Day 53/365: EDSA People Power Revolution 25th Anniversary – Is it worth to remember?

February 22, 2011

So many statements about EDSA has been told. It is known as the most traffic road in Manila where there is no rules on drive speed. A road that heavily commercialized by millions of billboards and signage. And EDSA was placed in the Philippines history last 1986 when millions of people flocked to rally and show a unified force to oust the Marcos 20 Years of dictatorship.

Is it worth to remember EDSA? Where are these people who claimed to be the heroes of EDSA? Let me recall according how they affect me for the last 25 years.

Day 53/365

Cory Aquino, my respect will always be there for her. She is the most strongest mother figure I have ever known, who run the entire nation without any political will but a good heart to defend democracy and hope that God’s mercy and prayer is the key to Filipinos to survive. She is the mother of the current President Noynoy. The only son who then became famous after her death last 2009. Her death became an awakening moment for the Filipinos to realize where are we as a nation, as known heroine of EDSA, a mother of the nation, who by her humble life shows that there’s no perfect mother having Kris Aquino as a daughter, but a proud mother now having a son who follows her step to a presidential seat.

Fidel Ramos (FVR), the Tobacco President as I labeled his famous pictures and being a general who loves to smoke tobacco. He became the 12th President of the Philippines and was Cory’s bet to continue the claimed democracy and freedom. He won over Miriam Defensor Santiago by a very minimal margin who filed an electoral protest and was dismissed due to technicalities, and there are claimed evidences from the report of “Operation Dagdag Bawas” shows she does really won the presidential election. However, FVR made his move to strategically control the media news, and use his army followers to threatened Miriam’s life. I myself rooted for Miriam to win, how would it be if she’s our dear President?

I would say, 6 years is too short for Cory to give her torch right away to FVR who’s on the first week of 1992 Presidential counts to tweak the “voice of the people” and just relaunched a Marcos known strategy on ballot switching, massive brownouts during election counts, and if i remember it right, that’s the same accusation he did to Marcos which lead him to EDSA. And with the current Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) controversy on graft and corruption which has been told as an “old practice” by this noble man who ends his life (Sec Angie Reyes) just to prove a clear conscience of He was just there serving the system. I never heard any comment from FVR if he started the system? or also served the system? FVR presidential term is the Asian Crisis and massive brownouts, where it is too difficult to find a job and the start of the Overseas Employee Workers mania. An escape for the Filipinos to look for a greener pastures.

Juan Ponce Enrile, currently seated as the Senate President to date and also run for a Presidential Seat last 1998. He is from the Province of Cagayan, and did you know how Cagayan Province looks like? And where all the smuggle cars is coming from? Illegal loggers? and how the longest river in the Philippines is being scrounged by the Taiwanese vessels for mining even placed a Chinese Facilities in Port Irene? And when you travel the Luzon route via Cagayan to Ilocos Region, by its roads, facilities, ways of life, the provincial economy itself. It is very revealing and an eye opener how Enrile rules about his own province and how the Marcoses protected their region as a heritage tourist destination in the country. There might be important issues in the country that Manong Enrile needs to address, like the sms messaging vats, and the meralco over-billing. But I always believe that your own roots will benefit further, as your own town will praise your worth and put even a museum for you in respect to your contributions.

FVR, Manong Enrile and Cory Aquino, 25 years ago. In Cory’s death his son Noynoy became the most possible ruler to continue what she has been left as a Hope for every Filipino. As Noynoy continue to speak and rant against the Macapagal and claiming a victorious government towards a nation building- Landas na Tuwid at Pagbabago. Where is Noynoy then during EDSA? Any proof that he participated in his mothers quest for democracy? How come his presidential speech still have the ever famous Imelda’s shoes collection upto now? I don’t see the significance to relate how the Filipinos is suffering from hunger over the number of shoes of Imelda while he also got a pricey luxury car? PNoy need to do some calculations of the shoe cost over his car collection? There are so many national issues he needs to attend to and he should lessen his interviews about his romance and his arrogance commentaries. Foremost, ask his sister Kris for an exile so the Filipino can breath from her national TV high pitch hosting style. Or this is Kris preparation for her Senatorial Candidacy soon?

The spirit of EDSA will always remain as part of my youth and opportunity loss too. I remember any parties, JS Prom, School Competition and other important youth activities were all canceled due to that revolt. And all we can say then is No Thanks to Edsa!

EDSA, a roudy place, cause of peoples death, bombings, commercially decorated by false advertisement and totally congested – smug and traffic. Who would like to be in EDSA now?

My Day 53/365 picture shows where it may lead me after 25 years.

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