Day 133/365: I am your House Kitchen Master! Thanks to Lolo Abel

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May 13, 2011

I never went to a Culinary School, or served a restaurant’s kitchen for a job. I am a self-proclaimed House Chef 🙂

How did I learned cooking? Coming from a family who’s main passion is eating and selling foods. My grandfather- Lolo Abel from Malabon City is known for his Fried Duck and Fried Rice. He served some of the known family in Malabon as the head cook and his skills is a self taught, self learned style of cooking. All of his siblings, including my mother were all a born house cook master!

I can still remember that I used to watched him preparing a duck, from butchering to frying. He patiently tying the entire duck meat with strings before boiling it to preserve the form until it was really tender. The only waste from a duck was its feathers, Lolo Abel has his own original menu even for the duck’s blood. And you will be surprised on how many ingredients he needs to mix to make its sauce and you can eat even its bones.

So since I am his avid watcher, I was able to taste as well his rabbit menu and even bats! Yeah, I think Lolo Abel loves to cook a variety of meat delicacy and of course, they were all appealing and delicious! Btw I was only 4 years old then.

My mom like my Lolo Abel is a Kitchen Queen, who cooks the best Kare Kare and Pancit Luglug. She never went to any cooking school too but she can cook a menu based on what is available and I bet my fingers if you will never like it. For sure Lolo Abel and Nanay is the kitchen head master now in Heaven…Hugs to you both!

Challenge me with what is available ingredient and what kind of cuisine you would like me to prepare. I will always ends up with something without reading any recipe book. I will just trust my smell, my taste, and my cooking style to prepare a special menu which I cannot repeat at all. I call it the art of cooking! every menu is original! I should probably write my recipe’s for a business soon.

I am your House Kitchen Master!

Day 133/365: House Kitchen Master

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