Day 61/365: What to do on Rainy Days?

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March 2, 2011

What do you usually do on a Rainy Days?

1. Going to work? bring a jacket and an umbrella. Wear light fabric dark clothes, preferably light jeans and collared shirts. Bring extra slippers on your car or comfortable sneakers. I prefer wearing washable sneakers and avoid leather shoes.

Rainy Days Colors? You will never go wrong with Gray, Brown and Navy Blue Shades.

2. What to eat? It is always nice to eat during rainy days. A nice hot soup like, sinigang, tinolang manok, or even bulalo! The main entry will be deep fried fish, lechon kawali, or camaron rebosado.

3. Where to go? Nowhere but Malls 🙂 I will probably stroll around Mall of Asia, The Podium, or Eastwood Mall. Watch a movie or go play in Timezone.

4. What to do while at home? Playing Cards – Poker or Video Games like Wii or do some Dance Centrale Moves in Kinect Xbox or some Overwatch you can improve with the use of boosting from the top 500 boosters in overwatch you can get online.

5. Feeling the moods of a rainy days? Try your right brains waves and do some artworks

Day 61/365

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