Day 99/365: Flowers for the Departed

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April 9, 2011

Today we celebrate the Day of Valor. A Tribute to the Departed Brave and Unsung Heroes.

Flowers at a funeral represent moving forward and a new life beyond; they should be a comfort to the grieving family. Funeral flowers are ideal for expressing concern for the family, and respect and love for the deceased. Send a message of your feelings with the symbolism the flower represents. Selecting the appropriate type of flower arrangement for a funeral gift is as important as the flowers themselves.

Funeral Baskets

Funeral baskets and floral arrangements are most appropriate to send if you are a friend or associate of the deceased or bereaved family. The arrangement can be small to large, in a basket or vase, and contain flowers that were the favorite of the deceased, or that have symbolic meaning. Roses are often used, alone or mixed with other flowers, because roses in general symbolize love and innocence. Light pink roses express sympathy, while hybrid tea roses express “I’ll remember you always.” White lilies are often part of a funeral basket arrangement because the lily is associated with peace.

Funeral Wreaths

A good alternative to a funeral basket or arrangement is to send a funeral wreath, which represents the circle of life. Usually a bereaved spouse or close family member sends a funeral wreath as a tribute to the deceased and an expression of love and caring. The funeral wreath can also be in the shape of a heart to further express love for the person. Roses, carnations, geranium, lily of the valley, plus greenery are frequently part of the wreath, though any flower you wish may be incorporated into the wreath.

Funeral Sprays

Funeral sprays, in a sense, are like a combination of a funeral basket and a funeral wreath. A funeral spray is usually a dramatic arrangement of flowers and greenery that is displayed next to the casket on an easel and is viewed from one side, the front. Close family friends or relatives most often send funeral sprays as a beautiful way to pay tribute to the deceased.

Casket Sprays

If there is to be a casket, whether opened or closed, placing a beautiful floral arrangement on top of the casket in the form or a spray or floral blanket is the ultimate tribute to the departed family member. Casket sprays are almost always from the immediate family or spouse. The spray, or blanket, should contain flowers the deceased was particularly fond of, or flowers in the deceased’s favorite colors.

Day 99/365


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