Day 151/365: Baby Poems Collections

Day 151/365: Baby Poems Collections

May 31, 2011

151 Days! and I already completed the first 5 months of this Project 365! More exciting pictures to come so keep on coming back!

Here to share some Baby Poem Collections:

ABC Baby Poem

A is for angel, sent from above,
B is for baby, smothered with love,
C is for cute as cute can be
D is for diapers and changing them for me
E is for everything baby and more
F is for father walking the floor
G is for glad you are finally here
H is for hiccups that are funny and dear
I is for icky sticky messing
J is for Jesus and His blessing
K is for kisses and kindness and keep
L is for Love, so wide and deep
M is for Mommy and her loving arms
N is for Never coming to harm
O is for oat cereal and later Cheerios
P is for precious little fingers and toes
Q is for quiet, baby is sleeping
R is for relatives, always come peeping
S is for sleep, but not for your folks
T is for tub and all those long soaks
U is for unconditional as in love from your parents
V is for very active as you will soon merit
W is for wakeful, watchful and wise
X is for the Xtra special light you brought to our eyes
Y is for you – who is as bright as the sun
Z is for zest of living that you gave us, little one.

New Baby by Andra Mccoy

New baby, new baby,
Open your eyes,
Know that you’re loved,
And hush your soft cries.

Nestled so sweetly,
Inside your crib,
Drinking your bottle,
As it rests on your bib.

New baby, new baby,
I can’t wait to see you smile,
But close your eyes and dream,
I’ll be here all the while.

A Newborn Child by Jill Eisnaugle

A newborn child with eyes so bright
You fill the world with much delight
Your heart is kind; your smile is sweet
You are a joy to those you meet
Formed in the palm of God’s own hand
Your destiny appears quite grand
Although, your path is just begun
Your future shines, just like the sun.

As moments pass, your soul will grow
To learn things that you did not know
You’ll rise above; you’ll make mistakes
You’ll fall in love; your heart will break
Yet, through it all, you will remain
A link within your family’s chain
Whose bond shall strengthen over time
Despite the mountains you must climb.

A newborn child with eyes so bright
You are, indeed, a wondrous sight
Your skin is soft; your features small
But, you are loved by one and all
I know tears fell from cherubs’ eyes
As they embraced you with goodbyes
Before you flew from high above
To grace us with God’s gift of love.

Day 151/365: Baby Poems Collection

Day 150/365: Nursery Rhymes for Newborn

Day 150/365: Nursery Rhymes for Newborn

May 30, 2011

I cant remember that I was pampered with nursery rhymes, and if there’s any, surely it is not an English baby songs. What I do remember for baby songs are mostly Tagalog songs like Maliliit na Gagamba (Little Spiders), Bahay Kubo and Leron Leron Sinta. And now, its my turn to introduce new nursery rhymes to my little princess Zcy!

Where does nursery rhymes started?

Nursery rhymes have been around for hundreds of years, and they have been passed down from generation to generation. There is something wonderful about sharing something with your baby or child that was part of your own childhood. I loved the Bahay Kubo nursery rhymes as a child, and even I don’t have any nursery rhyme book to share with my daughter. This is already her digital age so I don’t need to be worry.

Nursery rhymes are fun to share with your baby and child – they also help develop your child’s imagination, sense of rhyme, rhythm and language. They are easy to learn and if repeated, babies and toddlers will anticipate and join in at their favorite parts. For some of us it has been a long time since we have sung or heard these songs, here are some of the famous nursery rhymes for your newborn babies.

Day 150/365: Nursery Rhymes

Little Miss Muffet

Little Miss MUffet
Sat on her tuffet
Eating her curds and whey
Along came a spider And sat down beside her
And frightened Miss Muffet away!

Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

Ring a roses

A pocket full of posies
A-Tishoo! A-Tishoo!
We all fall down

(Here are some verses you may not know)

The cows are in the meadow
Eating buttercups
A-Tishhoo! A-Tishoo!
We all jump up!

The fish are in the water
The fish are in the sea
We all jump up With a one, two, three!
Little Bo Peep

Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep
And doesn’t know where to find them
Leave them alone, and they will come home
Bringing their tails behind them

Leron Leron Sinta

Leron Leron Sinta
Puno ng papaya
Dala-dala’y buslo
Sisidlan ng bunga
Pagdating sa Dulo
Nabali ang sanga
Kapos kapalaran
Humanap ng iba

Maliliit na gagamba

Maliliit na gagamba,
Umakyat sa sanga.
Dumating and ulan,
Itinaboy sila.
Sumikat ang araw,
Natuyo ang sanga.
Maliliit na gagamba
Ay laging masaya.

Day 149/365: First Day of Life

Day 149/365: First Day of Life

May 29, 2011

This is the first day of our newly born daughter. She is Beatriz Nancy Cabral Lorenzo.

Her name ‘Beatriz’ came from the Latin word which means “Voyager” -through life. It also me means “Bringer of joy, blessings”. The second name is my mothers nickname, “Nancy” from her full name Eufrocina. The name Nancy is of Hebrew origin meaning “gracious”. Our daughter is the Bringer of Joy, Blessings and Grace from Heaven. Her nickname will be “Zcy” (pronounced as ‘zizi)

They said, be ready for our sleepless nights and this is my first actual day where I need to take care of my wife and daughter 🙂 Every 2 to 3 hours of feeding, Checking the nappies which is estimated for almost 8 to 12 times a day. It is indeed a sleepless night not because of the long list to do, but just watching your baby with so much excitement and happiness. Their smile is always the greatest moment to watch while they were sleeping.

Thanks to our family support, Ryan, Maricor, Renzo, Paul, Alyssa for being there for us with the same joyful moments and excitement. Thanks to Ramir! Ces and the kids for visiting us too in the hospital to see Zcy. Foremost, Thanks to my wife- Jeren for the love and new life 🙂

To Nanay and Kuya Bob, Here is your most awaited blessings and grace 🙂

Cheers to celebration of love and life!

Day 148/365: Maternal Labor Day!

Day 148/365: Maternal Labor Day!

May 28, 2011

We are already in the hospital since yesterday night at 11pm due to some signs of labor pains. We knew we already experiencing the early stage of labor. Thanks to our Lamaze class and Ms Chiqui Brosas for giving us a very good orientation and seminar for giving birth. It is our Parental 101 Preparation Classes.

It will be our first born and I am really thankful that we are ready and completed our newborn checklist. Upon getting to the hospital we are also aware that we need to wait every 3 hours for the labor stages. I am glad I still have the chance to sleep for 3 hours for some energy booster for the next exciting moments of being a dad soon.

We chose to be in a Lamaze room at World City Medical Center in Quezon City, since we will try our best to apply what we’ve learned during our sessions. At first, we were just waiting at the Labor Room with 2 other ladies giving birth, but after 10 hours they already gave birth and we are still waiting for our pushing moments. So our OB-Gyne Dra Sylvia Lagman made a decision to gave her an Epidural and medicine for contractions. Three hours later, we are seeing progress and my wife was already crying for severe pains. By 5pm, I was already asked to do their sanitation procedures and be ready for the umbilical cord cutting. Thanks to another lady doctor for assisting me with my camera and volunteered to take videos while we are on our birth delivery. By 5:30pm, there are some suction procedures to help on the delivery, but it didn’t work. So our OB decided to get that scary huge tong to help our baby on the birth canal through forceps. Everything happens so quickly and I was just stunned on seeing my baby being pulled out in a matter of seconds and she cried! And my next duty is to cut the umbilical cord, with no fear – I did it! An extreme happiness indeed for having a major role on the birth of our princess!

May 28- Zcy

[img src=]160May 28, 2011 Zcy's Born Date
[img src=]120May 28, 2011 Zcy's Born Date
[img src=]220May 28, 2011 Zcy's Born Date
[img src=]160May 28, 2011 Zcy's Born Date
[img src=]150May 28, 2011 Zcy's Born Date
[img src=]140May 28, 2011 Zcy's Born Date
[img src=]250May 28, 2011 Zcy's Born Date
[img src=]140May 28, 2011 Zcy's Born Date
[img src=]140May 28, 2011 Zcy's Born Date
[img src=]120May 28, 2011 Zcy's Born Date
[img src=]100May 28, 2011 Zcy's Born Date
[img src=]70May 28, 2011 Zcy's Born Date
[img src=]40May 28, 2011 Zcy's Born Date
[img src=]50May 28, 2011 Zcy's Born Date
[img src=]60May 28, 2011 Zcy's Born Date
[img src=]50May 28, 2011 Zcy's Born Date
[img src=]60May 28, 2011 Zcy's Born Date
[img src=]50May 28, 2011 Zcy's Born Date
[img src=]40May 28, 2011 Zcy's Born Date
[img src=]30May 28, 2011 Zcy's Born Date
[img src=]20May 28, 2011 Zcy's Born Date
[img src=]20May 28, 2011 Zcy's Born Date

Baby Girl Lorenzo:

Name: Beatriz Nancy Cabral-Lorenzo
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: May 28, 2011
Time: 6:57pm
Length: 49cm
Weight: 2.6Kg

Welcome to the World Zcy!

Day 148/365: Maternal Labor Day!

Day 147/365: The Magic of Photography

Day 147/365: The Magic of Photography

May 27, 2011

Photography is my true to life virtual world. It is my magical channel to the universe! A superb stress buster and my inner-conscious connection. A realm of the truest emotions captured in frames.

Did you know that photography has a health benefits too?

How? we usually hold mental images or visualize a desired concept or almost anything that we would like to capture. But to make this real and even more picture perfect, we take our shots to post in facebook, blogs, or a scrapbook project. But do you know that taking pictures for keepsake has health benefits?

If you happen to dwell in a place that has a lot of natural scenic views and away from the hustles and bustles of the city life, you are one step away to wellness. This is because research shows that direct contact with nature or anything you wish to shoot leads to an increased mental and psychological development. The photography activity allows you to free up your senses, reduce your stress, and relax your mind and body. And you tend to enjoy the serenity of it all.

Now, if you have that hard copy of your pictures, viewing it constantly is said to be capable of improving workplace, job satisfaction, and career motivation. Since photos are nice to look at, they rouse a positive feeling, providing you with an optimistic outlook.

Furthermore, the photograph’s setting and its surrounding features can increase your fascination and inborn interest. It can inspire you, allowing you to get better acquainted with your own thoughts and feelings in a tranquil way. Moreover, there is connection in the place where you have been to or have not gone yet. Although the photo is just like a replica, it can greatly motivate you towards achieving your goals and dreams, which can help you keep a healthy mental setting in return.

So keep on shooting guys! Let it be your dream wonderland!

Day 146/365: Cheers to Two Decades of Friendship! The Mario Brothers

Day 146/365: Cheers to Two Decades of Friendship! The Mario Brothers

May 26, 2011

“I find friendship to be like wine, raw when new, ripened with age, the true old man’s milk and restorative cordial.” –

Thomas Jefferson

Almost seven long years of silence and million miles of distance. A toast to friendship that never forgotten, a pillar of two God fearing souls, and a woman’s best kept secret 🙂

Never I doubted this man’s truthfulness to kindness, his smile and laughter that surely lift up a friends weary heart. The lightness in his mood, a very supportive heart, a proud dad and a loving son and husband.

Two decades, where distance and absence was never a hindrance
Old Souls still we are, A simple – What’s up bro? to reconnect a lost time
Never been forgotten, just missed. Never said goodbyes, but until then.
More decades to share the friendship! Keep dreaming on Luigi!

(The Mario Brothers is what I called the tandem during our teenage years. It is not how we play the game during the Family Computer era, but just a preferred friendship alias or code)

Day 145/365: Levitation Secret Spell

Day 145/365: Levitation Secret Spell

May 25, 2011

There are thousands of good levitation photography, some of them is truly unbelievable! and requires a lot of photo editing and lighting skills to make it really a perfect picture. But did you know that there is really a levitation spell? It could be a magical trick and could make us even fly! And yes, I haven’t tried it yet. Maybe you can do it and give me a feedback?

Here’s the spell:

Components Required – You need 4 candles (yellow or white do not mix colors)
– You need a quiet place to begin.
– You need a down feather (The smaller the better)
First you must place the candles in a circle one in each direction; Perform a cleansing ritual and center yourself; Hold the feather in your non dominate hand (left if you are right handed, right if you are left handed);Feel it’s life force its gift of lightness; Light the candles; Start in the East and work Sun-wise (clockwise); Enter the Circle and sit in a comfortable position; Facing the north; Now, you must chant the following 9 times:

In the light I see, In the dark I am blind. In the world I walk, In the circle I fly.
Next call to your spirit guide or God to aid you.
Then clear your mind the feel the feather float in your open hand and lift with it and now you levitate.
Helpers to the Spell – Performed at dawn – Performed outside –
Add your own components and touch to the spell (it is just a guideline)

Day 145/365: Levitation Secret Spell

Components Required – You need a rod or staff
– You need a place YOU can focus best in
– You need a Crystal (white quartz or obsidian)
First perform a cleansing ritual; Place the crystal on the ground in front of you; Hold the staff or rod out in front of you horizontally; Recite the following spell.

As stone is to earth
So staff is to stone.
Death and rebirth
Heart and bone.
May light fly, I call away stone.
I summon you sky. Call me on.

Visualize as you see fit the pushing and pulling. And now you levitate. Helpers to the Spell – Performed at dusk – Performed outside

– Use a staff and stone special to you
– Add your own touches to the spell (it is just a guideline)

The previous spells are hard at first but in time you will soar with eagles.
Be Careful not to forget the Cleansing It is very important.

Day 144/365: Flying, Floating Dreams

Day 144/365: Flying, Floating Dreams

May 24, 2011

No I am not Spiderman, I dont even have the magical powder of Peter Pan. This is just an illusion, a vivid dreams of floating and flying! What does it mean anyway? Do you still remember your most recent dreams? Many times they are forgotten after you are fully awake but some dream details stays for long, most if you dream that you are flying.

For sure it is a good feel to float high, and flying to great heights. Sometimes we have a fear of falling and loose our powers. And do you know that in general, they also mean good things for us? It is our mind working that we are into something high and marvelous! Flying dreams are very often a precursor for lucid dreaming, a dream state in which we are aware we are dreaming and can manipulate the outcome of the dream. Even in a dream state, most of us are aware that we can’t fly in normal life, thus on some level a flying dream likely coincides with dreaming lucidly for the vast majority of the population, though most awaken unaware of the fact that they were engaged in a lucid dream.

Once in a while, a flying dream will not go so well, such as when you can’t take off or you lose altitude or something is in your path and you can’t fly past or through it. These dreams tell us that we are frustrated or feel burdened, or that that we are not confident in our abilities. In these cases, re-evaluate your goals and find ways around anything that may be hampering your progress.

Having said that, interpretation of flying dreams is fairly simple. Something is generally going RIGHT in our lives! Occasionally, we may be flying to avoid something, but the flying in and of itself is still an enjoyable dream activity, and the WAY we do it may tell us more about ourselves than the actual flying.

Day 144/365: Flying Dreams

Flying Free: Freely flying as high or as low as you wish using your arms or feet for direction, often with the ability to do acrobatics in the air is an indication that you feel really good about something in your life. You are likely very proud of an achievement at work or at home, and life is good.

Flying with Wings: The analogy to Angels and Birds is evident here. You feel that you are a strong force going into the future and that you have high principles and ethics that most mortals don’t have. You feel that you have risen above the riff-raff and are soaring to new heights with a clear vision.

Flying or Floating at Low Altitudes: Floating just above the ground by flapping your hands or arms or peddling your feet is an indication that you have lots of determination and that no matter how hard it gets, you feel you will succeed if you stay on course. This dream is an indication that relief from any setbacks is imminent.

Flying Using an Airplane or Other Flying Device: This dream signifies that you feel proud of your accomplishments and that you expect and get recognition and support from those around you. You are not soaring into the clouds on your own yet, but you feel the freedom that success and respect from others brings.


Day 143/365: Save Mother Earth

Day 143/365: Save Mother Earth

May 23, 2011

We all have to be aware on how to save mother earth and act on it. Everyone is guilty on destroying our mother nature for the sake of living and without any choice in contributing to its destruction by using hazardous chemicals and polluting our source of water and food.

How can we protect mother earth? Awareness is the key and we all need to start practicing the “dos and dont’s” of living consciously and conscientiously. But how?

– Start reviewing the basics commodities you are using at home. What kind of cleaners, dish washing agents, laundry soaps you are using everyday. Your garbage disposal procedures, and the easiest way is to be aware of what kind of products you put into storage in your refrigerator. Are they environmental friendly? Safe to use and doesn’t contain any harmful substances for your family? There are so many available choices now that promotes organics and safe to use even for kids. Check all the ingredients and its proper usage. Always remember that those products which is usually nicely wraps with colorful plastics and very heavy on promotion and marketing are those heavy in harmful chemicals and massively produce with low grade materials. Their effects on mother earth is huge but they promote instead its usage, its good effect, ease of use but of course not its long-term effect on your body and the damage it brings to our mother nature.

– Our social responsibility in the community we serve. Our initiative in maintaining our surroundings clean and being a living testimonial for others showing our ways on how we can save the Mother Earth. We need to drive and participate in many planting program, water conservation procedures , healthy living, and even support/buy those products that truly promotes healthy living. It is the air we breathe and the water we drink that make us alive. The soil that nourishes our plants which builds the ecosystem for our animals that brings food to our tables. Be aware and let us all protect and keep it safe.

– It is a Lifestyle Change. For gas conservation on our own vehicles when we emits those smokes, For the unnecessary food waste when we don’t eat properly. For the love of advancement of tourism that destroys the virgin forests and beautiful islands. And for being harmonious towards one another to promote peace. It is a start to avoid war of nations and get rid of those weapons of mass destruction’s.

It is universal and we all interconnected! Let us all Save Mother Earth!

Day 143/365: Save Mother Earth