Day 2/365: The Wedding

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January 2, 2011
Mary the Queen Parish
Greenhills, San Juan City

Hold on to your horses!….its the wedding day! I never thought this is the day that I can finally wear a full suit and march in the center isle….as a wedding sponsor 🙂 Sorry my friends this is just a preview on what is probably yet to come soon. This is Day 2! Yes 363 to go 🙂

Congratulations to Ony and Rhoda! Best Wishes and Good Luck!

Day 2/365

“The Wedding”

Could be almost a hundred I attended, I lost count.
It never started on time, it’s always Filipino Time
The color motif’s is so diverse, gold-yellow, red-gold, silver-pink, etc etc.
Dont forget it’s always the bride choice!

The bride gowns were all design beautifully! in ecrue, pure white, sometimes even in red! (Regine Velasquez)
But one thing for sure.. It’s a bride choice!
The flowers..Wow! the couple picks it up in every details.
From the bride’s bouquet to the church isles upto the reception tables, very colorful, elegantly prepared
And its always the brides choice 🙂

The wedding songs, so lovely to hear, sometimes I feel I am in the concert hall.
I have to remind the singers, hey guys! your singing for the vows! dont yell too much to hit the pitch 🙂
And the list of songs? tell me, is it always a brides choice?

The Wedding, well planned, beautifully arranged
The money and the emotions attached to it.
It is the couples investment to celebrate the bondage
Is it a brides choice still?

I disagree!
It all started when the guy breaks the words..
Will you Marry Me?
It’s always a man’s choice 🙂

Then, the Wedding, the ceremonial vows of love forever and ever.

Suit- Zara Man
Shirt with Cufflinks – Zara Man
Trousers – Mark & Spencer
Shoes – Kenneth Cole
Belt – Kenneth Cole
Cufflinks – Mont Blanc

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