Day 118/365: Men’s Swimwear Guide

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April 28, 2011

Looking for the best swimwear that fits you? Let us do some checklist first on why and what;

Why wear the swimwear and What activity?

Swimming Lesson or Pool Lapping, then you probably need to follow the swimming pool rules and regulation of proper swimming attire like:

The bikini or popularly known as the Speedos or Arena – Although this style usually makes guys cringe, women love bikinis!. It is tightly fitted bottom in Lycra and usually there isn’t much coverage with bikinis, but there is quite alot of support. The elasticity is most concentrated in the fabric to support the crotch and butt area. Most speedos have high concentration of polyester, which is fine, but Lycra is a new spandex like material that can really stretch. It has a high cut brief style with differentiates from any other swim trunks. This is normally worn by athletes because it permits maximum flexibility for the lower body. For example, wearing a Speedo mens swimsuit allows you to perform full leg kicks without any intrusion with the swimsuit. For this reason male Olympic swimmers and divers wear only Speedos or Arena. Also, Men who look best in Speedos are athletic, or in shape. Don’t be afraid to show off that hot bod! Remember, women love Speedos. Also, you dont need to worry of the tan lines, it perfectly put some tan which makes women giggles with oohs and aaahs.

If you are conservative and too classic to show off some skin, the square cut shorts are the right fit for you. This is a fitted and elastic like the speedo, except the shorts offer support around the upper thighs and hips. They are slightly fitted to accentuate your butt. The shorts can vary in length to suit desired activities. If you’ve ever worn bike shorts, they are similar. They are good choice for triathalons, because they are suitable for swimming, biking and running. Look for swimsuits with Lycra, the fabric is much more versatile than polyester.

Day 118/365: Swimwear Guide for Men

Swimming Party and Pool Resorts:

Unless you wanted to show some skins then wear the bikinis, or you intend to inspire all the women and be a stand out sexy guy then be a star, but please be reminded that it’s not a ramp show okay?

You can probably wear the swimwear boxers and they are the most comfortable men’s swimsuit. The shorts are fitted like boxer underwear and the length reaches mid thigh. The inner construction of the boxer swimsuit has a built in mesh brief, for the support men need. Every body type looks great in this style. It offers coverage for the buttocks, the thighs and of course the private area. Most boxers have drawstring ties at the waist, making this a custom fit for all guys. It is important to get a boxer short that has elastic too tight around the waist. Effects of tight elastics can cause flabby stomachs to look rounder and bigger. So make sure the shorts are loosely fitted and you can tie the drawstring at the waist.


This is the easy part, but most often in the Philippines, you can see men in their basketball jersey short or the sleeping boxer shorts! Yay! Could be a Ball League? with their running shorts or trying to be overly athletic? The best fit for this activity is the Board Shorts!

Board shorts, also known as surfer’s trunks are so far the most popular men’s swimsuit amongst teenagers and young men. The look is truly a Californian surfer’s garment. The shorts are long and baggy, reaching the knees or further. Usually board shorts have side pockets. This swimsuit has the most coverage and they do have separate netting inside like a mesh brief for support. Men who look best in board shorts are slim, or slightly built. Anyone who’s out of shape should avoid these baggy short, they’ll accentuate the stomach area. Since the shorts are long and slimming, anything above it will look curvier than normal. I would suggest a boxer swimsuit.

Again, check out why and what first, otherwise you might be a laughing stock of the crowd while they were singing “Under the Sea”! Peace!

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