Day 151/365: Baby Poems Collections

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May 31, 2011

151 Days! and I already completed the first 5 months of this Project 365! More exciting pictures to come so keep on coming back!

Here to share some Baby Poem Collections:

ABC Baby Poem

A is for angel, sent from above,
B is for baby, smothered with love,
C is for cute as cute can be
D is for diapers and changing them for me
E is for everything baby and more
F is for father walking the floor
G is for glad you are finally here
H is for hiccups that are funny and dear
I is for icky sticky messing
J is for Jesus and His blessing
K is for kisses and kindness and keep
L is for Love, so wide and deep
M is for Mommy and her loving arms
N is for Never coming to harm
O is for oat cereal and later Cheerios
P is for precious little fingers and toes
Q is for quiet, baby is sleeping
R is for relatives, always come peeping
S is for sleep, but not for your folks
T is for tub and all those long soaks
U is for unconditional as in love from your parents
V is for very active as you will soon merit
W is for wakeful, watchful and wise
X is for the Xtra special light you brought to our eyes
Y is for you – who is as bright as the sun
Z is for zest of living that you gave us, little one.

New Baby by Andra Mccoy

New baby, new baby,
Open your eyes,
Know that you’re loved,
And hush your soft cries.

Nestled so sweetly,
Inside your crib,
Drinking your bottle,
As it rests on your bib.

New baby, new baby,
I can’t wait to see you smile,
But close your eyes and dream,
I’ll be here all the while.

A Newborn Child by Jill Eisnaugle

A newborn child with eyes so bright
You fill the world with much delight
Your heart is kind; your smile is sweet
You are a joy to those you meet
Formed in the palm of God’s own hand
Your destiny appears quite grand
Although, your path is just begun
Your future shines, just like the sun.

As moments pass, your soul will grow
To learn things that you did not know
You’ll rise above; you’ll make mistakes
You’ll fall in love; your heart will break
Yet, through it all, you will remain
A link within your family’s chain
Whose bond shall strengthen over time
Despite the mountains you must climb.

A newborn child with eyes so bright
You are, indeed, a wondrous sight
Your skin is soft; your features small
But, you are loved by one and all
I know tears fell from cherubs’ eyes
As they embraced you with goodbyes
Before you flew from high above
To grace us with God’s gift of love.

Day 151/365: Baby Poems Collection

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