Day 9/365: The Secret to Survive

January 9, 2011 (Sunday)
The Virtual World

What’s the secret to survive?

Our daily lives is full of challenges and sometimes boredom. We have dream in winning the lotto, wish we can be our famous super heroes, celebrity and simply be happy.

But what is your measure of happiness? It probably evolves only into three major factors, money, love and health.

Money to be financially stable and secured to live a life. Love to fulfill emotional, be inspired and be someone for others. Health to keep you strong and live a longer life.

But let me ask you this, Is being happy the ultimate secret to survive?

I would say,

A face like a steel. The mask of steel to cover your true emotions and be a defender to any potential risk. It’s a face that beautifully shines, a true revelation of fulfillment that was crafted through life experiences. (Represented by the Steel Mask)

A passionate heart. Our emotional stability. It is our strongest decision factor to lead us to know the truth. The true core of happiness. Love is the seed to survive. (Represented by the Apple on hand)

Faith to God. Believe and thy shall be given. It is the unforeseen miracle and the gift of perseverance to survive. It is the true revelation of unbroken promise from Heaven. (Represented by the Cross)

Day 9/365

Other Image Representations:

The Green Grass, the earth where we live
The Cracked Skin, Remember, O man, that you are dust, and unto dust you shall return (Genesis 3:19)

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