Day 105/365: HIPAA Certification


April 15, 2011

What is HIPAA Certification?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act better known as HIPAA, has been created by the federal government to protect patient’s private information. HIPPA is directed to healthcare professionals and staff, who have access to patient information, such as doctors, healthcare office workers, healthcare technicians and healthcare managers. Many private companies and websites offer HIPAA certification. HIPAA certification is a certification designed by private firms accompanied by training and testing. HIPAA certification has not been approved by the federal government. But if you decide to pursue it, here are the essentials.

HIPPA Compliance

In order to obtain HIPPA certification, you need to take a HIPPA Compliance course. A HIPPA Compliance course gives you an understanding of HIPPA implications on healthcare providers. In this course, you can learn who is affected by HIPPA, and the influence it has on healthcare organizations. You can learn to do your own research to obtain more information on HIPPA. A study guide is provided with this course.
Day 105/365: HIPAA Certification

Privacy and Security Awareness Training

The Privacy and Security Awareness Training course includes web-based training on HIPPA regulations to help you avoid HIPAA violations and penalties. This training certification course covers HIPAA security and privacy requirements, and HIPAA professional training. This course also offers you professional material, student tracking, data center, compliance data back-ups and a course certificate.

Certified HIPPA Professional

The Certified HIPPA Professional is another HIPPA certification training course. In this course, you can examine HIPPA transactions, identifiers and privacy. You can also learn about security and code sets in the healthcare industry.

Certified HIPPA Security Specialist

In the Certified HIPPA Security Specialist training course, you can learn the key elements that form HIPPAA’s security compliance. This course provides you with the implementation of security practices to protect patient information in a healthcare facility.

Certified HIPPA Administrator

The Certified HIPPA Administrator is a certification course that offers training and an understanding of the impact of HIPPA on administrators and nurses. The course helps to examine the influence of privacy rules and regulations from the point of view of healthcare employees.

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