Day 116/365: Hiking Wannabee!

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April 26, 2011

Whenever friends and family invites me to go hiking and mountaineering,I keep on telling them that I am just a “beach boy” and I got only my trunks and beach shorts. It’s just an excuse though for I really wanted to but probably need a lot of preparation and conviction to walk long, trek, hike, and spend a day in the mountains without the comfort of my room bed and bath.

I have a few hiking experience though, but trekking? none yet. The difference?

Hiking Trekking
Equipment: Depends on the weather, day or over-night hiking. Shoes applicable to the hiking terrain, water, compass, sometimes a hiking pole. Backpack with survival kit, food and medicine for overnight hiking. Survival kit, camping gear, boots, compass, clothing applicable to changes in temperature especially if in mountainous areas.
Overview: An outdoor activity of walking in natural environments often on pre charted paths called hiking trails. A long journey on non-designated paths which could last several days and could be challenging. It is more intense and energetic than hiking.
Worldwide differences: Hiking is called by different names around the world: tramping in New Zealand, bush-walking in Australia, trekking in Nepal. Trekking is also known as backpacking but should not be confused with mountaineering
Holidays: Day hiking or walking holidays are popular in Europe, New Zealand, Chile, Costa Rica, Hawaii and North America. Trekking is popular in the Himalayan foothills in Nepal, India and Bhutan. The Andes in South America is also popular trekking Mecca.
Environmental impact: Hikers over many years in an area can destroy the natural environment they walk in through wood gathering, fires, fecal matter, leaving non-biodegradable matter. As treks take longer than hikes, the environmental impact can be greater.
Locations: Usually in beautiful natural environments, nature trails, hills. In areas where there is no means of transport and areas of great natural beauty. Usually in mountainous areas.

Day 116/365: HIking Wannabee

So I believe I have tried some hiking. I was able to hike the Seven Falls of Mambukal in Bacolod City, Philippines, Palaui Island in Sta Ana, Cagayan, Philippines, Boracay Island? not sure if its included but we had an almost 3 hours walk hiking some of the places there, Is Great Wall China in Beijing included? but its a long walk!, Snowqualmine Falls in Seattle, Washington USA, Lake Tahoe, California (so beautiful!), Anawangin Zambales Philippines, Karnataka Hills, Bangalore India. And yes, it is a must to see more places here in the Philippines and the rest of the world.

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