Day 136/365: Baby Clothes Checklist and Laundry Day

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May 16, 2011

We are expecting anytime soon! and it’s a Laundry Day for Baby Clothes today. We just bought a few pairs of baby shirts and pants since our family and friends said baby grows really fast and they also have a hand-me down clothes for us. (Yey! we are so lucky to have good friends). I suggest to my wife to get all the white colors instead so it is easy for us to check if there will be any insects that may bite our baby and its a safe color that we can keep if there will be a “new” baby in the coming years (maybe!)

So here’s our Baby Clothes Checklist:

One-piece outfits (5 to 7 pieces): Some of these are basically spiffed-up jammies appropriate for sleeping and playing – and because babies nap so frequently, especially at first, these are very convenient.

Shirts (4 to 7): Look for T-shirts and Open Polo Type shirts with plenty of room in the neck, or snaps at the neck, so they slip easily over your child’s head. Many parents prefer one-piece styles that snap at the crotch.

Leggings or pull-on pants (5 to 7): Separates allow you to change one piece of dirty clothing without assembling a whole new outfit, so they’re useful to have. Look for stretchy waistbands that fit easily over your baby’s diaper and belly – and expand as he gains weight.

Sweater or jacket (1): Most babies don’t like having clothes pulled over their head, so warm up your baby with a sweater or jacket that buttons down the front.

Pajamas or sleepers (4 to 7): No matter how cute it looks, avoid sleepwear that has complicated snaps or requires lots of effort to get on or off!

Wearable blankets (2 to 3): These fleece or cotton sacks zip over your baby’s sleepwear to keep him warm at night. They replace traditional blankets, which aren’t safe for sleeping babies because of the risk of SIDS. You may or may not need these, depending on the climate you live in and the season when your baby’s born.

Mittens, Socks and booties: You’ll need lots of mittens and socks for indoors and some booties to keep your baby’s feet warm when you’re out and about. Mittens is to keep their face safe for any nail scratches

Hats (1 to 3): You’ll want a broad-brimmed hat for a summer baby, or a soft, warm hat that covers the ears for a winter baby.

And dont forget to wash them all before using it for your baby. Use those organic soap and fabric conditioner to ensure that there will be no harmful chemicals that can cause skin allergies for you baby.

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