Day 72/365: 28 Weeks

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March 13, 2011

Hello Baby…

It’s been past 7mos now since the bundle of joy announcement
You brought so much excitement and thrill to me, to see your lovely smile soon
And today, I wonder how will I hold your cute little fingers, how you will snuggle for warmth,
and whisper to your ears ..the words I love you baby.

I wonder how your hair like, your eyes, your nose, and we are truly excited to see our beautiful baby soon.
I pray to God that He will always send his angels to make you and mom safe everyday, keep you both under his protective hands,
and be blessed with so much joy and health abundance.

I will never make promises for now, but will start to do a lifestyle adjustment having you around, make myself fit and healthy to take care of you and mommy, start to familiarize myself with lullaby hymns for your sleeping routines, and build a big dream for our family altogether.
Perhaps, one big dream has been fulfilled and its you.

My sweet little angel…
I yearn to kiss and hug you soon
As we both count the days to welcome your birth
Let me whisper my love to mommy’s womb.
I love you baby..

Day 72/365

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