Day 24/365: Bubbles and Shadow

January 24, 2011 (Monday)

Today is something about photography art. I have tried to capture the plastic bubbles colors but unfortunately it didn’t show so much color due to the quality of plastics. The intention is to capture the color through a background natural light, but since it’s already sunset, there’s not so much available light to show more bubble reflection.

Where’s the self portrait? It’s still me 🙂 without any layering and masking involve but just some tonal and color filters adjustment. The target output is colors but since it didn’t show much, the alternative is use some bi color filters to enhance it.

The plastic bubbles became popular in the 70’s but eventually went out of the market due to its content and chemical risk. When you start blowing it, the acetone will directly goes to your nose and mouth, and its true that the bubble forming is fun but after about 10 blows, (and I made around 20) the ‘stone’ feeling was already hitting me. For sure this will not passed with the Environmental Standard considering it’s plastic and toxic.
So for the sake of art! here’s is my output for today.

Day 24/365

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