about the high pillars; there were many swallows’ nests, and in one of these lived the swallow who was carrying Thumbelina.

‘Here is my house!’ said he. ‘But it won’t do for you to live with me; I am not tidy enough to please you. Find a home for yourself in one of the lovely flowers that grow down there; now I will set you down, and you can do whatever you like.’

‘That will be splendid!’ said she, clapping her little hands.

There lay a great white marble column which had fallen to the ground and broken into three pieces, but between these grew the most beautiful white flowers. The swallow flew down with Thumbelina, and set her upon one of the broad leaves. But there, to her astonishment, she found a tiny little man sitting in the middle of the flower, as white and transparent as if he were made of glass; he had the prettiest golden crown on his head, and the most beautiful wings on his shoulders; he himself was no bigger than Thumbelina. He was the spirit of the flower. In each blossom there dwelt a tiny man or woman; but this one was the King over the others.

‘How handsome he is!’ whispered Thumbelina to the swallow.

The little Prince was very much frightened at the swallow, for in comparison with one so tiny as himself he seemed a giant. But when he saw Thumbelina, he was delighted, for she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. So he took his golden crown from off his head and put it on hers, asking her her name, and if she would be his wife, and then she would be Queen of all the flowers. Yes! he was a different kind of husband to the son of the toad and the mole with the black-velvet coat. So she said ‘Yes’ to the noble Prince. And out of each flower came a lady and gentleman, each so tiny and pretty that it was a pleasure to see them. Each brought Thumbelina a present, but the best of all was a beautiful pair of
wings which were fastened on to her back, and now she too could fly from flower to flower. They all wished her joy, and the swallow sat above in his nest and sang the wedding march, and that he did as well as he could; but he was sad, because he was very fond of Thumbelina and did not want to be separated from her.

‘You shall not be called Thumbelina!’ said the spirit of the flower to her; ‘that is an ugly name, and you are much too pretty for that. We will call you May Blossom.’

‘Farewell, farewell!’ said the little swallow with a heavy heart, and flew away to farther lands, far, far away, right back to Denmark. There he had a little nest above a window, where his wife lived, who can tell fairy-stories. ‘Tweet, tweet!’ he sang to her. And that is the way we learnt the whole story.

Day 208/365: Pinoy Bathroom/Toilet Jokes

Day 208/365: Pinoy Bathroom/Toilet Jokes

July 27, 2011

Why Bathroom Jokes? They say its funny but its dirty or rather harsh. Some is really green or for adults only. For most Pinoy, as long as its Funny, and just for laughs, then its okay 🙂 Bato bato sa langit ang tamaan huwag magagalit! This is just for a good laugh 🙂

1. Bata : Tay paglaki ko gusto ko katulad mo. Tatay: Ang bait ng anak ko, gusto rin maging doctor.
Bata : Hindi tay!! gusto ko rin tirahin si YAYA!!!

Lasing 1 : Pare, sobra ang tigas ng TITI ko, Uuwi na ako at yayariin ko muna si Misis.
Lasing 2 : Sasama ako sa iyo.
Lasing 1 : Baket?
Lasing 2 : E, sa akin ang yang hawak mong TITI eh !!!!

3. BF: BlowJob mo ako Hon..GF: Di ako marunong Hon..BF: Madali lang, para ka lang nag sisigarilyo. Hititin mo. GF: Ganun!? Palalabasin ko din ba sa ilong?

4. Madre: ano apelyido mo iho? Sakristan: Alam nyo na po yun sister! lagi nyo po yun hinahawakan.. Madre: Susme! BAYAG apelyido mo? Sakristan: Sister naman… ROSARIO po!!

5. After having sex, panay pa rin hawak ng girl sa organ ng lalaki.. BOY: Gusto mo pa ulit ? GIRL: Hinde… Namimiss ko lang.. Meron kasi ako nito dati ehh…

6. INA: Hindi ba bilin ko sayo, kapag hinipuan ka ng bf mo sa dede say DONT! Kapag sa pepe say STOP! Bakit nabuntis ka ? ANAK: Sabay po kasi hinipo eh,. kaya sabi ko DONT STOP !

7. May tatlong magkukumare naglalakad sa palengke habang napatawa ang isang kumar1: Maria: Hihihi… Ester: Bakit mare? Maria: Kasi nakakita ako ng itlog, naalala ko si mister… Juana: Bakit naman?
Maria: Kasi ganun kalaki… hehehehe Ester: Hehehehe Habang sa paglalakad si Ester naman ang napangiti.Juana: Bakit ka napnagiti mare? Ester: Ksi nakakita ako ng kamatis… naalala ko si mister…
Maria: Bakit naman? Ester: Kasi ganun kalaki!!! Maria: Ang laki naman mare… Tatlong magkumare: hahahaha Habang sa paglalakad uli, si Juanan naman ang napangiti: Maria: O bakit mare? Juana: Kasi nakakita ako ng patatas, naalala ko si mister… Ester: Ganun Kalaki? Maria: Ang laki naman mare? Juana: Hindi… Ganun kadumi.

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8. Sa isang barrio kilala si Padre Pipito na mabilis pagdating sa babae. Isang hapon ng biyernes, nagrosaryo ang mag-inang Nena at Nene sa simbahan ni Padre Pipito.. Ngunit bago pa man matapos ang kanilang pagrorosaryo e, biglang bumuhos ang malakas na ulan upang sabihin sa kanila ni Padre Pipito na.. Padre Pipito: Nena, dito na kayo magpalipas ng gabi at matulog sa kumbento dahil mukhang hindi titigil ang ulan na yan.. At alam mo naman sa barrio naten, kapag ganito ang panahon e tinatamad ang mga tricycle driver na bumiyahe.. (” Sana pumayag. “, ang sabi ng isip ni Padre Pipito)Dahil sa magandang offer ni Padre Pipito, napagpasyahan niya na sa kumbento na nga matulog ng kanyang magandang anak na si Nene..
Nena: Sige po, dito na po kame mgpapalipas ng gabi.. (Ngunit sa isip ng matanda na kelangan nyang protektahan ang kanyang birhen na anak kay Padre Pipito na kilala sa bilis pagdating sa babae.)
Padre Pipito: Salamat naman at pina-unlakan niyo ang anyaya ko na dito kayo matulog (Na may ngiti sa mga labi at kislap sa mga mata ng pari)
Gabi. Walang ilaw dulot ng malakas na ulan..
Nena: (Pabulong..) Anak, kelangan kong ipasok ang isa kong daliri sa ano mo (alam niyo na un) para kung sakaling makatulog ako e, panatag ako na di ka magagalaw ng pari na yon..
Nene: Kayo po ang bahala inay..alam niyo po ang makakabuti para sa akin.. (Masunuring bata..)
Nang kasalukuyan ng nakapasok ang daliri ni Nena sa ano ng anak niya e, biglang nagalit ang langit.. Kumulog ng malakas at biglang kumidlat!
Sa sobrang nerbyos ng matanda e, nag-antanda siya (sign of the cross) gamit ang daliring nakapasok sa ano ni nene.. At biglang bigkas ng..
Nena: Susmaryosep, Diyos ko po!
At nagmamadaling ibinalik ang daliri niya sa ano ng anak niya..
Ngunit sa di inaasahang bagay e, me napaaray at ang wika..
Padre Pipito: Nena, puwet ko na yan!

9. Isang araw merong pok-pok (prosti). Tinawag ng costumer at pumasok sa kotse ng costumer na ilang beses nya na nakasex.
Pok-Pok: Oh ano gusto mo gawin ko nanaman!?!
Costumer: Ano pa eh di yan trabaho mo!!!
Pok-Pok:Hindi naman yun ang gusto mo eh na kikita ko sa mga mata mo! sabihin mo na ang totoo!!!
Costumer: Sige na nga paheram ng cellphone mo!
Sinulat ng Costumer ang gusto nyang gawin nang Pok-Pok para sa kanya sa Quike Notes sa cellphone ng Pok-Pok.
Nagulat ang pok-pok!!!
Pok-Pok: Aii nako lagi mo nalang ginagawa sakin nyan eh napapapagod ako pg tutulak ko naman eh..masyado ka eh…papatulak mo nanaman sakin nyan eh sasakit nanaman yung p*k-p*k ko at ang kamay ko!!!at ang paa ko!!!!!
Costumer:Sige 1 thousand sa pag tulak at ng sex, gusto mo? sayang naman pag inayaw mo diba?
Pok-Pok: *sigh* sigi na nga…pero last na toh ah!!
Costumer:oo promise!!!
Lumabas sa kotse ang Pok-Pok at ginawa nya ang pinapagawa ng Costumer!!!
Ang pinagawa ng costumer ay :

10. “Women’s Sex Vowels”
A (ahhh) – Napasukan
E (Ehhh) – Naliitan
I (Ihhh) – Nalakihan
O (Ohhh) – Nasarapan
U (Uhhh) – Nilabasan


12. What a woman in her 20’s would say to avoid sex: NO! STOP! DON’T! what a woman in her 40’s would say when having sex for the first time:NO! DON”T STOP!

13. Isang rapist ang namatay at syempre sa impyerno siya napunta. Pagdating niya doon, laking gulat niya sa nakita “OK to, nakahubad pala ang lahat ng tao rito.”. Kaya lang, nagreklamo siya kay satanas kung bakit maliliit lahat ng kanyang nakikita. Ang sagot ni satanas: “kung malalaki yan eh di langit ka”.

14. GIGOLO: Doc puede bang recitahan mo ako ng tatlong tabletas ng Viagra? May Hot date kasi ako ngayong gabi. Napasubo ako, tatlo sila. DOC: Sabay silang tatlo? GIGOLO:Hindi Doc, iba-ibang oras simula mamayang gabi.KINAUMAGAHAN…Doc to Gigolo(putlang-putla): O bakit ang aga mo? kulang ba ang tabletas na bigay ko sa iyo kahapon? Gigolo: Hindi Doc. Kailangan ko ng gamot sa pang-mamaga. Doc: Anong nangyari, nasobrahan ka yata ano?Gigolo: Hindi Doc, yong mga date ko kagabi, hindi nag show-up kaya eto namamaga ang mga palad ko……….(mary palmer)

15. Ano ba? dilaan mo muna para pumasok!..hindi talaga papasok iyan pag hindi mo muna dinilaan ang tanga tanga naman eh!….dilaan mo nga muna…..putang ina ayaw kasi makinig sa akin eh….dilaan mo muna yung krayom para pumasok……ekk!

16. Matagal nawala si lalaki at pagbalik niya, sa airport parking lot palang, sa loob ng Van nila, nag talik ang dalawa..LALAKE(habang kinakapa ang ari ng babae): baket masa(basa)? BABAE: kasi ikaw tagal wala, siya iyak…LALAKE:(nasa baba na siya at nakatingin sa ari ni babae): baket ngah-ngah?BABAE: kasi ikaw dating na, siya tuwa…

17. Isang araw nag-kuwentuhan ang dalawang mag-kaibigan Juan: Pare pano ba malalaman kung virgin ang isang babae? Pedro: Simple lng pare!!!! kapag UMARAY!!!!!!! KINAGABIHAN pinapunta ni juan ang kanyang gf sa bhay, dali-dali niya itong ipinasok sa kwarto at pinatay ang ilaw!!!Juan: AHHH…….uuhhhhhhh…Gf: Aray…..juan ang sakit!!! tang-ina!!!!Juan: hehehhe…..VIRGIN!!!!!!dali-dali nitong binuksan ang ilaw upang tingnan!!!!!Gf: tang-ina ka JUAN, ilong ko pa dinali mo!!!!!!!!!ngekkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!

18. Meron contest sa bayan,pabahuan ng kepyas(puki).Contestant #1:hinubad niya yung panty.UUUUUUHHHHHH ang baho,sigaw ng mga tao,nagpalakpakan.Contestant#2: hinubad nya yung panty.UUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHH mas mabaho,nagtakipan ng ilong ang mga tao.”PANALO NA YAN” sigaw ng mga tao.Contestant#3: hinubad nya yung panty sabay pikit ng mga mata…….pero wala siyang narinig na sigawan,pagdilat nya, nakita nyang nakabulagta ang lahat ng tao.Dahil sa sobrang baho ng kepyas nya ay hinimatay ang mga tao.

19. Bakit ayaw bumaba ng mga dalagang babae sa brgy.Tinio.kasi pag dating dun,sabi ng conductor…. o yung mga baba dyan…..KANTO’TINIO’NA……


21. KUWENTONG PAMPAMILYA:NURSE: Ilan po lahat ang anak nyo Ale?PASYENTE: Labing-lima po lahat.NURSE: Andami naman, hindi po ba kayo gumagamit ng PILLS, CONDOM, WITHDRAWAL, o kahit IUD?PASYENTE: Cross my heart, Dok! TITI lang ho talaga!!!

22. PARI nagsermon sa simbahan,sa harap nandoon si Juan nakikinig nagsermon ,noon sinabi ng pari ng ten commander , thou shall not steal Natakot si Juan at nanginginig pinanapawisan ,kinakapa niya ang puwet niya, pero Noon sinabi ng pari …thou shall not commit adultery, Nagulat si Juan at nasiyahan siya naging kalmado…napuna ito ng Pari …Sa uwian kinausap ng Pari si Juan…iho sabi ng pari napuna kita, ng nagsermon ako lalo noon sinabi ko thou shall not steal …kasi padre noon sinabi ninyong thou shall not steal ,nawawala ang wallet ko kaya natakot , pero noon sinabi ninyong thou shall not commit adultery naala ala kong saan ko naiwanang wallet ko…

23. Boss: Ipadala mo nga itong sulat kay Mr. Saycon. Secretary: (tigas dila) Sir, iTITI-legram ko ba or iKIKI-ble? Boss: Tanga! i-FUC#S mo!

24. T.I.I.S. At 21, women proudly say “I’m part of T.G.I.S.” – Thank God I’m Single! At 31, women strongly say “I’m part of T.I.I.S.” – ‘Tang-Ina I’m Single!

25. Isang bata ang nagtanong sa kanyang tatay habang sila ay nasa store kung saan ginagamit ang condom na nakita niya sa store shelf. Binigyan naman ng tatay ng explanation ang anak tungkol sa condom. At nagtanong uli ang bata kung bakit may two-pack, three-pack, six-pack at twelve-pack na condoms na ibinebenta sa tindahan. Ganito and paliwanag ng ama sa anak…yung two-pack ay para sa high school kids, kasi kapag Saturday at Sunday lang sila nakakapag-date. Yung three-pack naman ay para sa college kids na afford mag-date ng Friday, Saturday at Sunday. Yung six-pack ay para sa bagong mag-asawa na ang pahinga ay Sunday lang. At yung twelve-pack ay para sa matagal ng mag-asawa…isa para sa January, isa sa February, isa sa March hanggang December

26. Meron tatlong magkaibigan pumasok sa casa para makakantot.Lumabas ang tatlong babae na sexy at maganda.Ang mga presyo ng babae ay may 1,000 2,000 at saka 3,000 pesos. KULAS:Akin ito,mura na maganda pa,isang libo lang. PEDRO:O!sige akin naman itong tagdadalawang libo. JUAN:Mga walanghiya kayo,o sige akin na itong tagtatlong libo,basta pagkatapos ng isang oras magkitakita na lang tayo dito sa labas. Makaraan ang isang oras ay nagkitakita silang tatlo.KULAS:Pare!ang galing ng babaing kinantot ko,sulit ang bayad ko.PEDRO:Wala yan,mas magaling yung babaing napili ko pati pwet kinantot ko.JUAN:Wala yan,mas okey yung babaing pinili ko,nakalimang putok ako. Pagkatapos ay sabay-sabay silang tatlong na-iihi.PEDRO:Aray ko!ang sakit ng puson ko.Paglabas ng ihi ni Pedro ay nana ang lumabas.KULAS:Hayan pati kasi pwet kinakantot mo,yan tuloy ang napala mo.Pag-ihi ni Kulas lumabas ay dugo.JUAN:O! ano kayo ngayon ang chicheap nyo kasi, kaya nahawaan kayo ng mga sakit. Pag-ihi ni Juan ay normal ang lumabas na ihi,pero nang pagpagin ay tanggal ang ulo ng titi nya.KULAS AT PEDRO:O,ano ka ngayon,mamahalin nga yung babaing kinantot mo pero wala ng ulo ang titi mo.Buti nga sa yo.


28. Hating-gabi, hot si misis. Haplos niya ilong ni mister, kiliti niya sa leeg, saka bulong malambing sa tenga. Misis: Love, ala na ko panty. Mister: Huh! Cge, tulog na, bukas ibili kita.

29. Sa isang ospital…
Lola (may cancer) : Doc, anong gagawin nyo sa akin?
Doc : Che-chemo (pina-ikli ng iki-chemotherapy) lola.
Lola : Titi mo rin!!! Bastos ka!! walang modo!!

Day 208/365: Pinoy Toilet / Green Jokes

Day 207/365: 212 Birthday Greetings from Facebook!

Day 207/365: 212 Birthday Greetings from Facebook!

July 26, 2011

It’s indeed a special day and I received 202 Special Greetings in my Facebook Wall plus 10 Private Messages. And I decided to document the messages and post it as part of my Project 365 Project. I truly appreciate all your messages and greetings! Thanks to Facebook! it saves a lot of text messages 🙂

And of course my best gift for this year is my beautiful daughter Zcy! 🙂 Thanks Honey!

To all my friends and family who remembers me this day. Thank you very much! I love you guys! 🙂

27 July

22:45 Flor Villarama-Halili wrote on your timeline. “Belated happy birthday. Wishing you more blessings to come.”
22:11 Vanessa Quinonez Siy wrote on your timeline. “happy birthday boss 🙂 ikaw na.. :P”
15:42 Glecy Rodrigues wrote on your timeline. “belated happy birthday arman…”
08:36 Domski Lambot wrote on your timeline.”happy birthday Rman!”
06:56 Janet Serrano wrote on your timeline. “happy birthday Rman!”
05:14 Keneth Bracamante wrote on your timeline.”‎”Happy Birthdayyy Arman.. ”
04:57 Fernando Enriquez wrote on your timeline. “HAPPY BDAY ARMAN… ”
03:51 Minh Huynh wrote on your timeline. “happy birthday!”
03:47 Amy Espinola Caracas wrote on your timeline “Happy bday! :)”
03:07 Disayrey Sayat wrote on your timeline. “Happy birthday po 🙂 ”
02:35 Minette Jan wrote on your timeline. “happy birthday!”
02:26 Vince Montefrio wrote on your timeline. “Happy Birthday Arman.”
02:21 Imelda Dy Quiangco wrote on your timeline.”happy2 birthday alfred god bless you alway!!!”
02:14 Yadao Michael wrote on your timeline. “Many happy returns!Happy B-day!”
02:02 Teddy Cabral wrote on your timeline. “happy b_day,,,”
01:55 Allan M. Cruz wrote on your timeline.”Happy Birthday, Brad…”
00:47 John Paul Pe wrote on your timeline. “happy birthday”
00:43 Joanne Grepo wrote on your timeline. “Happy birthday to one of my best mentors! Thanks for teaching me to fight my own battles and stand up on my own two feet. Enjoy your day! :)”
00:40 Julie Ann Zamora wrote on your timeline. “Happy Birthday Rman! God bless you and your family! ^_^”
00:38 Ruel Vicencio wrote on your timeline. “happy birthday kuya Alfred!!! how’s your new baby daughter doin? hope everyone’s doin great.”
00:34 Nora Guino wrote on your timeline. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I wish you nothing but the best on your special day.”
00:34 Grace Musa wrote on your timeline. “Happy birthday insan!!!”
00:29 Mervs Lorico wrote on your timeline. “Happy birthday!!!”
00:22 Odette T. Santos wrote on your timeline. “Happy birthday, Rman! God bless you always.”
00:20 Joe Cayetano wrote on your timeline. “Happy Birthday Rman! ”
00:11 Jen Tan wrote on your timeline. “Happy birthday! :)”

26 July

23:54 Myrna Regencia- Rosales wrote on your timeline. “happy birthday!”
23:52 Merian Oakes wrote on your timeline. “Happy birthday! Have a good one. ”
23:39 Charmay Lee wrote on your timeline.”Happy Birthday, Arman!! Blessings.. :)”
23:31 Anna Alix wrote on your timeline.”happy birthday!”
23:22 Maria Erlinda B Camantigue wrote on your timeline.”Happy birthday Armani…”
23:06 Leia Ong-Tan wrote on your timeline. “happy birthday!!! ”
22:58 Michael Louie Redor wrote on your timeline. “Maligayang Kaarawan!! ^__^”
22:48 Maverick Viray wrote on your timeline. “Happy Birthday!!! =))))”
22:46 Ria Torres wrote on your timeline.”hapi bday…… :)”
22:46 Renato Gatchalian wrote on your timeline. “‎[Happy B-Day] [B-Day Girl] [B-Day Puppy] pre maligayang kaarawan”
22:34 Sheryll Infante wrote on your timeline. “Happy birthday Rman! ”
22:33 JoJo Lopez wrote on your timeline. “pa-inom ka kaya????”
22:29 Macoy Cordova wrote on your timeline. “Happy Birthday Rman… have a good one.”
22:18 Brian Tumalad Badilla wrote on your timeline. “Happy Beerday Sir!”
22:16 Rickyboy Ramirez wrote on your timeline. “Happy bday daddy arman…”
22:10 Jem Genciana wrote on your timeline. “Happy Birthday po! 🙂 ”
22:07 Meriam Singayao Jodloman wrote on your timeline. “Happy birthday, Rman! Cheers!”
21:55 Maria Lheyn Santos wrote on your timeline. “happy bday:)”
21:49 Lilian Pascual wrote on your timeline. “happy birthday arman….all the best”
21:46 Carlo Lagman wrote on your timeline. “Happy Birthday!!!! :)))”
21:44 Sheila Untivero Macabuhay wrote on your timeline. “Happy birthday!”
21:41 Eric Joaquin wrote on your timeline. “Happy birthday!”
21:37 Renato Garcia Jr. wrote on your timeline. “Happy B day Arman.”
21:37 Girlie Figueroa Santiago wrote on your timeline. “happy birthday rman…”
21:35 Arnold Magno wrote on your timeline. “hhaappyy birthday rman!”
21:31 Tita Myr G wrote on your timeline. “happy birthday!”
21:27 Bambi Machon wrote on your timeline. “happy birthday! 🙂 *hugs*”
21:18 John Koebel wrote on your timeline. “Happy B-day”
21:16 Racquel Reyes wrote on your timeline. “happy birthday!!!”
21:06 Diandra Zach wrote on your timeline. “happy birthday tito/daddy rman!! 🙂 have fun po!”
21:05 Daniel Villoria wrote on your timeline.”Happy birthday Rman! Cheers!”
20:57 Dennis Lagman wrote on your timeline. “Happy Birthday kuya Rman !!”
20:54 Kaser Gutierrez wrote on your timeline. “Happy Birthday Rman 🙂 All the Best”
20:51 Bryan Agustin wrote on your timeline.”Happy Birthday!”
20:40 Krizel Magtibay wrote on your timeline. “sir… happy happy birthday… lipa loves you much!”
20:25 Kahr-lo Brian wrote on your timeline. “Happy B-day Sir Rman”
20:10 Cleober Sinues wrote on your timeline. “Happy Birthday Sir Arman. God Bless you always.”
19:51 Ana Gonzalez wrote on your timeline. “Happy Birthday Rman Alfred Nepomuceno and Enjoy Fatherhood!!!!”
19:43 Daniel Anton Mata wrote on your timeline. “Happy Birthday Rman!”
19:35 Leopold Joseph O. Janer wrote on your timeline. “Happy Birthday!”
19:29 Yang Herrera wrote on your timeline. “Happy bday friend! :-)”
19:28 Zel Andulan wrote on your timeline. “happy birthday tito. :)”
19:04 Monet Silerio wrote on your timeline. “Happy birthday!!”
19:04 Eden Joy Reteo wrote on your timeline. “Rman, Happy Birthday! All the best! 🙂
18:57 Astig Enor wrote on your timeline. “Happy Birthday Boss!”
18:52 Johanna Granada- Roman wrote on your timeline. “happy birthday rman!!”
18:51 Guerrero Mj wrote on your timeline “Happy Birthday! God Bless! =)”
18:47 Emman-Noel Vergel de Dios wrote on your timeline. “happy birthday boss arman!”
18:24 Jennifer Hunt Chavis wrote on your timeline. “Happy Birthday!!!!”
18:16 Dennis Ryan Puno wrote on your timeline. “Happy Happy Birthday!”
18:07 Cherry P. Cruz Aspiras wrote on your timeline “happy birthday arman….more blessings to come..”
18:04 Jp Arriola wrote on your timeline.”Happy Birthday kuya Rman! :-bd!!”
17:49 Lurds Santiago wrote on your timeline. “happy birthday!”
17:45 Nicci Lopez Castillo wrote on your timeline.”Apibertdey po…God bless! :D”
17:31 Shawn Lorenzo wrote on your timeline. “Happy Birthday po God Bless Wish you all the best! ”
17:28 Leah Cendana wrote on your timeline. “After all, it’s still a happy birthday for you Rman! ”
17:21 Juan Ricardo Aquino wrote on your timeline. “Happy birthday! :)”
17:15 Shamz Morada Mendoza wrote on your timeline. “happy birthday :)”
17:09 Bernard G. Sabado wrote on your timeline.”HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO.”
17:02 Xtine Castillo wrote on your timeline. “Happy Birthday, Rman! :)”
16:48 Tam Leachon wrote on your timeline. “HBDAY Rman!”
16:44 John Joseph Discaya wrote on your timeline. “Happy Birthday!!!”
16:34 Josh Sarmiento Tomeldan wrote on your timeline. “Happiest Birthday To you Rman :)”
16:24 Ash Luke wrote on your timeline.”happy bday tito fred!”
16:22 Lena Mendoza wrote on your timeline. “Happy Birthday Arman!”
16:21 Obrien Flores wrote on your timeline.”Happy Birthday, Arman!”
16:17 Arthur Manalang wrote on your timeline.”Happy birthday Alfred!”
16:09 Erlinda Corpuz Uy wrote on your timeline. “happy birthday, arman…God bless…:-)”
16:09 Nizel Caubalejo Tuazon wrote on your timeline. “HapPy Birthday Sir Rman!”
16:01 Bodywellness Spa wrote on your timeline. “Happy Birthday!!!”
15:42 Rodney Jimenez wrote on your timeline. “happy birthday!!! :-)”
15:40 Kenneth Ang wrote on your timeline. “Happy Birthday Arman! :)”
15:34 Janna Loren wrote on your timeline. “happy birthday ♥♥”
15:29 Lei Lopez-Co wrote on your timeline.”Happy Birthday! ”
15:29 Bolet Arribe wrote on your timeline. “Happy birthday boss!”
15:28 Armand Cruz wrote on your timeline.”happy birthday… God bless…”
15:28 Marvin Mendoza wrote on your timeline. “Happy happy birthday, Arman !!!”
15:18 Aleli Santos wrote on your timeline.”happy birthday! :))”
15:16 Derrick Lara wrote on your timeline. “Happy Birthday Rman!”
15:07 Arnel Silvers wrote on your timeline. “Happy Birthday!!!!”
15:03 Edward T. Castro wrote on your timeline. “Happy Birthday Arman!”
15:02 Ian Casala wrote on your timeline. “happy birthday sir arman!! 🙂 ”
14:56 Ian Crystal wrote on your timeline. “Happy Birthday Rman!”
14:55 Bernadette Aboga wrote on your timeline.”happy birthday rman!^_^”
14:54 Christian Villanueva wrote on your timeline. “Happy Birthday :)”
14:51 Eliza Nica Pablo Tayag wrote on your timeline.”Happy Happy Birthday!”
14:45 Jes Obal wrote on your timeline.”Happy birthday! :)”
14:44 Mike Besa wrote on your timeline. “Happy birthday, Rman! ”
14:32 Alix Mackenzie wrote on your timeline.”Happy Birthday Rman!!!!!!!!!! ♥ xxx”
14:27 Chok Tuason Santos-Lopez wrote on your timeline. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :)”
14:01 Dan Ecleo wrote on your timeline. “Happy birthday rMan!”
14:01 Lewo Nrubgalb wrote on your timeline.”happy birthday!”
14:00 Lewo Nrubgalb wrote on your timeline. “happy birthday!”
13:59 Reynante Gungon wrote on your timeline. “Happy birthday! May the good Lord bless and keep you. ”
13:59 Jeff Serrano wrote on your timeline. “Happy Birthday!”
13:55 Paolo Verzosa wrote on your timeline. “Happy Birthday Rman!”
13:54 Mildred D. Dela Cruz wrote on your timeline. “happy birthday!”
13:53 Leilani Salazar wrote on your timeline. “Happy Birthday Rman!!”
13:42 Sheryl San Diego wrote on your timeline.”Happy Birthday!”
13:34 Jamie Cinco Abella wrote on your timeline. “Happy birthday, Rman! More blessings and happiness for you!”
13:14 Troy Macatangay wrote on your timeline. “HBD!”
12:54 Mike Maga Jr wrote on your timeline.”Happy Bday bro. . .”
12:36 Kmnex Rockztar wrote on your timeline. “happy birthday ninong alfred! IMY. God bless! :)”
12:36 Dothy Ababon wrote on your timeline. “happy birthday!”
12:33 Wilfredo Estrada wrote on your timeline. “Happy Birthday Arman!! God bless!!”
12:32 Danna May wrote on your timeline. “happy bday sir arman(“,”
12:26 Mem Salire wrote on your timeline. “happy birthday!”
12:25 John Alindogan wrote on your timeline. “happy birthdau arman!”
12:17 De Eh wrote on your timeline. “HBD diko”
12:15 Roxanne Gem Bugayong wrote on your timeline. “happy birthday rman :)”
11:58 Cecile May Moreno-Venancio wrote on your timeline. “Happy, happy birthday Arman! May God shower you with more healthy and wiser years ahead. 😀 — Woody & Ces”
11:57 Dora Lobrino wrote on your timeline. “Hey! Happy birthday! I miss our birthday parties together in the office. Hehehe! Thanks for everything, for the friendship and all. Continue to be a blessing and inspiration to everyone. I know you are happy now with Mommy Jeren and baby Zcy, but I still wish you all the best things in this world. Love you! Mwah! Hugs! =)”
11:50 Rob Camangon wrote on your timeline. “happy birthday!!”
11:42 Mon Go wrote on your timeline. “Happy bday Rman!”
11:34 Mila Gamboa wrote on your timeline. “Sir Rman Happy Birthday po. God bless u and ur family”
11:33 Yeoj Jimenez wrote on your timeline. “happy birthday!”
11:32 Tet Mora-Uy wrote on your timeline. “happy birthday!!! ”
11:24 Rodel M. Bagohin wrote on your timeline. “Happy, happy Birthday!!!”
11:02 Arvin Rodriguez de Vela wrote on your timeline. “Happy Birthday!!! =)”
11:01 Babushkie Ishihara wrote on your timeline. “hbd arman,more blessings and gud health!god bless :)”
11:00 Marc Angelo Nepomuceno Gutierrez wrote on your timeline. “HaPPy BiRThday…”
10:58 Michael Montero Gungon wrote on your timeline. “H A P P Y B – D A Y B R O ! ! !”
10:58 Marlo Mac wrote on your timeline. “happy bday”
10:50 Leodylene Toledo Balagon wrote on your timeline. “happy birthday poh! God Bless……..”
10:47 Maria Mackenzie wrote on your timeline.”A very Happy Birthday to you Rman!!!!xoxoxox”
10:46 Marian Gervacio Gonzales wrote on your timeline. “happy birthday, alfred! greetings also from lorie. God bless!”
10:45 Anna Yuson wrote on your timeline. “happy birthday Rman :)”
10:34 Julius Cruz wrote on your timeline. “happy birthday!”
10:33 Lemuel S. Palisoc wrote on your timeline. “Happy Birthday Pare.”
10:31 JR Jacinto wrote on your timeline. “Happy Birthday Rman! ”
10:28 Menardo Manuel wrote on your timeline. “happy Birthday! hayan! May okasyon na naman para magkaroon ng klase kina paulo! Hahahaha. Godbless you and your family!”
10:20 Bennieson Co wrote on your timeline.”Happy Birthday :)”
10:20 Daya Sanvictores wrote on your timeline.”happy birthday rman! :-)”
10:19 Richard Tan wrote on your timeline. “rman Happy Birthday!”
10:01 Malou Dizon Francisco wrote on your timeline. “Happy Birthday po!!! ”
10:01 Catherine de Goma wrote on your timeline. “happy birthday po..:) ”
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Day 207/365: 202 Facebook Birthday Greetings

Again, many many thanks! You are all Awesome!!

Day 206/365: Graffiti Art in Manila

Day 206/365: Graffiti Art in Manila

July 25, 2011

For most people, graffiti is nothing more than petty vandalism. But call it what you want, youth culture defenders will never file this art form under senseless delinquency.

Graffiti art first mushroomed in Philadelphia in the early ‘60s and made its way to New York. By the 70s, wildstyle graffiti became prevalent, a style that rendered words so abstractly that it became [almost] unreadable to the untrained eye.

Considered as one of the elements of the hip-hop way of life, graffiti became a vehicle for the underdogs of society to voice out their desire for liberty, free expression and brotherly ties. But some groups became too territorial and resorted to violence to settle disputes, thus creating the hoodlum or gangster image that graffiti writers are forced to live with now.


Graffiti originated in ancient Italy as inscriptions and drawings on sculptures and walls. In fact, graffiti was found in 1851 in the ruins of Pompeii. Painting on sidewalks, and other forms of graffiti, is still common in Rome today. Whereas Romans consider graffiti as a form of urban art, many westerners consider it vandalism unless property owners give consent to the graffiti artists. Graffiti may include drawing, painting, and writing, or a combination of the three.

Tagging is a form of graffiti used to put a ‘name tag’ on public areas and is thought to be used by some gangs to mark territory. The origin of tagging goes back to the 1970s when a mail carrier in New York made a goal to ride every bus and subway in New York. He wrote his name and courier identification number, Vic 156, to mark each bus and subway he took. Others began to follow Vic’s example and tags grew more prevalent, larger, and much more elaborate. Tagging as graffiti moved from buses and subways to walls and all types of outdoor areas.

Day 206/365: Graffiti Art in Manila

Graffiti, Pinoy style (by By ALYOSHA J. ROBILLOS, University of Sto. Tomas August 17, 2011, 4:23am Manila Bulletin)

At present, since graffiti and street art are relatively young art movements here in the Philippines, most groups called “crews” are forced to remain underground. Although more and more graffiti and street art are cropping up in the metropolis, the stigma that comes with being a graffiti writer or street artist has not been totally eradicated.

Amid the bustle and grit of the Malate district in Manila are two enormous walls on the corner of San Marcelino and Malvar streets. More than 12-feet high, these walls are the repository of the “productions’’ (projects) of “wall lords’’ (established graffiti writers) and “toys’’ (newbie artists).

“Productions on this wall started more than a year ago. We wanted to create presentable productions for both artists and viewers while establishing a system for the participating artists and writers,” said Nyce, the 29-year-old graffiti writer and student who has been in charge of the Malvar-San Marcelino wall since it became a venue for various crews’ productions. It was Nyce who secured permits from both the caretaker of the property and the barangay hall.

Expressive productions

According to Nyce, doing productions on this particular wall helps foster respect and unity among artists as they follow certain graffiti rules that are also observed abroad.

A two-year and three-month system also keeps the artists in line, depending on where the artist or writer places his or her piece. Productions on the Malvar stretch are on view for two years while those on the San Marcelino wall stay untouched for three months after being finished. This is where the “wall lords’’ are able to share their expertise with the “toys.’’

Nyce explained that this system aids the artists to avoid overlapping of works and trains ‘’toys’’ to work harmoniously with others, reminding everyone that street and Pgraffiti art are all about “one love and no beef” and not about whose name makes the most noise.

The wall is also an effort to show everyone that people who are in the street art and graffiti scene are not delinquents, but artists who share the same advocacies and paradigms.

“They (officials, police and security personnel) associate crews and graffiti with gangs, when they’re not the same at all,” Nyce said.

Meanwhile, a production for the two-year wall is currently ongoing and will showcase collaborations of different graffiti writers and street artists such as KooKoo, Egg Fiasco, and Sink.

Anti-Asbetos campaign turns to graffiti

While the Malvar-San Marcelino walls serve as a venue for artist interaction and diplomatic collaboration, Wall Lords Philippines 2011, titled “Sulat Kamay” is currently running the theme, “Asbestos kills people.” It is a countrywide graffiti competition that serves as the elimination round to qualify for Wall Lords Asia, the biggest graffiti contest in Asia.

The theme was provided by one of Wall Lords Philippines 2011’s sponsors, the Institute for Occupational Health and Safety and Development (IOHSAD) to underscore that the mineral asbestos, which is used in fireproof materials, causes permanent or fatal damage to the lungs. Despite this knowledge, many companies still manufacture products that contain asbestos.

Wall Lords Philippines recently conducted the first elimination round in Intramuros, Manila as artists and writers from the West chapter faced one another to gain slots in the finals. The East division eliminations were held in Paliparan, Marikina. Reigning crews in the West wing are GAK and AFK, while crews FTC and DNB dominated the East.

“Whether reactions to street art and graffiti are negative or positive, the important thing is that people get affected by our works. For me, one of the purposes of street art is to stir or ignite something in a person,” said FTC crewmember and college student Geloy Concepcion (“Pisi”).

Competitions like these help lift the face of graffiti and street art in the Philippines as they establish camaraderie between crews and give people outside the graffiti and street art circle the chance to appreciate a wide array of productions. “Winners in the finals will be sent to represent the Philippines in Wall Lords Asia, which will be held in Taiwan this year,” said Lia Javellana, one of the organizers of Wall Lords Philippines.

Day 205/365: Security Guard Agencies Regulation in the Philippines

Day 205/365: Security Guard Agencies Regulation in the Philippines

July 24, 2011

One of the most popular job in the Philippines is Security Guards. You sometimes are very thankful for them, hate them sometimes, and even they were your private heroes. Most often than not,they are the common “peace control” humane guardian in your favorite malls, banks, or any commercial or public establishments. Our “manongs” and “kuyas” to ask whenever we need some location directions, or your “strict eyes” inside the banks premises if you are using your mobile phones. Anyway, there are sayings to trust the security guard over a policeman if you need anything. Why? Probably, most of them is available anytime, anywhere, and always ready to help, and Policeman is so rare to find? and always late at a crime scene. Could just be a saying? But for everyone’s awareness, please see below information on Security Guard Agencies Regulation in the Philippines.

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About SAGSD:

SAGSD is the PNP Office tha regulates and oversees the organization, operation and business activities of Private Security/Detective Agencies, Company Security Units, Government Security Forces, Private Security Training Institutions as well as the private security industry personnel. Its authority emanates from Republic Act Number 5487 which was enacted in 1969. Both the Office and the Law has undergone evolution.

Implementing Guidelines (Please click below)

SAGSD Services


(Rep. Act No. 5487, as amended by Presidential Decree No. 11.)

Section 1. Short Title of Act. This Act shall be known as “The Private Security Agency Law.”

Section 2. Scope of this Act. The organization, operation, business and activities of private detectives, watchmen or security guards agencies shall be governed by the provisions of this Act.

Section 3. Definition of Terms. (a) Person. As used in this Act, person shall include not only natural persons but also juridical persons such as corporation, partnership, company or association duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and/or the Bureau of Commerce. (b) Private Detective Agency. A private detective agency is any person, who, for hire or reward or on commission, conducts or carries on or holds himself or itself out as conducting or carrying on a detective agency, or detective service. (c) Private Detective. A private detective is any person who is not a member of a regular police agency of the Armed Forces of the Philippines who does detective work for hire, reward, or commission. (d) Watchman or Security Guard, Watchman or Security Guard Agency. Any person who offers or renders personal service to watch or secure either residential or business establishment, or both, or any building, compound, or area including but not limited to logging concessions, agricultural, mining or pasture lands for hire or compensation, or as an employee thereof shall be known as watchman or security guard; and any person, association, partnership, or corporation, who recruits, trains, muster, furnishes, solicits individuals or business firms, private or government-owned or controlled corporations to engage his service or those of its watchmen, shall be known as Watchman of Security Guard Agency. (As amended by Pres. Decree No. 11, October 3, 1972.)

Section 4. Who May Organize a Security or Watchman Agency. Any Filipino citizen or a corporation, partnership, or association, with a minimum capital of five thousand pesos, one hundred per cent of which is owned and controlled by Filipino citizens may organize a security or watchman agency: Provided, That no person shall organize or have an interest in, more than one such agency except those which are already existing at the promulgation of this Decree: Provided, further, That the operator or manager of said agency must be at least 25 years of age, a college graduate and/or a commissioned officer in the inactive service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines; of good moral character; having no previous record of any conviction of any crime or offense involving moral turpitude and not suffering from any of the following disqualifications:

(1) Having been dishonorably discharged or separated from the Armed Forces of the Philippines;

(2) Being a mental incompetent;

(3) Being addicted to the use of narcotic drug or drugs; and

(4) Being a habitual

For purposes of this Act, elective or appointive government employees who may be called upon on account of the functions of their respective offices in the implementation and enforcement of the provisions of this Act and any person related to such government employees by affinity or consanguinity in the third civil degree shall not hold any interest, directly or indirectly in any security guard or watchman agency. (As amended by Pres. Decree No. 11.)

Section 5. Qualifications Required. No person shall be employed as security guard or watchman or private detective unless he is: (a) a Filipino citizen; (b) a high school graduate; (c) physically and mentally fit; (d) not less than 21 nor more than 50 years of age; (e) at least 5 feet and 4 inches in height; and (f) suffering none of the disqualifications provided for in the preceding section: Provided, That foreigners who are already employed as watchmen or security guards prior to the approval of this Act shall not be subject to the above-mentioned requirements: Provided, further, That veterans shall be given priority in employment as security guard, watchman or private detective: And provided, finally, That person convicted of any crime involving moral turpitude shall not be employed as security guard, watchman or private detective.

Section 6. License Necessary. No person shall engage in the business of, or act either as a private detective, or detective agency; and either engage in the occupation, calling or employment of watchman or in the business of watchman’s agency without first having obtained the necessary permit from the Chief, Philippine Constabulary which permit as approved is prerequisite in obtaining a license or license certificate: Provided, That all existing private detective or watchman or security guard agencies shall have a period of one (1) year from the approval of this Act to secure the said license: Provided, further, That existing agencies, and any new agency which may hereafter apply for a license, certify under oath that their private detectives, watchmen or security guards, have received the appropriate training from either the Philippine Constabulary, the National Bureau of Investigation, any local police department, or any other public institution duly recognized by the government to conduct police training.

Section 7. Application for License. The application shall be made in writing and shall be filed with the Chief, Philippine Constabulary. It shall contain the full name of the applicant, his age, civil status, his residence, and location of business. If the applicant is a corporation, association or partnership, a copy of the certificate of registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission together with its by-laws and articles of incorporation, with the Bureau of Commerce.

Section 8. Fees to be Paid and Bonds. When all requisites for the issuance of the license have been complied with, the Chief of the Philippine Constabulary or his duly authorized representative shall issue a permit for the issuance of such license and register the same in his office, upon payment by the applicant of the fee in accordance with the following schedule:

(a) the sum of one hundred pesos per annum as national license;

(b) the sum of fifty pesos per annum as municipal license fee in any city where it may operate, the said fee to be payable to the city treasurer concerned;

(c) the sum of twenty-five pesos per annum as municipal license fee for any municipality where it may operate, the said fee to be payable to the municipal treasurer concerned;

(d) the private Detective and Watchman Agency shall in addition to the above pay a fixed Internal Revenue Tax of one hundred pesos per annum in lieu of percentage taxes;

(e) the individual private detective and/or watchman shall pay for Mayor’s Permit, Health and/or Sanitary fee an amount not exceeding three pesos per annum and the agency shall pay the sum not exceeding ten pesos for the Mayor’s Permit and Health and/or Sanitary fees; and

(f) the Chief of the Philippine Constabulary or his duly authorized representative shall issue an appointment over his signature and affix the seal of his office, to each license and for each such appointment, the sum of one peso shall be

The application shall further be accompanied by a bond issued by any competent or reputable surety or fidelity or insurance company duly accredited by the office of the Insurance Commissioner in the sum of not less than five thousand pesos nor more than ten thousand pesos in the discretion of the Chief, Philippine Constabulary, which bond shall answer for any valid and legal claim against the agency by its clients or employees: Provided, That licenses issued in the province of an authorized representative of the Chief of Constabulary is subject to review by the Chief of Constabulary.

Any provision of this or other law to the contrary notwithstanding, the Chief of Constabulary may, at any time suspend or cancel the licenses of private watchman or security guard agency found violating any of the provisions of this Act or of the rules and regulations promulgated by the Chief of Constabulary pursuant thereto. (This paragraph was inserted by Sec. 3, Pres. Decree No. 11.)

Other provisions of Pres. Decree No. 11

Any person who commit any act in violation of Republic Act No. 5487 and of this Decree, and the implementing rules and regulations already promulgated which are not in conflict herewith, and those to be promulgated by the Chief of Constabulary pursuant hereto, shall, on conviction thereof, suffer imprisonment of from ten to fifteen years and a fine of not less than ten thousand pesos nor more than fifteen thousand pesos as a military court/tribunal or commission may direct.

The Chief of Constabulary shall promulgate the necessary rules and regulations to carry out the provisions of this Decree.

Section 9. Employees Need Not be Licensed. Every person operating, managing, directing or conducting a licensed private detective or watchmen agency shall also be considered licensed private detective, or watchman and no person shall be employed or used in a private detective work unless he be a licensed private detective or watchman: Provided, That nothing in this section shall be construed as requiring detective license for persons employed solely for clerical or manual work.

Section 10. Display of License. The license shall be displayed at all times in a conspicuous and suitable place in the agency office or headquarters of the agency and shall be exhibited at the request of any person whose jurisdiction is in relation with the business of the agency or the employees thereof, or of the Chief of the Philippine Constabulary or his duly authorized representative or any peace officer.

Section 11. Supervision of the Philippine Constabulary. Upon approval of this Act, the Philippine Constabulary shall exercise general supervision over the operation of all private detective and watchman or security guard agencies.

Section 12. Powers of City or Municipal Mayors in Cases of Emergency. In case of emergency or in times of disaster or calamities where the services of such agencies arise, the City or Municipal Mayor, as director of Civil Defense, may muster or incorporate the services of the agency nearest the area where such emergency, disaster or calamity arises and its duly licensed personnel to help maintain peace and order; and/or the prevention or apprehension of law violators and in the preservation of life and property. Deputized private detectives, watchmen or security guards shall take direct orders from the Chief of Police for the duration of the fire, inundation, earthquakes, riots or other emergencies.

Section 13. Issuance of Firearms. A watchman or security agency shall be entitled to posses firearms after having satisfactorily passed the requirements prescribed by the Chief, Philippine Constabulary pertinent to the possession of firearm of any caliber not higher than 45 caliber in a number not exceeding one firearm for every two watchmen or security guards in its employ: Provided, however, That a watchman or security agent shall be entitled to possess not more than one riot gun or shotgun in order to provide adequate security when circumstances so demand: Provided, further, That all the firearms mentioned herein shall be carried by the watchman or security guard only during his tour of duty in proper uniform within the compound of the establishment except when he escorts big amounts of cash or valuables in and out of said compound.

Section 14. Uniform. The uniform of watchman or security guard as well as those organized, maintained or under the employment of the government or any government-owned and/or controlled corporations, agencies or entities, shall be different from the uniform worn and prescribed for members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, City and Municipal Police Force. The Chief, Philippine Constabulary, through his duly authorized representative shall prescribed the uniform or ornaments, equipment and paraphernalia to be worn by the security guards and watchmen throughout the Philippines.

Section 15. Compensation of Watchmen or Security Guards. Watchmen or security guards shall receive a salary not lower than that prescribed in the Minimum Wage Law.

Section 16. Limitations and Prohibitions. 1. On Membership: (a) No agency operating in the City of Manila and suburbs may employ more than 1,000 watchmen or security guards; (b) no agency operating in other cities and first class municipalities may employ more than 500 watchmen or security guards; (c) no agency operating in municipalities other than first class may employ more than 200 watchmen or security guards.

2. On Organization: No person, corporation, partnership or association may organize more than one agency in any one city or municipality.

3. On Service: No agency shall offer, render or accept its services to gambling dens or other illegal enterprises. The extent of the security service being provided by any security agency shall not go beyond the whole compound or property of the person or establishment requesting the security service except when they escort big amount of cash.

Section 17. Rules and Regulations by Chief, Philippine Constabulary. The Chief of the Philippine Constabulary, in consultation with the Philippine Association of Detective and Protective Agency Operators, Incorporated and subject to the provisions of existing laws, is hereby authorized to issue the rules and regulations necessary to carry out the purpose of this Act.

Section 18. Penal Provisions. Any violation of this Act or the rule or regulation issued hereunder shall be punished by suspension, or fine not exceeding P200.00 or cancellation of his or its licenses to operate, conduct, direct or manage a private detective, watchman or security guard agency and all its members in the discretion of the court together with the forfeiture of its bond filed with the Philippine Constabulary.

If the violation is committed by those persons mentioned under paragraph two, section four of this Act the penalty shall be imprisonment ranging from one to four years and fine ranging from one to four thousand pesos in the discretion of the court.

Section 19. Repealing Clause. All laws, rules, resolutions, municipal ordinances, regulations and administrative orders contrary or inconsistent with the provisions hereof are hereby repealed.

Section 20. Effectivity. This Act shall take effect upon its approval.

Approved, June 21, 1969.

Picture of the Day ( A borrowed Firearms and Hat from a Security Guard)
Day 205/365: Security Agency Regulation in the Philippines

Happy Healthy Birthday at Sugarleaf!

Happy Healthy Birthday at Sugarleaf!

July 24, 2011

Are you looking for a place to celebrate your birthday? something unique, healthy and good food? I just had mine at our very own Sugarleaf! Our goal for this year is to invite good friends and family to celebrate a Happy Healthy Birthday Treat from SugarLeaf, something new for them to try, something I can share to their health and load them with good enzyme and probiotic foods from Sugarleaf. It’s a healthy “food trip and treat” that all my guests were thankful for having them introduced to a healthy eating lifestyle.

Our menu- All you can eat Organic Veggies with Passion Fruit Vinaigrette, and Kefir Sauce. Assorted Sandwich Wraps- crabsticks, Chicken and Beef, Red Shrimp Pasta and Kefir Strawberry-Banana Smoothies. What’s for dessert? It’s ice cream! in different flavors- Malunggay (Moringa), Organic Pumpkin, Red Mongo and Ebon Puro (Salted Eggs)

It’s a light lunch- snack treat but heavy with nutrients and minerals, billions of good bacteria, plus our “homey” ambiance. This is my way of saying Thank You to my dearest friends and love ones for being part of my so called Happy Healthy Years

About Sugarleaf:

1. How would you classify Sugarleaf? Is it a pub, cafe, a bistro, a restaurant, etc? We classify ourselves as a healthy-eats resto-store
2. What do you specialize in? Healthy foods that nourish, slim down, detoxify and energise and taste great appealing to all ages
3. Why the name Sugarleaf? Sugarleaf pertains to stevia, a plant whose leaves possess an intense sweetening capability. Though somewhat controversial in its early years, stevia is safe and is highly regarded because of its anti-oxidant properties, has zero calories and doesn’t affect blood sugar levels.

Sugarleaf imbibes sweet happy thoughts and feelings linked with healthy living and an organic lifestyle.

Celebrate with us! Healthy is the NEW COOL!

Check out our our photos! and an awesome moments c/o Iflick Photo booth! Thanks much Gina!

Healthy Happy Birthday @ Sugarleaf

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Day 204/365: The Guidelines Governing Occupational Safety and Health in the Construction Industry in the Philippines

Day 204/365: The Guidelines Governing Occupational Safety and Health in the Construction Industry in the Philippines

July 23, 2011

Twenty Years ago, a few high rise building can only be seen in the Greater Manila Area. And Construction Progress is always welcome in nation building. But we have to be aware on the guidelines governing occupational safety and health in the Construction Industry in the Philippines. Be Aware. Be Safe!


Department Order No. 13, series of 1998

Department of Labor and Employment
Bureau of Working Conditions
Intramuros, Manila

This Guidelines aims to:
1. Harmonize D.O. 13 with other existing standards and laws related to safety and health particularly in the construction activities and operations in all worksites and workplaces.
2. Provide stakeholders with clear and complete guide in order to comply with the requirements of D.O. No. 13 including the relevant rules of the Occupational Safety and Health Standards.
3. Standardize the procedures in the filing and processing of applications of Construction Safety and Health Program.
4. Strengthen linkages with other government and agencies and organizations involved in safety and health in the Construction Industry.
5. Enhance compliance with the requirements of D.O. 13 as well as the relevant provisions of Occupational Safety and Health Standards.

Day 204/365: Guidelines in Construction Industry

For the complete guidelines, please click the link below;

procedural guideline do 13-construction