Day 155/365: Newborn Baby Carrying Safety Tips

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June 4, 2011

Newborn babies should be carried with extra careful to avoid any accident. They are too vulnerable due to their tenderness, and their baby organs whether it’s inside or outside the body should be paid with extra attention. Below is my safety tips for carrying your newborn babies;

1. We have two hands! so do not only support your baby using one hand so that the baby will not slip and fall.
2. Do not shake your baby! When an infant or toddler is shaken, the brain bounces back and forth against the skull. This can cause bruising of the brain (cerebral contusion), swelling, pressure, and bleeding in the brain. The large veins along the outside of the brain may tear, leading to further bleeding, swelling, and increased pressure. This can easily cause permanent brain damage or death. Shaking an infant or small child may cause other injuries, such as damage to the neck, spine, and eyes.
3. Babies are little angels. Do not carry them roughly and rashly. They can feel the way you carrying them and directly they will respond to it.
4. Do not only support their head and neck, but also you have to paying attention to their back and bottom until their whole body perfectly be supported. Just imagine yourself being carried with so much love and care.
5. Lift our baby start from their head and neck then downwardly to the back and their bottom. Trying to place baby’s head higher than their bottom.
6. Use any soft cotton blankets or towels to support their necks on your hand to avoid any skin frictions/body sweat that may cause allergies to your baby’s skin, most during warm season.
7. Always ask for help if you are not comfortable carrying a new born! Dont take it as a challenge for the risk may cause a nightmare for the babies and you.

Hope this helps! Congratulations to your newborn angel!

Day 155/365: Newborn Baby Carrying Tips

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