Day 147/365: The Magic of Photography

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May 27, 2011

Photography is my true to life virtual world. It is my magical channel to the universe! A superb stress buster and my inner-conscious connection. A realm of the truest emotions captured in frames.

Did you know that photography has a health benefits too?

How? we usually hold mental images or visualize a desired concept or almost anything that we would like to capture. But to make this real and even more picture perfect, we take our shots to post in facebook, blogs, or a scrapbook project. But do you know that taking pictures for keepsake has health benefits?

If you happen to dwell in a place that has a lot of natural scenic views and away from the hustles and bustles of the city life, you are one step away to wellness. This is because research shows that direct contact with nature or anything you wish to shoot leads to an increased mental and psychological development. The photography activity allows you to free up your senses, reduce your stress, and relax your mind and body. And you tend to enjoy the serenity of it all.

Now, if you have that hard copy of your pictures, viewing it constantly is said to be capable of improving workplace, job satisfaction, and career motivation. Since photos are nice to look at, they rouse a positive feeling, providing you with an optimistic outlook.

Furthermore, the photograph’s setting and its surrounding features can increase your fascination and inborn interest. It can inspire you, allowing you to get better acquainted with your own thoughts and feelings in a tranquil way. Moreover, there is connection in the place where you have been to or have not gone yet. Although the photo is just like a replica, it can greatly motivate you towards achieving your goals and dreams, which can help you keep a healthy mental setting in return.

So keep on shooting guys! Let it be your dream wonderland!

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