Day 5/365 : Me & Snookie, My Princess Chihuahua

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January 5, 2011
Cannes Place, Ortigas
Pasig City, Philippines

After a long hours of work, someone is waiting for me.
She doesnt sounds like a dog, but of a chipmunk! Weird huh?
She’s 7 months old now and loves plain kefir so much.
She runs fast and wild like a spinning ball
And usually bumps her head on the house fixtures and stop.

Yeah, she looks like a bat or the famous Tarsier of Bohol
But she’s so adorable and the cutest chihuahua in the world!
Her sweetness wears out my tiring day
And her kisses takes away my stressful routine
You bet am so luck to have her!
She’s my Snookie. My Princess Chihuahua.

Day 5/365

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