Day 176/365: Making a Wall Pictures Collage

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June 25, 2011

Are you looking for some tips on how to decorate your empty walls? This is your chance to decorate your walls with your favorite photography shots.

Gather all your framed photos, posters and pictures. Stick to a color pallet to avoid visual chaos. If you are doing all black and white art, maybe paint the frames in different colors. If your art is in different colors, stick to one color frames. Measure out the wall area that you are planning to use for your collage. Measure out the same size on the floor and start laying out your pictures within that area. Play around with different configurations to se what you like best. Make templets of the frames out of Newspapers and tape it to the wall. Be careful leaving to much space between the frames or even putting to close together. I find that leaving about 2” between the frames tends to work best. You want the collage to feel like one art piece, not like a wallpaper.

If you are brave and want to make the collage look even more interesting mix in 3 dimensional objects to ad some visual interest. You can also incorporate a clock or a mirror. Start with larger pieces in the center and work your way out. It looks great to mix in one round item with all the frames just to brake up the shapes.

Work with your pictures within a large square or rectangle. Another way is to have a invisible line go through the middle of the collage and work your way up and down from it.

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Day 175/365: Making a Decorative Wall of Photo Collage

(Picture is taken in Eastwood Mall, QC. These are photos hanging from the ceiling about family celebrations, and I feel I am in the picture wonderland!)

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