Day 18/365: Everyone Shines at Cranium!

January 18, 2011 (Tuesday)

Cranium Quotes:

Everyone Shines at Cranium!

Cranium is bringing People Together

At Cranium, you are an All Around Genius!

About Cranium:

Spell a word backwards, hum a tune, answer a multiple-choice question, draw with your eyes closed, and more when you play Cranium. Unlike games that focus on only a few skills, Cranium offers 14 talent-tapping activities designed to bring out the best in you and your friends. Cards from four decks, color-coded to match each of the crazy characters — Star Performer, Creative Cat, Data Head, and Word Worm — describe activities that teams must complete in order to advance around the board. If you choose a Sculptorades card from the Creative Cat deck, for example, you might be asked to sculpt a hamburger from lemon-scented Cranium Clay while your teammates try to guess what you’re creating. To win the game, teams have to make it to Cranium Central — the large purple brain in the center of the board — and then successfully complete one activity from each of the four decks. The result is that the team with the best combination of abilities comes out on top.

Day 18/365


Cranium Board Game is an extremely awesome game and highly recommended for friends and family.

How it works? Teamwork! What is your strength? Spelling? What is your weakness? Trivia? Are you exceptionally an artist? Do you know all the songs in the billboard chart? their singer? can hum the song? plus plus plus other fun choices.

This is a good game for team building activities and I even had a team challenge before for the 10,000 pesos grand prize winner! From the activity, you will know your natural talents and where they excel, its a method of letting them shines on their unique talents from the Cranium activities without putting so much work related stress but just having fun!

Cranium is definitely outstanding! Let’s Play! It’s your time to Shine!

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