Day 30/365: The first 30 days of 2011

January 30, 2011 (Sunday)

How was your 2011 going on so far? January has just concluded and it is time to revisit and somehow check our 2011 goals.

1. How’s the PNOY government? Whenever I think of PNoy, i just remember him as a bald guy who wants a beautiful girlfriend, smoking in his office and just recently bought a nice car. As a President? for the Daan sa Tuwid na Landas. Nice tag line. Well, gasoline went up high, fares and toll-fees went sky high! car-napping, murder of innocent people, bombing, tax is still the same, low police morale, justice system went crazy, and foremost Kris is still on TV! Also, what I have heard, the cabinet and the appointed head of government agency were mostly classmates, friends, friends of the family, political supporter, schoolmates and soon ex GF’s?
I hope someone will coach him on how to compose himself, speak without those mouth bubbles, walk like a man, and stop those smiley faces during a murder and bombing interview. Anyway, what’s await this country for the next 5++ more years with PNoy?

2. Environment and Climate – I love the weather! it is cool and windy but yes it is kinda weird that Middle East is flooding and Snow Storms is getting even stronger. An effect of Climate Change?

3. Business Sector – Being in the Call Center/BPO industry, business is good and still expanding.

4. My Work Condition? crazy schedule! first time to work for 28 hours straight. 7 days work! and I still have a feedback – I need to work on my Time Management skills!? nice huh. First 30 days is a burnt out stage. What’s next for 11 months?

5. Photography – self learning, the project 365 is self taught and an evolving experience. It somehow gives some break and balance out of work insanity. It further enhances creativity and a discipline to get this goal swift to the next 335 days.

6. Diet – 5 lbs lost. Yey. Active Sports Kinect, Swimming, Balance Diet, Kefir, and work pressure?

7. Financial Stability – crawling. loaning from above. credit line please 🙂

8. Family – I am Thankful and keep on praying for my Kuya’s wellness.

9. Romance – I am blessed.

10. Next 29 days Goal- something different and new from the first 30 days of 2011. Be Positive.

What’s with the picture? Sit down and relax. A worry free portrait. A nice color to give you energy. God is good. He will always provide

Thank You for the last 30 days.

Day 30/365

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