Day 20/365: Need a Job? Call Center/BPO NOW HIRING!

January 20, 2011 (Thursday)
Pasay City

What’s the common Job Opening you are aware of? Here- Call Center Associates, Technical Support, Customer Service Rep, IT Support, Operations Manager, Team Leads, Shift Leads, Operations Director, Workforce Analyst and a lot lot more of Call Center/Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Jobs.

They said it pay’s high, monetarily yes. But you have to be ready on the work stress and of yes- the complexities of your schedule. Having been with this industry for almost 12 years now has made my career on its lows and peaks. I must say, it’s worth it and to date I am still in the battle field.

Day 20/365

It was 1999 when I first join this industry and that company claimed the Pioneer Call Center in the Philippines has grown from 10 seats (1997) upto almost 10,000 seats (2009). It feels good to recall all those years and the contribution that makes your CEO and CIO proud on their growth and your product inventions, systems, and processes which became their corporate standards. But what I truly value is the friends I acquire during those years with this industry, they were very enthusiastic, smart, practical, lively and focus on their professions with a very high level of professionalism with a global standards.

And along the way you will meet some patriotic alien who stick on their seats so as not to be deported or loose their job and save their asses. It’s common and very universal, but it’s always a moving on attitude that we have to embrace and think life is always beautiful. For example, an HR practitioner and claimed HR expert without a degree or diploma of HR who’s experience is selling shoes? It is probably the language of English and the mastery of the communication and the firmness that makes this human to date-standing. Well, cheers to this kind of human being, every book needs to end too. Enough of my bitterness! it was just an expression 🙂 Just beware when this lady bump you off the hallway. Peace! I am now part of the “biggest” BPO anyway 🙂 Bottomline, you dont need to have an outstanding and exceptional degree, you just need to speak English! (in acceptable manner)

Call Center Jobs, who majorly occupies the Billboards, newspaper, radios, and look its everywhere! Most common is the fringe benefits they offer even a Signing Bonus worth 50K! tempting right? But of course, you have to be ready with your skills, experience, schedule, and foremost convince yourself that the Philippine holidays is just a date to recall and not to enjoy. It is a tough job but rewarding.

I need to stop writing it’s a 12 years of long story telling, just ask me if you have any questions okay? And your right this is a Photography Project!

So Apply Now! and it is ‘always’ hiring by the way 🙂

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