Food Photography Workshop at Sugarleaf

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June 11, 2011

Learning Never Ceases at Sugarleaf! We just concluded a successful food photography seminar with Mr. Ricardo Rikky Arquiza. The course focus on lighting techniques, basic food styling tips, and food photography as a hobby or your professional career. Rikky has over 20 years photography experience in his profile and it sure does gave our participants so much AHA! remarks.

Rikky has been into photography here and abroad since 1980 and has apprenticed under renowned photographers Neil Oshima and Joe Chua. He has extensive experience in newspapers, magazines, government and corporate accounts and studio operations before focusing on food, fashion, advertising, and photography lectures to share his knowledge with more people.

Thanks Rikky and participants!

Sugarleaf Yummy Foods plus Talented Photographers creates a Healthy Atmosphere and Great Food Shots!

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