Day 83/365: The Barcino Feeling!

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March 24, 2011

To chill, to unwind and to drink wine! Its a Barcino Feeling!

This is the place which we usually hangs out during our wine times. The food is great and the wine selection is awesome! To add the great value and ambiance of the place.

Highly Recommended for your Wine enthusiast and Food Lovers!

You can visit them at Greenbelt, Ortigas, and at The Fort.

About Barcino:

Barcino is a Spanish company engaged in the sales and promotion of wine in the Philippines. Barcino Deli manages four wine restaurants and an exquisite Deli shop. The other company is Barcino Corporation and it is responsible for the importation of wine (from Spain and to a lesser extent from other wine regions) and distribution throughout the islands of the country.

The true story of Barcino dates back in 2004 when a current partner of the company, Oscar Bosch was on a holiday in this paradise called the Philippines. After a thorough market analysis, he realized that there was no place in the Philippines where you can buy and enjoy a good Spanish wine with affordable price. Therefore, he decided to open a quaint and exclusive Deli in Ortigas known as Barcino Gourmet, in honour of the former Latin name of the Catalan capital.

Barcino Gourmet started with a bar, a table, fine selected wines, sundry cheeses, chorizos, fuet and other Spanish delicacies.However, Barcino began to solidify its presence in the Philippine market in the late 2006 thanks to two young Spanish guys namely, Dani Aliaga and Sergi Rostoll. It was progressively becoming a tapas wine bar when these two guys saw the need to set up a mini kitchen and additional tables. This transformation was linked to the success and recognition from some of the European and American notable wine producers. The distribution also came to play an important role in hotels, restaurants and superb events happening in the Metro.

Thus, Barcino went on to become a trendy place in Ortigas where guests could find a calm atmosphere, Spanish music, good service and great value for money with the presence of our veteran Store Manager, Jonathan Ferrer better known as Juanito or JoJo. Later on, the inevitable need to supply a greater number to regular clientele enabled the company’s long-awaited expansion.

In 2008, Barcino opened its 2nd Branch in Fort Bonifacio, after the first month of operations, the presence was imminent: Barcino continues its expansion and the key to its success was in one of the goal premise of Barcino “tasteful wine for every budget”. Hence, Barcino broke the stereotype that wine is a product solely for the rich and famous people with high purchasing power. With us, everyone could enjoy a healthy and tasteful wine.

The following year, Barcino launched the 3rd branch, located in Greenbelt 5, No doubt the most quiet of all branches and certainly so desired and haunted by a particular guests. The constant need to be creative and meet a target so selected made possible that the company designed a unique space, an elegant deli shop offering some of the rarest Spanish tapas and wines.

The first official warehouse was built in the same year, along with the company’s headquarter located in Pasig City.

However, it was in 2010 when Barcino launched its most ambitious project, the birth of Barcino Greenbelt 2, the 4th Branch in the Metro. It is certainly the largest branch and it has numerous curious customers interested in our dishes, our wines and typical products from Spain. Moreover the talents of our staff, adaptability and innovations of the company, contribute to the success of the business and enabled the branches to become a popular name Barcino Wine Resto Bar with a finest selections of Spanish dishes and an array of wine list composed of over 250 different labels.

Day 84/365

EL Chef:

Chef Jaume hails from a long line of restaurateurs, bakers, confectioners and butchers, proving he is one chef who can truly say that “passion for food is in my blood”.

Chef Jaume learned all the secrets of cooking in picturesque Girona, a small town north of Catalunya. It’s there where he honed his craft, learn to create the most sumptuous dishes with only the freshest ingredients straight from the garden, farm, or market. After completing his formal education in culinary arts in Girona, Chef Jaume practiced at many restaurants in Barcelona, most notably with a long stint was at Akelarre, a restaurant in San Sebastian that garnered 3 stars from Michelin.

Chef Jaume then briefly joined the family business as a 5th-generation owner and operator, but his adventurous spirit beckoned him to try something new. As a good friend of the owner of Barcino, he decided to leave everything behind and fly to Manila.

Chef Jaume now assists at maintaining Barcino’s status as an excellent Wine-Resto-Bar, and is working on Barcino’s new thrust – to become the best Spanish restaurant in Manila, if not in Asia.

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