Day 88/365: Farewell to You Kuya Bob

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March 29, 2011

I still cant believe that I am standing here and looking at you
So many memories that flashes back randomly on how we are as a family
Our hopes and dreams, Our laughter’s and tears
In my heart, I know you are at peace now
In Heaven with Nanay, holding each others hands.
With Gods comforting kindness, that blesses your kind soul

Your smile will always be in my thoughts
Your kind words of advices and Your loving family which I am truly proud
That your fatherhood in sharing with us your beautiful sons and daughter hearts
Makes me a proud! to have a great brother and father like you.

The sadness in my heart, that you were not able to see me soon as a father too
How I should be and hoping I can be as great as you
You have showed so much love in spite of your sickness
You have keep thy faith, in peace and in God’s time
Make us all be ready then and the day has come to say goodbye.

I will truly miss you Kuya, in my heart I wish the sorrows fade soon
and be happy that you and Nanay is already together watching us over
To make us safe everyday, guide us with God’s angels from above

I Thank You so much for sharing your family with me
How each day we should be strong together as a family
To remember you always, and keep all the joys that we treasure in our hearts.
No more pains, No more fears, You are safely home with Him
I love you Kuya, send my hugs to Nanay please.

Day 88/365

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