Day 58/365: My Macbook Pro Experience

February 27, 2011

Since the launch of Windows, it became my way of life. And since technology is my profession, there is no single day that i missed the Microsoft windows logo. Macbook was just previously a dream and ideal toy for me, until I decided to finally switch my finger and allocate some budget to own a Macbook Pro.

Day 1 is really overwhelming, I dont even know how to use its pads and shortcut keys. And to date I am still amazed on the Apple Mac colors and friendly functions.

Why I switched to Macbook Pro?

– The Apple is Cool, the windows get boring maybe
– I am Artist, so its a must to have a Mac.
– Photography is my world, It is only Mac that makes my virtual world bright and colorful
– The sleek style and friendly features makes my user experience so easy
– Think of Entertainment
– Think of the Technology Wonders
– Makes magical day for my photo output
– Mac now is my bestfriend 🙂

It is not anymore a way of life. My Mac gives life to my photography world now.

Love the Mac!

Day 58/365

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