Project 8/365: Craaaave for Dan Eric’s Ice Cream!


January 8, 2011 (Saturday)
Cannes Place, Pasig City

I love Ice Cream! most after a drinking spree and consumed 8 bottles of beer or 1 bottle of wine. Yes, it’s pretty weird, maybe it’s the alcohol bitter taste that I would like to take away by a sweet and creamy ice cream. So I probably tasted most of the available ice cream in the city and I found it finally in my favorite sari-sari store ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s Dan Eric’s Grand Ice Cream!

Dan Eric’s Grand Ice cream tastes so good! And guess what? it’s almost 40% cheaper than those famous brands. Probably, they don’t need to spend so much marketing cost to pay for a celebrity endorser. If you google Dan Eric’s, it will reveal so many testimonials and it surely din match the pinoy’s taste bud! The mango and chocolate vanilla is so good for a very cheap price. Imagine a price of 8/12/16 pesos for small servings! I for one can finish 6 variances in one seating for less than 100 pesos!

And don’t be surprise, my quest to be their retailer begun last year before Christmas of 2010 and now Goody Kefir Shop (google it!) is already an accredited reseller of Dan Eric’s Grand Ice Cream! Yehey! I can have now my 6 variances anytime I crave for desserts! The long wait is over for the yummiest and very affordable ice cream in the city! Dan Eric’s rules!

Dont be the last to know! So Craaaaaave for an ice cream now ๐Ÿ™‚

Dan Eric’s Grand Ice Cream is available at Goody Kefir

Goody Kefir Map

Dan Eric's Grand Ice Cream

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  1. Cathy says:

    i so agree with you!!! =)

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