Day 180/365: Pompoms Craze, Cheese Curls Snacks from the Past

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June 29, 2011

A 25 years old snack! Pompoms Cheese Flavored Curls since 1986.

How does it taste? It’s cheesy, and melts on your mouth 🙂 I call it the poor man’s Cheese Curls and it taste’s really good!
Where can you buy it? Sari Sari Stores in Metro Manila and Public Market’s
How much it cost? 25 years ago its just 25 cents! or even for free for a barter of old newspapers or used bottles from your house.

It is a Pompoms Craze for this day and it did bring my happy snack from the past. Too much salt but happy 🙂 Exercise and Detox in the weeks to come!

Day 179/365: Pompoms Craze

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