Day 129/365: Krispy Kreme Treats!

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May 9, 2011

It’s my grandmother birthday today! and my dear Lola Naty’s might have a dinner with my mom in heaven by this hour. My prayers to you Lola and hope you and Nanay is having a big celebration there with the angels.

What’s for our earth treat? A doughnut! a very sweet doughnut for the family. Its Krispy Kremes! and bet yah this one box will only last an hour when everyone in our family start the midnight snack time! Why not Dunkin Donut or Mister Donut? or Go Donuts? Hmmmm. The Filipinos has this mentality of what is “in” and “pricey” and what those riches people do usually buy? Ano daw binibili ng mayayaman? and sosyal? Is it really Krispy Kremes?

A Doughnut is all created the same. It is still round with a hole or with a filling, but what makes it standout for the consumer? It’s marketing campaigns and ads that people do with companies as so they can get to their clients way faster. The taste? they are all sweet anyways with tons of sugar for your consumption. I like Krispy Kreme plain, the honey dip (shall I say sugar! coated) classic is the ultimate favorite. It’s the dough softness! Yum! Why is it pricey? Just check their location and store style, to add as well their In-house Dough Making Kitchen. It is what we are paying for plus the brand name itself from the US of A! So brand-store type=price

What is my second pick? Gonuts Donuts- same set-up but they have kiosks in some malls. I love their Dulce De Leche. Third would be Dunkin Donuts, my budget conscious valentine presents during my high-school days 🙂 They were so popular then with the heart shaped Doughnuts! during the 80’s and Mister Donut whom you can always see beside KFC or Tokyo-Tokyo (Ramcar owner group of companies)

So there you go guys! The Top 4 Doughnut choice in the Philippines!

Day 129/365: Krispy Kreme Treats!

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