Day 127/365: Coconut House @ Quezon City Circle

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May 07, 2011

The coconut nut is a giant nut if you eat so much you get very fat!..heard this song before? But could be true when you visit this Coconut House in Quezon City Circle. This is a place for all of your coconut food variety, from Ice creams, Okoy, Coco-Veggie Pizza, Laing and Pancit Buco! plus all other menu with coconut flavors.

My favorite? their ice creams! and Okoy, the first time I had a Buco Meat Strip Fried Okoy. You will also be surprised with some of their healthy menu offerings like Kalderetang Dagat, Seafood Kalabasa and Malunggay, and Coco Calamari. Very interesting menu that will surely stir your curiosity to taste it.

Feedback? Most were fried, so are they also using coconut oil? not so sure 🙂 Probably more menus for the coconut milk use so as to avoid frying and oil. The place is cozy enough with friendly staff.

It is a very interesting place for you to visit! Check it out!

Day 127/365: Coconut House

Coconut House QC Circle

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