Day 3/365 Basketball

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January 3, 2011
EOM, Pasig City

Basketball, the most popular sports in the Philippines. It is the most watched collegiate and sports league in the USA too! but it is invented and came from the land of the maple tree! Canada.

Why Basketball for Day 3?

It wasn’t my sports, but I love watching it.
I played it once during my high school days for my Physical Education (PE)
But it’s a bad experience! for I shoot twice on the wrong court!
So there you go, I became a bench player since then. Ouch!

Not appropriate for my height too, 5’2! am short during my teen age years
Too thin to do offense and defense, and my mother told me, “stay out of the sun anak” 🙂
So I became comfortable just watching Bgy Ginebra on TV, seed for Ateneo Blue Eagels and UP Maroons for UAAP
and I am too damn to name the players of the NBA’s, And speaking of which?
Hmm Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan and Michael Jordan who else hehe

And guess what, that ball in the picture is my first ball! yippeee!
Not yet too late I guess to play the game
But for sure, it is not the sports I can play competitively

And I’m very thankful for this project!
At least, it was not just a dream.
I have a shot now to remember…

Day 3/365

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