Day 126/365: Digman’s Halo Halo, Bacoor’s Sweet Pride!

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May 6, 2011

We Pinoy’s love sweets! so we even mixed all the sweet delicacies into a cup of bowl, put some crushed ice, milk and presto! It’s a Halo Halo!

Decades ago, I remember the chain of Halo-Halo store in Farmers Cubao Market, and how they present on their food shelves the mountains of sweet ingredients of Halo-Halo which is very enticing. And they will be barking mam’s and sirs – their aggressive marketing campaign to pull you on their food store chairs to taste their Halo-Halo, it all looks and seems taste the same, but probably the better one who stands out and even branch out to the malls then is Digman’s Halo Halo. However, the era of powdered shakes, yoghurts, soft ice creams and fruit smoothies became a trend to the Filipino who is always on the go and the famous Halo Halo became a dining pleasure only.

What’s with Digman Halo-Halo? there’s actually two Digman’s in Bacoor, which is just a stone away from each other. We somehow tried the first store who’s claiming they are the first and the original, and upon checking the other store – they also claim the same “original” patent. Maybe a family dispute eh? and whoever owns the secret recipe that was photocopied by the other party or other way around started everything. Anyhow they should probably be “Proud” of their family’s name and competition is always welcome and good for any business too!

Digman’s Location: It’s located along the Streets of H. Rubio and C. Gawaran and nearby the Town Plaza of Bacoor Cavite.

Their ingredients? Red Monggo, Sweet Beans, Macapuno, Sago and Gulaman (Jellies), Halayang Ube, Garbanzons, Nata De Coco, Kaong, and Langka. Add some sugar, crushed ice (must be smooth) and evaporated milk. The toppings will be Leche Flan, Scoop of Ice Cream, and Pinipig.

What is the secret for the best Halo-Halo? I would say, it’s the Leche Flan, The Ube and the Smooth Crushed Ice.

My favorite Halo-Halo? Manila Peninsula’s Halo-Halo, Digman’s, and Razons. What’s yours?

Until our next Pinoy Sweet Delicacy Journey!

Day 126/365: Digmans Halo- Halo, Bacoors Best Sweet!

Digmans HaloHalo

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