Day 143/365: Save Mother Earth

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May 23, 2011

We all have to be aware on how to save mother earth and act on it. Everyone is guilty on destroying our mother nature for the sake of living and without any choice in contributing to its destruction by using hazardous chemicals and polluting our source of water and food.

How can we protect mother earth? Awareness is the key and we all need to start practicing the “dos and dont’s” of living consciously and conscientiously. But how?

– Start reviewing the basics commodities you are using at home. What kind of cleaners, dish washing agents, laundry soaps you are using everyday. Your garbage disposal procedures, and the easiest way is to be aware of what kind of products you put into storage in your refrigerator. Are they environmental friendly? Safe to use and doesn’t contain any harmful substances for your family? There are so many available choices now that promotes organics and safe to use even for kids. Check all the ingredients and its proper usage. Always remember that those products which is usually nicely wraps with colorful plastics and very heavy on promotion and marketing are those heavy in harmful chemicals and massively produce with low grade materials. Their effects on mother earth is huge but they promote instead its usage, its good effect, ease of use but of course not its long-term effect on your body and the damage it brings to our mother nature.

– Our social responsibility in the community we serve. Our initiative in maintaining our surroundings clean and being a living testimonial for others showing our ways on how we can save the Mother Earth. We need to drive and participate in many planting program, water conservation procedures , healthy living, and even support/buy those products that truly promotes healthy living. It is the air we breathe and the water we drink that make us alive. The soil that nourishes our plants which builds the ecosystem for our animals that brings food to our tables. Be aware and let us all protect and keep it safe.

– It is a Lifestyle Change. For gas conservation on our own vehicles when we emits those smokes, For the unnecessary food waste when we don’t eat properly. For the love of advancement of tourism that destroys the virgin forests and beautiful islands. And for being harmonious towards one another to promote peace. It is a start to avoid war of nations and get rid of those weapons of mass destruction’s.

It is universal and we all interconnected! Let us all Save Mother Earth!

Day 143/365: Save Mother Earth

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