Day 36/365: Scotch in a Cowboy County

February 5, 2011 (Saturday)

I have this hat from my Ilocos Trip and Checkered Scarf from Springfield. What to do with it? Cowboy Dude! Add some bottle of Whisky, patterns of Cowboy County and presto! A commercial like endorsement for Chivas Regal!

Am not a hard drinker, but most of the commercial for this kind of liquor profess the epitome of a man’s achievement and toast for it success, which is good. But how about for a group of man which we literally Filipinos called “cowboys” not the elite, and the “sosyal” or pa-sosyal. The Filipino cowboy guys that can strike anywhere and doesn’t mind the place, food to eat and it’s smell. These are the cool guys who is for the Fun and not for the formality of the gathering. That’s right, they are the Red Horse platoon and its beer success to link it with Horse-Cowboy’s is a huge commercial success.

So here’s my version for the Chivas Regal, it is monarchical by name from the knights kingdom to a cowboy county!

Day 36/365

About Chivas:

James and John Chivas’ ambition was ‘to provide customers with products of the highest quality.’ Because the Single Malts of the time were harsh and often poorly matured, they dreamt of creating a whisky that could be easily appreciated and shared amongst friends. This was soon realized as the store in Aberdeen became an Epicurean delight. As well as scouring the Highlands and Lowlands in their search for fine things for their wealthy clientele to eat and drink, they provided products from all across the world – rich coffee, exotic spices, the finest French Brandies and rums from the Caribbean. They found however that they were unable to provide a whisky that met their exacting standards.

Blending together only the finest aged whiskies, they produced a smooth and generous product that was very different to others available at the time. Word of their new whisky soon spread. And before long it became unthinkable for a host to entertain guests without a bottle of their whisky in his hand. It was this passion for blending superb whiskies and years of perfecting their art, that led to the creation of the ultimate blend, that of Chivas Regal.

When Queen Victoria began entertaining guests at her Balmoral Estate in Scotland, the search immediately began for a discrete and reliable supplier who could provide the finest food, liqueurs and spirits. Before long, in 1843, James Chivas received a letter announcing that, due to their excellent service, Chivas Brothers had been granted a Royal Warrant to supply goods to the Queen Victoria. It was the start of a long and harmonious relationship between Chivas Brothers and the Royal family.

The start of the 20th Century and America was in the full glory of cultural adolescence, bursting with energy and optimism. Construction was booming and New York was fast catching up with London, the theatre capital of the world, gaining in clout, size and sophistication . This is when Chivas Regal was created, targeted at this fast expanding Northern American market. It entered the market in the Autumn of 1909 and by December 1909, the Chivas Brothers agents were already wiring Aberdeen requesting more stock of Chivas Regal. By May 1910, less than one year after entering the market, Chivas Regal had become the most talked about of new imported consumer goods among the well-to-do stratum of New York Society.

Chivas Regal is justifiably proud of its Scottish ancestry, but the real secret of this iconic whisky and its commercial success lies across the Atlantic. It’s here that James and John Chivas’ vision met the American people’s growing appetite for life – and the rest, as they say, is history.

Turn of the century America was a land of unrivalled opportunity. Fortunes were built in a matter of years and everything seemed possible. Chivas Regal, with its smooth generous taste, seemed to embody the quality and craftsmanship that the ‘new’ Americans still held in high regard from the ‘old world’ and was quickly adopted in the finest homes throughout the USA. Initially the brand lacked the outward, luxury presentation that American consumers were looking for. But this was soon solved by the development of the distinctive packaging that remains to this day for Chivas Regal 12 Year Old. A special, silver carton indented with heraldic symbols, reflecting its noble Scottish lineage and the chivalry of the ancient Scottish Clans. A prelude to the rich and generous whisky that lies inside.

After World War II, America was once again a land of incredible optimism and razzmatazz. The war had been won and America was experiencing a new age of prosperity. These were the Golden Years: America was changing dramatically. Affluence had brought worldly success, and now that attention was firmly on fun and living life to the full. The “Rat Pack” captured the mood of this era more than anyone. And at the heart of it all??.. Chivas Regal.

Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr and the rest. Cooler than the ice in a heavy tumbler of Chivas Regal, wise guys every one of them, sizing everyone up, then giving them the golden tap on the shoulder and bringing them in. They performed on stage together, acted together and partied together. Chivas Regal soon became a symbol of their exuberant lifestyle – a luxury that seemed to mirror both their enthusiasm for life and the underlying quality that provided the foundation for their self-belief.

Chivas Regal is often described as the smoothest Scotch whisky in the world. It’s the ultimate testament to the work of the Master Blender whose quest is to carry on the vision of James and John Chivas. Master Blender Colin Scott states, “I’m one of a long line of Master Blenders at Chivas Brothers and as such I am the guardian of their unique style of whisky. I’m fortunate to be able to draw upon such an unrivalled stock of ageing whisky. One of the most extensive in the whole of Scotland.”

Chivas Regal Master Blender Colin Scott – Photo Courtesy of Chivas Regal James and John Chivas had a vision to create a blended whisky to be enjoyed and shared. It’s a vision that was fulfilled years later – in the form of Chivas Regal. Their inspiration is still ever present today. Chivas Regal is the world’s favourite premium whisky – enjoyed in over 200 countries. So wherever you are, you’ll find Chivas Regal at the heart of almost any occasion where good times are being shared with friends. Welcome to ‘The Chivas Life’.

(Courtesy of Chivas Regal)

Disclaimer: This is a Self Portrait Photography Project. The concept is for digital art purposes and doesn’t have any commercial intention to made the subject in bad light but and/or commissioned for its popularity.

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