The 2nd Philippine International PyroMusical Competition 2011 – United Kingdom

March 15, 2011


Champion: China Pyro Musical (Liuyang Jinsheng Fireworks, Co.)
1st Runner-Up: UK PyroMusical (Jubilee Fireworks)
2nd Runner-Up: Japan Pyro musical (Tamaya Kitahara Fireworks, Co.)

Congratulations to this year Winners! All the participants are sure winner for everyone!

February 19, 2011

Sorry guys I missed the 3rd entry which is Portugal. I tried all my best to find a way to beat the monstrous traffic and just watched their show over my car window (sigh). But here’s the UK entry which is the last year 2010 Grand Champion! The UK’s Jubilee Fireworks!

4th Entry: United Kingdom

About Jubilee Fireworks:

A dynamic and innovative company, combining artistic skill and technological expertise to produce breathtaking visual performances.

Established in 1987, Jubilee have been illuminating the night sky for over two decades, spreading magic across several continents at festivals, private and corporate events, major national events and competitions.

Their displays are not just fireworks shows. They are artistic performances – highly praised for their creativity, ingenuity, and sheer beauty. No matter how large or small the event, their attention to detail and unmatched design skills will ensure that the display has that extra dimension and performance quality that has characterised Jubilee as the UK’s premier fireworks company.


Monaco Fireworks Competition 2010 Winner
1st Philippine International PyroMusical Competition 2010 1st Prize
World Fireworks Championships Blackpool, UK: 1st Prize – 2007
British Fireworks Championships: ‘Champion of Champions’ Event, 1st Prize – 2006
British Fireworks Championships: 1st Prize – 2003, 2nd – 2001, 3rd – 2004
British Musical Fireworks Championships: 1st Prize – 1999, 2nd Prize – 2000
Total ‘European Champion of Champions: 1st Prize – 2007
13th International Display Contest (Macau) Bronze Medal 2001

2nd Pyro Musical - UK

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